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good deal when on sale5/17/2014 3:23:34 PM

Pros: good bass for the price. I paid 59.00 after rebate, I have it as a sound system for my computer with an old Onkyo TX SR606 amp and Polk monitor 30 series II fronts. Its an order of magnitude better then the Logitech speakers i had before. games sound great and music is ok if you turn the bass down a bit as it can get boomy. I like its bigger brother the PSW 505 for music and filling my living room. this one fills an office just fine

Cons: only RCA input

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stay away from this one7/7/2012 8:39:50 PM

Pros: lots of video and audio options

Cons: the Onkyo 600 series used to be known as the price/performance longer this model has a weak amp, flaky hdmi issues. reciever will not turn on with remote. you have to turn the volume up to ridiculous levels to hear anything, even then its weak compared to the Tx-sr606 which sounds light years better then this model. Its an embarassment to Onkyo that they even released this, go with Denon Yamaha or Marantz till Onkyo gets their stuff together. A firmware update will not fix the issues this unit has. it feels lighter then earlier models which to me means they skimped on the power supply for the amp section. Its too bad as i was looking forward to the Onkyo sound i was used to with the 606

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cheap.. but not fast6/18/2012 8:13:12 AM

Pros: cheap

Cons: very slow uncompressable read write performance. my 2 year old intel x25m is faster. save your money and buy a better SSD. don't be fooled by the stated read write performance its nowhere near as fast as an intel 520 series drive

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good price/performance5/29/2012 6:44:10 AM

Pros: cheap and full featured, i bought this in a combo deal from a center that's micro with a 3570K and they are a very good combo. has 8 sata ports and plenty of usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I like the bios and the feature set, easy to overclock.

Cons: not SLI but that's ok as i think crossfire and SLI are a waste of money

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very good price/performance4/21/2012 3:22:05 AM

Pros: very good for the price, i bought it for 319.00 it looks brand new. I like that it uses AA batteries i use NiMh in it just fine. It works with all sorts of older Pentax lenses you can pick up used on an online auction site. I got a 50mm f1.4 to go with it. It gives lots of control to the user as far as shutter speed, iso and aperture. I love that it has in body stabilization that works with older lenses, very sharp pictures in low light with a decent lens.

Cons: its not a point and shoot, you better read the manual and learn some basic photographic skills.

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best price performance4/7/2012 7:24:13 AM

Pros: very good for the money, i have this for the low end to complement the monitor II 70's with CS1 and monitor II 30's on the surrounds. best HT upgrade i have done, driving them with an Onkyo TX SR606 just fine. I use the crossover in the receiver to send the low end to the sub coming from a sony SA-WM40 a sleeper value when i bought it almost 10 years ago this is an order of magnitude better. Polk has an awesome value line this sub is very good when

Cons: grill is somewhat flimsy but is a known issue with this series

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good value3/23/2012 9:55:40 AM

Pros: for 209.00 its the best bang for the buck, runs games at max. room to overclock if you have better cooling see h70 zip tie mod, you can get this to 580 speeds, need a 750 watt P/S or greater to do that though

Cons: its loud and hot

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great sound for little money3/23/2012 9:49:41 AM

Pros: very good value, i bought it for 69.99. I love this Polk line of speakers. I have Monitor II 70's on the fronts and Monitor II 30's on the rears. They match seamlessly with this center channel. In movies the sound is enveloping and full. I also have a PSW505 sub completing this awesome setup

Cons: its big

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good price performance3/4/2012 11:02:23 PM

Pros: bought these for 79.99 sounds great after being broken in at >20hrs, using them for fronts until i buy the moniter 70's. The detail on these is very good the imaging is awesome. they are "bright" but have started to soften love the vocals on these. I bought the PSW505 from another online vendor and have the CS1 center. they go very well together. I was looking at Swan 6.2 Diva's but the cost is an order of magnitude higher for a complete system. These are very good speakers for the price, I bought the CS1 center first to see if i liked the sound of the tweeter and midrange, and i must say that i do. these are a very good line of speakers for the price. these will be used for surrounds when i get the 70's

Cons: grill is somewhat cheap but for the price not a bad trade off for the performance.

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its cheap, it works9/15/2008 5:36:48 PM

Pros: using it for my dvd burner and storage drive. I don't use it for raid.

Cons: none yet.

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works great with 2nd party refills2/28/2008 11:59:04 AM

Pros: cheap, I use refills I get on that famous auction site for 69.00 for a full color set.

Cons: not as crisp as more expensive units.

Overall Review: good bang for the buck.

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