Memory Issues and Display Issues10/1/2021 6:01:40 AM

Pros: When it posts and the display works, it works, but that happy feeling does not last for every reboot is a risk, maybe it boots with out going safe mode, maybe the display is there, maybe not.

Cons: Bought two different memory sets off the QVL, neither of them will run XMP mode with out changing the settings and slowing them down. The display goes away and the CMOS battery has to be pulled to give a temporary fix, meaning if you enjoy pulling your PC apart every so often to pull the battery, you'll like this MB.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this product, it is sad because for many years I have used ASUS MBs for my system builds, not any more. The product is unstable as it looses the display, the QVL is no longer to be trusted, memory listed on it is not guaranteed to work. So if you can not trust the QVL and you need to pull the CMOS battery to get your display back every week, then only a fool would buy it. As for service and support, meaningless tripe when no real fix is offered, only temporary work arounds.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Michael F, Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I certainly understand your frustration. Try manually adjusting the settings for your memory. If the issues persist, feel free to contact me if you have any technical or general questions. You can reach me at Your case for reference is N2106001743-0002. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Adrian ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
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Well Built that makes building easy8/10/2021 12:14:36 PM

Pros: It is big with plenty of room, the extra nice things are it's ability to be disassembled. Example, the top radiator mounting surface comes off the frame so you can mount your fans or radiator and then mount it as an assembly versus trying to hold the bits in places while getting the enough screws started. While it has rivets, the places that make it easier to build are held by screws and you can strip it down to the frame. It is over built, heavy, not flimsy. It also allows for plenty of fans, radiators for cooling and due to its volume it doesn't heat the air as quickly like a smaller volume case so my settings as slower for my fans, quieter yet my MB and video card run cooler than my previous case. The wire run side has an inner door, that prevents circular air flow if the interior fan \ radiator mounts are used thus just recirculating the air inside the case to a percentage even though the outer door is those mounting points. I OC a lot and test cases for air flow and have seen this in the past with other cases, so it is not for aesthetics but an engineered feature to stop the viscous circle. Today's PC builds are like putting a 600 watt heater in a box, this one handles that!

Cons: As for draw backs, I found two, one it should have casters, I fixed that with a trip to H depot, bought a 10 x 24 inch self board, 4 casters, 2 pieces of molding for about 24 US. (molding provides a catch edges on the ends in case I push to hard across carpeted surfaces) The big plus for this is the power supply fan now has excellent air flow as the gap is not filled by carpet from sitting on the floor. The other con is a vent right above the rear vertical mounted exit fan. The horizontal rear most exhaust fan from my radiator does pull air from the outside due to this vent with the exit fan right below it. I blocked this vent with a bit of plastic to ensure all exhausted air doesn't get pulled back in. Verified this with a anemometer I use to test case air flows.

Overall Review: A great case, very well built, plenty of room, plenty of cooling options, allows me to run OC on my CPU and GPU and my current temps are 21c and 26c as I write this. Nice front panel with a type C for my card reader. Room for bling and pretties if you so decide. Some may think it is pricey but it is a value when looking at how well it is built, how easy it is to work with and how long you'll keep it once you see things I found. My B Hawk Ultra lasted 9 years and wasn't as well built as this one, it just cooled like I was sitting in Antarctica with a window open and this case is beating it's numbers hands down!

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Works great, no hassles with BIOS or a special setup5/24/2019 7:05:41 PM

Pros: The drive worked right out of the Newegg box, bios detected it, the OS disk management system allocated it and gave it a name. I tested its performance and I got the results I expected with a hard drive. It reads faster than it writes but I was getting closer to the bandwidth limit than I expected. Have an Intel Optane 32gb module I use, swapped it to this drive and cloned over the same apps, a slight to modest up tick in the numbers. Other HD is 5200 RPM so rotational latency is higher. The drive works like it should, gives you close to max numbers as just a sata drive, has been flawless tied to the Intel module and there, the performance is near M2 3x4 drive like.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is a reasonable priced hard drive, good cache size, 7200 rpm spin rate, worked out of the box and has been working since I purchased it.

