Poor Support for Board10/13/2015 2:39:35 AM

Pros: -Great looking board -Fast start-up -BIOS easy to navigate and includes mouse support -Good layout and a tons of fan headers. -I use optical out for my audio and have not experienced sound issues that other reviewers have listed

Cons: -XMP profile does not work. RAM can only run at stock speed at 2133 MHz. -Broken features after updating BIOS = poor quality control and testing. Potentially lowers that lifespan of the CPU.

Overall Review: The pre-installed BIOS that came with my board (version 0402) did not allow me me to set my memory to XMP profile despite my RAM being listed in the ASUS compatibility check list. BIOS version 0907 was listed as "beta" on their website last week. It wasn't until today that they removed the "beta" title from their website which gave me the reason to update to this BIOS version assuming that all the bugs have been resolved and that XMP profiles will be fixed. However, it was a big mistake... Not only did the XMP profile not work, the adaptive voltage was working fine on version 0402 until updating to BIOS version 0907. Before updating the BIOS, my adaptive voltage was running maxed at 1.27V at stock CPU speed. Now my adaptive voltage runs at max 1.42V at stock CPU speed. This causes unnecessary heat and higher temperature in my system. Most importantly, higher temperatures mean LOWER LIFESPAN of the CPU. 1.42V is just slightly below the recommended max 1.45V that Intel recommends for their Skylake processors! This voltage range would be suitable if somebody was overclocking their CPU. If an average person with no computer experience was to use this board, without a doubt, their motherboard/CPU lifespan isn't going to last very long. For now, I will have to manually lower my CPU voltage. The negative impact with it being set manually is that the idle voltage will remain at what I set it to instead of it automatically down-volting to a lower idle voltage. Another thought, after searching on Google, I have found another user reporting the same issue. From the other user, he posted it on the ASUS VIP support website during the beta phase of this new BIOS 907 version. This means that the quality control from ASUS lacking if they don't even address user issues from their VIP website before removing the "beta" title from their downloads page. Now I am stuck with running higher temperatures for my CPU because ASUS decided not to address those issues. I really want to love this board but I cannot recommend it at it's current phase. The poor support for this premium ROG board has been dull and does not give me confidence in purchasing more of their top-of-the-line products in the future. I wish I can easily return this board but I have already installed a full custom watercooling loop that took two full days to complete. But there's HOPE! I am sure the issues are just software/BIOS issues and will be ironed out in the future. The question is when? I will re-write/update this review once ASUS fix their issues.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Johnny, I am sorry that you are having issues running your RAM at a speed higher than 2133 MHz, and how your XMP profile does not work. Also, sorry to hear that your adaptive voltage increased after the BIOS update. I understand your frustration as this will lower the lifespan of the CPU. As for now, the most i can do for you is tell you to hang on and wait for a BIOS/software update. If there is anything i can do for you, please contact me at cl-justin@asus.com and i will help you to the best of my abilities. Your case # for reference is N151049088​ Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty
Awesome Customer Service4/3/2009 5:20:44 PM

Pros: -Very good video card, I get over 220 FPS on CS Source -The price is good but I bought it for $250 more than what it was right now. -The OLED screen is very cool and you are able to customize it with a third party software. -Probably the best customer service I've ever had from any company. -Can run Crysis on high settings -Not much bloatware. Maybe one or two useless ones but the ones ASUS included I found useful and can be uninstalled.

Cons: -The speakers are very weak. -Got a stuck pixel -The replacement has some back light leakage

Overall Review: I got it with one stuck blue pixel on the right side of the screen. However, ASUS has a "Zero Bright Dot Policy" where they will replace the LCD if there is one stuck pixel found within 30 days. I RMA with ASUS (customer service very polite) and they got FEDEX to come pickup my laptop the very next business day on Monday. I received it back the very same week on Friday and the LCD was free of stuck/bright pixels. However, the new LCD I notice there are some light leakage on the bottom so when the background is black, you may notice that the area is slightly discolored but it is not noticeable when the background has colors or playing a game. Don't listen to the reviewer below because: 1) This model came out early this year. (he said he bought it about 2 years ago) 2) It doesn't say "This user purchased this item from Newegg" and you can only buy the X6 from Newegg. Overall I am very satisfied. My only complain is that newegg will not give me my $250 price difference back.

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Okay....3/30/2009 10:58:40 AM

Pros: -Cool looking design -Able to adjust the speed of the fan -Durable, built with aluminum and painted with a rough black paint which prevents it from getting scratched

Cons: 2 Major cons: 1) Since the 2 fans are located close to the left (look at pictures). The top middle to the right side of the holes have no frigging air coming through it. 2) All the air gets concentrated into the bottom holes even though the fans are the farthest from it. The top holes barely have any air and that's where most laptops have their video card located along with the CPU and main components. -There are 2 extra fan engravings when you look at the bottom. They should have at least cut the holes so we can manually put our own fans in there. -Expensive for something that

Overall Review: I am going to have to mod it so that the air gets concentrated more to the top, middle and the right side. Don't by this if your video card. ram, and CPU is located in the middle and right of the laptop because it wouldn't cool anything.

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