A fantastic value10/6/2014 7:47:48 AM

Pros: -The exact same hardware as Netgear's previous top-of-the-line R6300V2 -Solid connection -Fast throughput -Pretty decent range -USB3.0 port Attractive style -Minimal LEDs on the front (no blinking super distracting LEDs). -Flashable to R6300V2

Cons: I've had no issues in my ~2months ownership

Overall Review: Do some Googling. Since this device is essential a R6300 V2 AC1750 router running custom (handicapped) firmware, it can be fully upgraded into a R6300 V2 in less than 15 minutes. I performed the procedure without incident immediately after opening the package.

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I was hopeful8/26/2014 6:55:14 AM

Pros: The price is right. $200+ for a router is INSANE.

Cons: 1) Had a locked SSID from the factory, and network key wasn't provided. Had to connect via the WPS button. 2) Did not work out of the box. Had to manually configure the WAN connection for Dynamic IP from my ISP. That should be the default setting! 3) worked alright for the first day, now 2 days after purchase requires CONSTANT rebooting. 4) NO support from TP Link. There is only one firmware release for this router, and it's 8 months old!

Overall Review: FYI, this is the Archer C7 V2 that I currently have. Purchased 8/23 and being returned 8/26. TP Link,support your products!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Customer, Thank you for taking the time to review our Router. We are sorry to see that this device didn't work out for you. There's a new Firmware since your last post and it is something I would recommend trying. You can find this on our website at: http://www.tp-link.us/support/download/?model=Archer+C7&version=V2#tbl_j We do have Technical support all over the world and you can always ask for local support. Please feel free to contact me directly at howard.he@tp-link.com for any issues or concerns. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team support.usa@tp-link.com (866) 225-8139 http://www.tp-link.com/us/support
Bigger than I expected2/27/2010 1:05:55 PM

Pros: +Quiet fans +Handsome case

Cons: -flimsy side/top panel. It actually bent sitting on my desk while I assembled the HTPC. -Too many power connectors! This case is a cable management nightmare. -Cover is secured by regular screws, not thumb screws. -3.5" drive bay is right behind the 120mm main fan. It blocks a lot of air flow.

Overall Review: I bought this for a HTPC build. This case is quite a bit larger than I needed/was hoping for. There seems to be a lot of wasted space inside. For a portable gaming machine this case would be great. Be prepared to cut power cables off if you add a video card and optical drive. I'm not sure there would be enough places to secure cables! Not a bad case, just more than I need I suppose.

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So far, so good!2/27/2010 12:54:05 PM

Pros: +First H55 mini-ITX board available. +Seems to have some decent OC options, but I haven't looked too deep, and don't plan on it. +Wireless N worked right away. +Windows 7 immediately recognized all the hardware and was able to install the correct drivers, which is good because...

Cons: -The included driver CD is complete JUNK. Upon inserting the disk I got an error that read something along the lines of "driver not compatible with chip set." Some drivers are on Zotac's website, the rest Windows can handle, except for the LAN driver. I'm not using that anyway. I'm an early adopter; perhaps the correct driver CD doesn't exist yet. -Most of the holes on the I/O shield weren't punched out.

Overall Review: HTPC running: This Zotac ITX H55 board, core i5 650, 2x2GB AData 1333, 1.5TB WD Green HDD, Silverstone SG06 case. I'm not sure why, but it took FOREVER to install Windows 7. Playing a 1080P video in XBMC resulted in a ~20%CPU utilization. a Divx movie ~5% CPU. That Intel IGP/H55 combo must be working.

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Works great, after you install new firmware4/21/2008 5:18:45 AM

Pros: After installing DD-WRT V24RC5 the router works great! I'm currently connected at 117Mbs, and the router is on a different floor of the house. The router itself is very compact. It's roughly 2/3 the size of the WRT-54g.

Cons: At first the router would constantly drop connection every few minutes. Surfing the internet was a pain. The factory installed firmware is very poorly done.

Overall Review: This router is junk from Linksys, but it works GREAT with the DD-WRT firmware installed. The firmware upgrade is simple. Don't fear it. 3 stars because it REQUIRES new firmware.

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Battery is subpar6/22/2007 6:26:44 AM

Pros: Te player itself is very small. This thing does it all, mp3, radio, video, pictures.

Cons: Battery life is unaccecptably short. The unit was charging ALL day and died after 7 hours of continuous use. a 3 hour stint on a charger netted me only 1.5 hours of use.

Overall Review: The price is right and the size is great. I was really disappointed with the battery life. I no longer own this product. I replaced it with a 4gig Insignia mp3/video player. It's great so far!