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No issues, BSOD, or random flake outs, Works Well5/17/2019 5:03:56 PM

Pros: I have a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master selected the XMP profile and it was set it and forget it as all hardware information screens show the memory running at the 3200. This build has been running for a two weeks with absolutely no issues and I have been testing it hard. A key features for me, they are short and allow room for my second fan on my NHD-15 cooler, it neither touches the memory nor sticks above the cooling fin stack. They run cool in a very high airflow case with lots of barely running fans. (Black Hawk Ultra) The CPU is still a bottle neck and the trick is to get fast enough memory to feed all the cores in use. In a GPU intensive game I see the 2080 GPU at 98% and my CPU (8700K) at 48% and in CPU intensive games its 88% GPU and 77% CPU usage at 4K ultra settings. The 8700K is 4.7 across all cores and not all cores are being used in either type of game and all not at 100%, so the memory isn't feeding the idle cores nor has a high an over head against the less % used cores. OC in games I saw no performance increase in FPS.

Cons: The only thing wrong with these is you can not cover them with a hankie, say some magic words and then lift the hankie to find four modules.

Overall Review: Did some OC against them, they did not heat up, remained stable until seriously pushed but didn't see any real performance gains unless I was using all cores at 100% and those gains were in fractions of a whole percent. I would recommend this product for those building PCs with these modules listed on that MB's qualified vendors list.

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Quick and Easy boost to hard drive performance5/12/2019 4:00:13 PM

Pros: When the product first came out, reviewers rightly dinged it, the slot requirements sort of negated needing it as there is very little to no performance increase in having it cache another M2 drive, especially a 3 x 4 as its only a 3 x2 PCI lanes wide. Give Intel credit they listened and corrected the short coming, now you can tie it to a strict data drive and boost the performance to far faster than a sata3 SSD. Some will say SSD are cheap, really what does a 6 TB SSD cost? what about the 12 TB hard drive I have boosted, do they make a SSD that size? I use the drive for raw video files and Steam (2 TB and counting) and I can tell you the steam shell loads like its stored on my PCIe M2 drive, and on the second loading of the game you will see the difference, by the third loading it rocks! The size allows it to store a number of games so if I bounce to another game, come back to the first it still loads lightning fast.

Cons: Can be a bit tricky to set up, I used my MB vendors site, Intel's site, and uTube, spent maybe 30 minutes and installed it with no issues at all and its been problem free ever since. You need to use Intel's rapid store technology and let the RST have control over it and disable one function CMS I think it was.

Overall Review: yes I would recommend this product, if you are like me and your Steam drive is measured in TBs this item is the key to cutting load times and greatly improving performance. The raw video files and those are measured in TB's also load faster if I work with the same file more than once and the best part is when I load a game previously played, it still loads lightning fast due to 32G of space.

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One of the Best5/11/2019 9:48:36 AM

Pros: This is one of the better air coolers on the market, I have used Noctua products for years now and have always been pleased. it cools my 8700K to 22 at an idle and I average in the mid fifties under a load. The middle fan drops down enough to help cool my VRM s and keeps my MB temps down. I run all cores at 4.7g at 1.21 volts. I can't hear the fans and I really don't care about the color of the fans as some complain about.

Cons: This was my first 15 series item having used the 14 series on a couple of builds, at first I thought the clips were lighter and cheesier but I soon realized they were also easier to work with and if you have a tight case that would be a blessing compared to the older versions. i thought maybe the fin stack was thinner and not as sturdy as the 14 series, then I realized the weight wasn't through the roof, might even be close to the same between the two series of coolers. So no cons other than perception

Overall Review: yes I would recommend this product to all those wishing to avoid water cooling, it works, gives performance close to and slightly better than some AIO coolers.

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Better than previous versions, subtle marketing included5/11/2019 8:55:50 AM

Pros: its more stable and seems to run without blue screens of death that previous versions of Windows seem to throw. Plenty of options, abilities and ues. I used the Microsoft web pages and created a boot USB drive to install the OS from, all I needed from this product was the key Code, didn't even use the disc. Cheap cost, one PC use OS, maybe for another 30 -40 bucks you get the rights to move the OS to another PC, so maybe a year or two from now you can move the OS, but my last PC went 3 years, got a free upgrade from 8 to 10 and I couldn't move the OS to a new build, so the rights I purchased then did me no good when it came time for a new PC. Something to ponder when rubbing the crystal ball

Cons: The key code is micro sized, REALLY, need a magnifying glass to make sure an 8 wasn't a B or vise a versa. Also need to scratch lightly as the key code is also not indelible and can be scratch off as well with to much force, I used my finger nail and had no issues other than its microsized font.

