The replacement board works perfectly.10/14/2015 1:49:39 PM

Pros: The board works great as long as it is not DOA

Cons: 1 out of 4 DOA so far.. But it's newegg so who really cares about the occasional DOA.. as everyone knows that newegg honors all honest returns.

Overall Review: Just 2: 1. Sometimes tiny electronic pieces get bumped or broke in shipping and handling.. it happens. 2. You are always safe when buying from newegg.

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2 Good - 1 DOA9/29/2015 8:01:28 PM

Pros: Works great when not DOA

Cons: 33% DOA rate thus far.

Overall Review: I'm sure newegg will send a replacement.. as Newegg is cool like that. We ordered 3 of these boards, the last one was DOA. the other 2 are working great. Sometimes DOA happens, that's what warranties are for. sucks being delayed for another week.. but whatayagonnado?

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