Fantastic Gaming Laptop11/10/2016 6:52:57 AM

Pros: Does everything I wanted and more. I was not expecting to be able to play at a performance of my desktop, if not better. Runs my games very smoothly. I can run multiple clients very easily and surprised to handle it without problems. - Very compact and lightweight for travel. - Beautiful graphics. - Incredible speeds and load times. - Well worth it.

Cons: - Webcam is garbage, but you are most likely not getting this because of the webcam. - The keyboard is a little weird. Hard to explain, but after long use, my fingers feel like prunes. Like when you are in the shower too long and your fingers get wrinkly. That kind of weird. So sometimes I just use USB keyboard. - It is kind of expensive, it is definitely worth it.

Overall Review: I highly recommend this product for both hardcore and softcore gamers. I was initially getting a laptop to just play simple games whenever I was traveling or have it next to my desktop multitasking. But it basically another high end gaming desktop. Great computer.

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Did exactly what I was hoping for.2/3/2015 9:49:57 PM

Pros: I love it. I wanted a computer that was able to play all my video games while frapsing and/or live streaming. I also needed the capability to render great quality videos fairly quickly. I was very pleased on how everything turned out. I am able to play Witcher 2, LoL, Grim Dawn, Shadow of Mordor, and may other games with no problems at all. And all the while streaming or recording. To top it all off, it was for a great price! And to top THAT ALL off, I originally bought this computer for $879.99, but as it was on route to my house, the price dropped to $799.99. I called them back and they credited me $80.00, so awesome!

Cons: The only downside I saw was the similar things in the other reviews. The built in wireless adapter or whatever it is, is not good at all. It just disconnects every 15 secs. Luckily I already have a separate Wireless Adapter so I had no trouble setting everything up. So just be ready to buy a separate adapter.

Overall Review: Overall great buy for a very affordable price. No need to buy anything over the top if you in need of similar things as what I wanted.

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