Overall Review: Yes i would recommend this product, other OS require more user knowledge and can require more building in the build process than dumping in Win 10, updating it to current version and adding drivers.

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Exceptional heat Sink Compound5/11/2019 7:38:23 AM

Pros: Easy to use, comes with a spreader, dropped my CPU temp at idle and under load enough to make it out of the margin of error and a real effect of using this product, has a reusable bag to store the unused portion in as well!

Cons: The directions seem sketchy, but really, clean the surface, spread some on, it's not brain surgery , If you Utube GN and thermal paste, they break some myths on the subject.

Overall Review: yes i would recommend others use this product, my plan is to apply this to 2 other PC I have and use for work i found it that compelling.

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Worth Serious consideration11/15/2018 2:00:44 PM

Pros: Is driving my 2K, 27 inch monitor with no issues on max game settings. Upgraded my older system a 5820 on a Asus, X99, went from a 980 and a 1080p to this 1070ti and a 27 inch 1 ms G-Sync and run at max settings for extremely high FPS. Only CPU intensive games like WoW causes any thing you'd think was bad, its not the video, in this case its an older CPU choking out 40 man raids.

Cons: None, the card is well built, sold, fans are quiet, runs cool, drives hard.

Overall Review: Get them while you can, paid 400 us, a bargain as it will last a number of years easily

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Great power Supply10/9/2018 9:25:58 PM

Pros: Been using this Power supply since Feb 2015, no problems or issues, been working great with constant use.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a reasonable power supply for coast and performance, can't go wrong

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Great controller, Lots of features in both hardware and software10/9/2018 7:55:28 PM

Pros: Have a Black Hawk Ultra case and can mount enough fans to make controllers a necessity beyond the MB fan headers. This controller and its software allows me to set up profiles and fan curves, can be set to react to adverse temperature conditions. It doubled my internal USB ports and my X99 MB doesn't have many USB headers. It comes with 4 temperature probes, fun to route around and get a general idea, I have one before the fan into the CPU cooler, and 1 after, and can see a few degrees warmer temps on the output side. I was able to use to to set up fan flows to achieve the lowest averaged temperatures in the case and of my CPU & GPU. Best yet, while I do not have smoked glass, two RGB light strips along the inside top of my tower mesh screen turn red from green when my temperatures increase pass limits I set, so easy to see.

Cons: Size, smaller case owners will find it a fit to fit, like others I have seen misreporting, sort of, it states my dram speed at half of what it is set to, but I don't use Corsair Link to set my dram speed so I don't care. But its half always so I just mentally double it. When I compare CPU speed, temperature and MB temperature, they all agree as well as the GPU, just the memory and its gets CAS and RAS right. Figure its just the software maturity across a wide variety of platforms.

Overall Review: Yes, having used all sorts of fan control schemes over the years, but still finding mother board makers do not always have enough or high enough wattage headers for case using more fans set to low speeds to move air, this gives you 6, it can double your USB internal headers, using it to also drive 4 RGB LED light strips, Cable length was good, comes with extension cables for the fan RGB bits, and 4 temperature probes.

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Well made reasonably Priced cable10/9/2018 7:13:45 PM

Pros: Cable seems well made by today's manufacturing standards, latches latch like they should, better yet it unlatches like it only like it should, strain reliefs are long and bulky solid like they will take the strain, connector ends came with protective caps. Works as advertised or at least with my 2K monitor at 144Hz refresh.

Cons: None, a brand name marking would have just added to the cost of making the cable, chances are the company that actually made it makes it for a number of brands as well.

Overall Review: Yes I would, it worked, stiff like they say but its in the nature of the cable, so allow for length to lay it lazy like, not a direct point to point tight path.

