Everything fits (barely)10/14/2017 8:09:51 PM

Pros: -looks real nice -Sturdy design -screw mounts, not cheap plastic mounts -power supply below motherboard (helps for cooling, also helps for hiding wires) -USB 2.0/USB3.0/SD Card/Micro SD card front panel -plenty of hard drive slots (didn't use, used a m.2 drive on build)

Cons: -1080 ti card BARELY FIT -As a result, probably can't fit CD Drive (didn't care about that)

Overall Review: I was a little ambitious with this build, putting in a thick AORUS 1080 ti plus a huge Noctura NH-U14S cooler paired with a ASUS Z270G MATX motherboard and 4 slots (32GB Total) of Vengeance DD4 3200 RAM. Alot of big parts for a MATX build, and it all fit although the graphics card was just a couple mm below the front CD drive mount. Do yourself a favor plug the graphics card power in before you install the card, it is impossible to do later on after taking a long long time trying to fit the card around the front CD mount. I didn't, and I actually bent a couple of fins on by card a little trying to get it out. Not going to drop an egg for something that is my fault. All in all I am very impressed that all those large parts did fit. I am testing the rig now, but otherwise no problems and it looks real nice.

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