massively awesome4/19/2014 4:19:47 PM

Pros: amazingly awesome card plays everything at max even crisis 3 and battlefield 4 ..ect i can render in some pretty heavy scenes while watching a movie and playing diablo 3(Eyefinity setup)

Cons: price and doesn't make me a better at gaming hahah

Overall Review: THOSE OF YOU HAVING PROBLEMS IT HAS A LIFE TIME WARRANTY quit complaining just send it in. electronics are made on an assembly line they can't always get the bad ones but xfx has an amazing customer service (imo) that is all this is a great card i plan on getting a second at tax time

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello and thank you for the great review! We are happy you are pleased and understand the plight of modern electronics. Please contact us at for further support. Play hard!
great card!!4/6/2010 10:50:46 PM

Pros: hmm where to start battefeild bad company 2 maxed out no lag in video what so ever arma 2 maxed no video lag massive upgrade from twin 4850's. HIS has done a great job with this card and over clocked from them i have had not a one problem. amazing card

Cons: wish i had the money to buy a second

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