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Fast Spinner4/9/2015 2:24:59 AM

Pros: Quiet, low spin latency, reliable, reasonable price, Newegg ships then nicely protected.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is my second VelociRaptor, Drive, my first one is still running and has been for almost five years. I used it as my primary boot drive with a SSD as the second drive due to prices of SSDs back then. It performed great and gave me fast boot and application performance. Now, I am using this new one as secondary drive for files I really don't need to be on a SSD. So with applications on the SSD I can create and save to this spinner and still see faster performance.

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Not So Much Luv4/11/2011 8:18:33 PM

Pros: Comes with House and car power cords, the screen is large and seems bright enough. Fairly simple to use and provides two sets of head phone jacks. For playing music it does have a USB & SD port. Comes with remote control and a little biult in stand plays from my Ipod with no issues on the video or audio, no chop or static, nice picture as well (see but below)

Cons: The USB & SD slot work for movies but it is choppy depending on the transfer rate. Older SD card made every thing slow down plus choppy audio. Tried a brand new "high speed" USB drive, better but still got choppy audio. On the Ipod, I have to remove my clear protective case to get it to connect, the Ipod fits in with the case on, but the interface is not socketed deep enough and it continues to only kind of know and Ipod is there but never fully connects. With the case off no problems, looking at all my other Ipod devices that work with the case, it seems they all have the same length plug and even with the bracket they give to hold the Ipod in place, no go on the full connect with case on. It's just a Tad short and looks to be related to the Ipod interface provided and the plastic mount for the plug. With the clam shell open the screen is upside down, so just putting in the IPOD and leaving it open doesn't work either.

Overall Review: No setup features, SD & USB ports might be good for pictures or just music, but movies, maybe if you spend top dollar on the fastest USB & SD cards, but I'm not risking it to find out and I know mid and low level USB & SD devices won't cut it. Over all I am not ok with it, I really wanted to leave it one place and tranfer files to it using the USB drive and IPod once in a while. It seems I would need to use my Ipod always now and with out the protective cover as well. My guess, it will end up in a drawer not used and long forgotten because of these hassles. And ILuv products wont do so well in the future when under consideration for purchase. I write that as the Ipod fits in with the clam shell closed with the Ipod protective cover on, it seems it was designed to fit, just not to work. After that it plays and has speakers and works out of the box.

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SSD Like4/7/2011 4:12:10 AM

Pros: Fast, quiet no hassles and has a fairly large size as well. Used as a boot drive and find it is very fast, not SSD fast, but no SSD hassles when used as a boot drive. I added a SSD to hold the applications and such and now enjoy the best of both hardware types with no hassles and it is fast. Very fast

Cons: I didn't get a two for one deal and no pancakes

Overall Review: Fast, very fast

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Outstanding performance11/25/2010 11:17:18 PM

Pros: The Card runs cool and quiet and and runs games at max settings at 1920 x 1080 very nicely indeed. I've not over clocked it as I have been very please with it right out of the box. I can play games for hours on max settings and my GPU is running at 52 degrees and thats will stock fan settings. This just means when and if it's over clocked there is potential for further performance that isn't currently needed at 1920 x 1080

Cons: None so far with the hardware, MSI rebate requires the receipt and not a copy of a receipt.

Overall Review: Have this on a Rampage 3 Formula with a I7950 CPU in a HAF 932 case with out stock fans. It is quiet enough I hear my hard drive. and while writing this the Video card is 35 degrees. Nice, very nice indeed. So nice this one will soon have a twin next to it for SLI and higher resolutions and multi monitor configurations. Quiet, Cool, powerful!

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It Works11/25/2010 11:00:46 PM

Pros: It works and doesn't cost and arm and a leg, it also provides a configuration option most PWM splitter cables don't. It takes the PWM signal from the mother board and splits it three ways but provides for power connection off of the power supply rather than the mother board. (three big fans will probably draw to many watts for MB connection)

Cons: none

Overall Review: I have two fans on my CPU cooler and the rear case fan all running off of the CPU fan setting on the MB. It's quiet and cool when it needs to be,

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It's Still Windows11/19/2010 5:21:55 AM

Pros: Installed in new build and it has been stable, no crashes, no BSOD no hassles in the install except one which will be explained later in some detail. Some of the new ways data is presented and how the GUI is organized is seemly better than before. Example, my music libraries are spread across three drives, with Vista or XP, clicking my music only showed one drive and what was stored in the Music folder, it now shows all three with one click. Little things like that seem better. So far it also has recognized all the hardware I've plugged in and hasn't failed to load drivers.

