Died after 37 days9/12/2019 9:49:33 PM

Pros: Was working really well at first. Was getting transfer speeds up to 100mbps. Worked great for 37 days.

Cons: Then I plugged it in and it said it needs to scan the drive and fix it. Does that and seems to work afterwards (only speed now maxing out at 40 to 50 mbps). Not too bad. Next time I plug it in same thing scan and fix and it works again. 3rd say need to scan and fix. Never finishes scanning. Plug it into another machine - that machine says it needs to be formatted. Try to format it and never finishes formatting. Yeah I think it's dead. Happened all in just a couple hours really. From working flawless to dead. sad.

Overall Review: This is the second time I have bought a 128 GB flash drive. Both have failed in short time. Both have been ADATA. I think maybe it's not a great manufacturer.

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Great price for great 4TB drives (so far so good)2/26/2019 8:45:23 AM

Pros: 1) Price 2) reasonably quiet 3) 3 yr warranty

Cons: Warranty details were not clear to me based on the description given (see note below).

Overall Review: NOTE: 3 yr warranty is from reseller (goHardDrive) and not from manufacturer (Seagate). It was not clear to me from the description of the warranty that that was the case so when I went to Seagate to register these drives they were both already out of the manufacturer warranty period. These are OEM drive that have not been used in machine build and are bought up and resold in new condition by goHardDrive and they provide the warranty. Once I understood this I was happy with my purchase. These went into by NAS box to replace smaller drives. These are noticeably quieter than the drives they replaced. So happy with that as well. We'll see how well they hold up.

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Great machine for a great price.2/8/2019 1:41:33 PM

Pros: Good machine with specs that are still relevant. Awesome price. Was looking for cheap processing power for some video encoding projects. This fit the bill.

Cons: low profile case limits expansion cards options. But not a big deal.

Overall Review: The Win 10 license is a refurb license. took a few tries to get it to activate. Also, needed to go to Dell site to download chipset driver to get USB 3 ports to work. Now it's running good. Overall good deal!

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Failed after 2 hours.9/26/2018 7:06:48 AM

Pros: none yet. EDIT: I am upping my rating as I was pleasantly surprised at their RMA service. Friendly customer service and timely response. They refunded my money since the drive was out of stock at the time.

Cons: Wanted to like this but after moving files to it for about 2 hours it failed taking everything with it. Reformatted and tried again failed after few minutes and then nothing.

Overall Review: I have had toshiba drives before and have never actually had one fail yet. So this is a first. RMA and waiting for refund from Toshiba. I shipped this drive to them per RMA instruction and they just closed this out with no explanation on their site. Tried to contact live support during regular business hours and nobody available. Just got off of phone with customer support and my refund has been approved. So That's good. But they say it take up to 7 weeks to get the refund. Really? so not thrilled with that.

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Love this board5/20/2009 1:14:12 PM

Pros: Bought this board to go into a quiet HTPC. This board has been pretty great so far. Easy to set up - good drivers, etc. No on-board video - but was looking at number of pcix1 slots for adding capture cards - as opposed to video - since was planning to add a video card for hardware offloading of h264. Realtek HD 8 channel onboard sound is great. fits the bill for my Home Theatre. bought this bundled with an X2 5050e. This runs almost whisper quiet.

Cons: No onboard video could make for a loader HTPC unless you get a fanless video card (which is what I opted for).

Overall Review: Using this in an HTPC with X2 5050e 2 GB Super Talent ddr2800 msi 9400gt fanless video card avermedia m780 capture card 320 gb Western Digital HD

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Tuner doesn't tune5/20/2009 12:55:28 PM

Pros: Captures analog video from my satellite box. WinTv software decent but not great.

Cons: This tuner card can't actually tune anything. It could only tune a total of 2 digital and 3 analog stations with an aplified antenna out of the perhaps 35 stations my tv can tune all by itself (sans antenna). I bought this primarily to tune OTA for my HTPC. Was going to use MythTV - but could never get it working in MythTV. There is basically little driver support in Linux (only half the card is implemented with the linux driver anyways). I couldn't get the remote to work either. Also, the hardware mpeg2 encoding was not very good. I expected the recording to be approx. like the source - nope.

Overall Review: For the price I expected better tuning ability and/or better hardware encoding quality. RMA with Newegg was fast and easy. Thanks Newegg!

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Not great5/20/2009 11:10:33 AM

Pros: Their packaged tuner software was decent - but not robust. It was a little buggy but worked reasonably well. Came with an MCE Remote - sorta.

Cons: This card could only tune a total of about 5 channels (analog and digital combined). The card I replaced it with (*hint - it's name rhymes with haver-media) was able to tune basically all of my local stations (about 30 total). Also the hardware mpeg2 recording of analog capture was poor quality. Again the replacement card gave better results on mpeg2 recording. Lastly, I couldn't get the Remote to work with MediaPortal (not a true MCE remote - meaning you have to install their drivers for it to work).

Overall Review: Got this card over my first choice because I was going to run MythTV in Linux for my HTPC. In the end I couldn't get what I wanted from MythTv (due mostly to lack of good drivers) - so I switched to MediaPortal in WinXP (which works great). Never could get this card to work in MythTV at all. In MediaPortal - it worked but is terrible at actually tuning. In the end, I RMA-ed this. and got the right card. Thanks NewEgg - the process was pretty painless and fast.

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