lots of storage2/22/2020 7:05:27 AM

Pros: so far working fine havent actually put anything on it yet

Cons: have got a chance to try it out yet

Overall Review: havent had a chance to use it yet

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Runs good gets good fps9/23/2019 2:01:02 AM

Pros: So far great, getting good fps at 1440p lot better than my 1060

Cons: Not sure yet running at 62c playing games guess that's good , you can hear the fans but not bad

Overall Review: Overall great but maybe I should have saved some more and got the 2070 super have a 1440p monitor than can do 144 IAM getting 105 on borderlands 3 but still looks great with g sync

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freeze and reboot8/26/2013 8:33:15 AM

Pros: looks beautiful, very nice

Cons: 2 hours out of box, frooze solid with process.gapps freeze had to do factory restore, then random freezes and reboots every 20 minites even while it is sleeping, now today another hard freeze, did factory restore again. now sending it back

Overall Review: i dont understand the reviews online, i know mine isnt the only problem, hundreds on google mobile forum with same problem

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, It is unfortunate that you've had a negative experience with our tablet and had to return it. There has been a recent software update released. This is an over the air update that is downloaded automatically and resolves the issues you have described in your review. If you have any question or concerns please feel free to contact me at cl-fred@asus.com. Regards, Fred Asus Customer Loyalty