Cons: The one glitch in install, I don't know if the mother board, Asus Rampage III Formula or Windows is to blame but In Bios one hard drive was selected as the boot drive, when windows was selected to install on another drive and not this one marked in BIOS as the first boot drive, it installed on the one in BIOS and ignored the selection I made. I installed Win 7 6 times on three bare drive under different configurations, I would have the drive boot order one way and pick a drive other than the first drive in bios and install Windows. I fully expected two things to happen, Windows would make the first bios selected drive a boot drive and install it's self on the drive I selected, or install on the drive I selected and fail to boot for a missing OS when rebooted, it did neither it just installed it's self on the BIOS selected drive and ignored my selections in that portion of windows set up. It didn't error, it just installed with out issues.

Overall Review: While the Drive install thing was different, it's not a problem as it installed and booted after. It just meant you couldn't play little games with Windows by booting from one drive but having the OS files resided on another. XP Mode supports a very limited number of abilities and does not support games or 3D applications. It was intended as a transition application for businesses with programs not able to function in Win7. So if you're thinking 64 Bit with the XP mode support for games that don't like Vista and maybe not Win7, don't, it won't work. Think dual boot with an XP OS drive

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Fast, faster, but not the fastest11/16/2010 6:59:51 PM

Pros: Fast and low power consumption and makes the same amount of noise as a rock does. Very, very fast data reads, fast but not as fast data writes but still far faster than spinner type mechanical hard drives. At the time of purchase A-Data had slashed 60 dollars off, nice! Extra nice for the capacity per price dropped to just .62 cents a gigabyte. The price cut made it a very good buy indeed.

Cons: Came with a 2.5 to 3.5 mounting bracket, but the holes to mount the unit in your case are smaller in size and did interfere with my screw-less mounting system and required drilled out a bit. But it came with this bracket and all the little screws you need, is or was only a problem because my case (HAF932) uses cradles to hold the drive and they have pins and don't allow for little screws. So if you're thinking score, no need to buy the adapter to mount the drive, be aware it uses the little mounting screws and not the same as a standard hard drive would use to mount in in the PC case frame. Any screw type mount frame works fine with the screws provided, it's just the hard drive cradle as it mounts hard drives and not CD or DVD ROM drives. (same screws as those) I deduct no eggs and actually add because I did get the bracket, and it drills so easily I almost could have spun the drill bit by hand and I have 4 extra little screws.

Overall Review: I used a Western Digital 10,000 RPM drive as the main boot drive and loaded a clean new OS there, then added the SSD and installed Office and other applications and my games on the SSD. Summary: freaking outstanding fast with no hassles of using a SSD as the boot drive. Good for a lap top but a desk top (?) I am already booted up and don't require booting in 45 seconds versus the 1.5 minutes I am seeing. Games, the loading and or reloading of due to my elephant like reflexes don't allow the standard quick pull from a drink, forget a B-hit. What was a matter of a pause as you watched the loading bar creep across is now watching it race across like reading a 1 KB file. Office 2007, word opens in about 1.1 seconds ready to type. When I save, it defaults to my documents on the spinner, no hassles no fuss no muss. Video Editing, Mixed bag, have to save to the SSD to enjoy the large file read speeds so it requires changing the default save location.

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It Processes very nicely11/16/2010 5:05:54 AM

Pros: Has Hyper threading and virtual technology, over clocks nicely and runs very cool when under a NH-D14. Put it on a Rampage 3 Formula from Asus running Win 7/64, no BSOD, no glitches no crashes, smooth as silk

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Intel nicely slashed the price of this unit making it affordable, some what-ish, but it seems it was worth it as it is very fast, running cool and booted right up.

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It's Big11/10/2010 5:26:09 AM

Pros: It's Big and Bright has a tilt stand and rotates if you twist the whole thing about. Did I mention big and bright,

Cons: Not really a con, just something I didn't know, it comes in the box the factory makes, has all the labels telling you whats inside. NewEgg Made UPS get a signature and that makes sense, I wish I would have know so I could have scheduled the purchase to UPS to day off better.

Overall Review: It's big and bright and sitting on my desk

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