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All very good.7/8/2018 8:22:23 PM

Pros: Easy set up, a few extra components but the pieces all fit into place and end result was compete, fully functional unit. Powered off of regular 110 Volt house outlet Took a full day to reach max temperature as described, then 104 on the display. Base of spa is comfortable, even without seat Pumps and filters keep water moving and at constant temperature Entire spa seems very stable and durable. Walls are substantial and would probably support a person's weight but haven't tried Great size Looks like a well engineered and reasonable yard apparatus. GREAT FOR THE PRICE!!!!!

Cons: Cover seems to attract dirt in creases and low areas - but cleans up easily

Overall Review: I have a lasting memory of driving down my alley and seeing a neighbor's expensive fiberglass hot tub cut into 4 pieces waiting for the garbage haul away. It seems like everyone who buys a spa uses it often at first and then progressively less over time with constant maintenance and expense. Years ago i thought was that an inflatable or pop-up spa would make sense but none seemed to be available. Googling for spas I found this style from a couple of manufacturers. It appears as though this has been on the market for at least a couple of years and is really exactly what I had envisioned. I have had some INTEX products and purchased this based on prior positive experiences. I have no doubt that we will follow the pattern of decreasing usage over time but now we have the option of deflating and putting away for a while with the possibility of getting it back out later. Alternately we can deflate and recycle the entire unit at curbside. Either way, our total investment will be in the $400 range not the 3 to 6 k (or more) of traditional spas. Bottom line, really good for smaller spaces, temporary usage, not willing to commit to fixed spa, for a lot of fun/relaxation/therapy or all of the above.

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It works10/28/2015 5:49:42 PM

Pros: Very specific usage requirement. Had an old but well built NT40 computer that was powering our Inter-tel voice mail and the power supply failed. was able to find a power supply and thought i'd be preemptive on the hard disk but of course it's old style IDE. Was able to use disk duplication software to direct copy all elements of the NT40 IDE drive which had a bootable volume formatted FAT and another volume formatted NTFS. Took a few tries but then all worked correctly and now a very new SATA western digital disk is running in an old device using the converter.

Cons: none

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Great little notebook10/2/2014 8:40:36 PM

Pros: Great size, light weight, touch is great with win8, vivid display, nice keyboard.

Cons: not a computer for power users

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