Power Saving Mode5/29/2014 7:12:03 AM

Pros: cheap keyboard all the keys work, quiet, keys dont bind pushing them at certain angles like other cheap keyboards. doesnt have the power/sleep buttons (pro for me i hate those)

Cons: the keyboard in windows 8.1 (not sure if it does this in other versions of windows) will go into sleep mode if u dont press a key every 5 seconds. even if u hold down a key it will do this. if u happen to press a key the second its going to sleep the key wont register. if u hold down a key and it goes to sleep the key gets stuck until u push it again. this can happen to shift too making all your letters capital with caplocks off. this makes it not viable for gaming at all. see below how to fix it

Overall Review: go into control panel in devices and printers and open usb keyboard. goto hardware tab and highlight usb input device and click properties. in general tab click change settings in power management tab uncheck allow computer to turn off this device to save power. this can not be done in device manager, it is a separate setting. dont ask why its set to default like this, its a bit ridiculous considering a keyboard at idle may use like .00000001 watt of power an hour (exaggerated, kinda) i still gave the keyboard 5 stars cuz its a great keyboard for 10 bucks and this issue is windows fault not the keyboards even tho theyre both made by microsoft and i know that has something to do with it since other keyboards dont behave like this. but now its just as good as those.

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