I love it!1/30/2010 11:26:32 AM

Pros: Great computer overall. The screen is bright and very crisp. The specs on this thing provide for some serious gaming. So far I've only played Borderlands and Empire: Total War but they both run great on high settings. Keyboard is great, and the touchpad is awesome! The scroll function actually works, as opposed to a lot of other laptops that I've used. Its very sleek, the overall look is very nice. Not too heavy. The sound is absolutely amazing! Its Dolby Digital sound is seriously amazing! It really adds bass to your music. Sounds amazing! I love the e-sata/USB combo port. It mad transferring my music from my external drive take almost 1/3 the time! Battery life is phenomenal! I watched a movie off the hard drive (not DVD yet) and it lasted about 2 and a half hours. I've gotten about 3 and a half out of just browsing the web and writing papers. Get this laptop!

Cons: Lights. There are waaaaaaay too many lights on this thing. It gets annoying when watching movies. Theres a light on the front that tells you its on, one near the screen for Wi-fi, another one near the screen for HDD indicator, 2 more near the screen for no reason at all, another one that I don't even know does, another one that brings up the sound options, and another one near the bottom right of the keyboard that just says "Ideapad". So again, waaaaaaaay too many lights! Turn them off! The function key is on the bottom left, instead of the control key which takes a while to get used to for us gamers. Resolution could be higher. 1366x768 on a screen this size? Really? Needs to be higher. Bloatware. This is going to be there on any PC you get which is a sad reality of buying a PC now. Luckily, I know how to wipe the drive and start with a fresh Windows installation. If you know how to do this, I highly suggest it. I know this is a lot of negatives but they don't outweigh t

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Amazing11/17/2008 8:29:08 PM

Pros: Very large. I'm using my 19" Dell Widescreen as a secondary and this just dwarfs it! Call of Duty 5 looks absolutely beautiful on it.

Cons: Can be a bit bright, especially on web pages with a white background (which is most sites). So I turned it down immediately in fear for my eyes.

Overall Review: Great price, great product, great company, great quality.

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Top notch and beautiful8/5/2008 5:09:58 PM

Pros: Very beautiful. Because of the door, you don't even see any of the drives, which I like. The included power supply is nice too. I got this for $116 so its too bad for me now that its $99. Plenty of drive bays and it has drive brackets, which I lik instead of bolting in the drives. Quiet! Very quiet! Amazing. Love it. I also love the lockable door panel and side panel.

Cons: The hard drive mounting position is a bit weird. The hard drive bays face towards the door so the sata cords on my hard drives are kinda smooshed in there. The door can be annoying if you're always accessing your optical drive. Also, the first time I plugged in a usb drive, the computer just shut off. Completely. I've never had that happen again though. Very heavy. Sides scratch easily and the scratches show a lot. The bottom plastic things come off very easily.

Overall Review: Beautiful case with great power supply for not that much money. I would suggest this to anyone.

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Nice and small6/30/2008 3:38:28 PM

Pros: Pretty cheap. Much cheaper than the Ipod Nano. I got this for my mom and she is the least tech savvy person I know. I sat down with her for 5 minutes showing her all the features like the radio and the microphone, she loves it. The title screen is very big which is great for her too, she can't see very well. Shes very excited that she doesn't have to use glasses to choose a song.

Cons: The included USB cord is about 3 inches long. Kinda ridiculous. Luckily, I had a cord from my Creative Zen Vision: M that is the right size but a lot longer. Also, there isn't a way to charge it other than USB. My Zen Vision M has a wall charger accessory and charging through that is much faster.

Overall Review: All in all, great product. My mom loves it too. I was going to get her an Ipod for her birthday but this was way cheaper with more features that she wanted.

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