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Could be great12/6/2006 5:07:54 PM

Pros: -Wide Angle lens, I actually can fit more into a shot without stepping back. -Takes wide screen photos 16:9 -Beautiful LCD (much nicer than the FX-01) -3.6X optical zoom -Pocket Sized! -Incredible battery life -Video looks wonderful

Cons: -Noise, Noise, NOISE! most of the indoor shots I have taken look terrible! - switching to 16:9 limits max resolution to 5.5 MP -No manual aperture or shutter time controls

Overall Review: It's a compact camera, so I can live without the manual shutter and f-stop value controls. Shots taken under medium lighting conditions will turn out grainy, and forget about low-light (unless you're close up with the flash). I haven't decided if I am going to keep this camera yet.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
9/29/2006 3:24:06 PM

Pros: Large fan, copper base, heat pipes, easy to install.

Cons: Loud! It's louder than the stock cooler that came on my A64 3700+

Overall Review: It took me all of 5 minutes to install this monster. I found it was easier if I installed the locking side first (top), then the bottom. Slipped right on. Pick up a fan controller for this cooler! Right now Sandra indicates it's spinning at 2446 RPM!

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It was good while it worked9/15/2006 11:10:57 AM

Pros: The X1900XT is really a powerful graphics card. IT scored 10140 3Dmarks in 3D Mark 05, untweaked on the default benchmark. Chewed through NFS: Mostwanted on maxed settings with only an occassional hiccup while driving through trees.

Cons: Comon Sapphire! This is (was?) a high-end vid card! There is NO bundled software. What a joke! My X1900XT died quietly in its sleep. I booted my OC up only to see random lines and other artifacts all over the monitor. Only lasted maybe 3 weeks. :-(

Overall Review: I RMA'ed the card to Newegg since Sapphire seems...reluctant to mention any warranty info on their website. Just replaced it with an X1900XTX from MSI. So far so good. AsRock 939Dual-SATA2, A64 3700+ @ 2.45Ghz, 2 GB PC4000

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This thing is great8/11/2006 11:42:04 AM

Pros: Low cost, exactly 0 dead pixels, I haven't noticed any ghosting, DVI cable included, the AC->DC power inverter is built into the moitor, no external adaptor required!

Cons: The DVI cable is a bit short... Roughly 3' long.

Overall Review: Newegg and UPS got it in 3 days. I haven't used the speakers, so I can't comment on their quality. i am extremely happy with this LCD! I plan on buying a 2nd in the near future. I never knew my desk was so big!!!

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Works for me6/24/2006 2:07:33 PM

Pros: Reports as 3914.34 MB of total storage space. Works great in my Axim X30h

Cons: Doesn't work in my Gateway DC-T50 camera.

Overall Review: This card does not work in all devices, so do research on your particular device before buying.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent value5/22/2006 9:06:46 PM

Pros: Incredibly stable, even with my OC'ed processor. It NEVER crashes. -The SATA2 connector is great -Flexibility in graphics cards. It works wonderfully with my AGP EVGA nVidia 6600GT. -Onboard audio sounds very good. There is no hissing, and everything sounds very crisp.

Cons: -Only 1 SATA2 port -poor location of floppy connector -My origional board booted and ran just fine, but the onboard audio was DOA. RMA'ed it and the replacement was 100%! -_Asrock tech support (much like its parent company ASUS) might as well not even be there.

Overall Review: -Hey people that think this is a no-name company, here's a hint. Asrock=Asus! -I'm not quite sure what the illegal_gardener that reviewed below is talking about. It never gave me a hiccup with my AGP 6600GT.

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so quiet, so many connections!2/4/2006 11:22:15 PM

Pros: -Silent! By far the quietest fan in my system. -Many connectors -felt like a solid unit when i held it in my hand

Cons: -Too many connectors! My case is a mess inside! Modular cables would have been a very nice touch. -Fan spins at a VERY low RPM. It doesnt really move much air at all.

Overall Review: My next power supply will use a modular cable system. If you have s GFX cards in SLI and 4 SATA drives, this is the power supply for you. If you have 1 SATA drive and you're waiting to upgrade to PCIE and go SLI, this supply may be a bit excessive.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
overall, a good board2/4/2006 11:16:56 PM

Pros: -Plenty of connections avilable -The AGP port performs excently -passive cooling. Silent is good. -Supports the upcoming Socket AM2 -SATA II is a nice addition -Has a PCI-e X16 slot avilable for my next upgrade

Cons: -First board I recieved had DEAD onboard audio, everything else worked great tho. -ASRock's customer/support is completely non-existant. -passive cooling. While silent is good, the chipset gets quite hot to the touch, but it doesn't seem to effect stability. -only 1 SATA II connector

Overall Review: ASRock has horrible customer support. Twice I sent an e-mail asking for help regarding the audio, and twice I recieved a Form letter that basically said (in very broken english) that I should contact the place of purchase for all support. Asrock loses 1 star for sending me a dead board, and a 2nd star for having horrible cust. support. But the board is a good board. The replacement board came with BIOS version 1.5 already installed, so using the latest processor shouldn't pose a problem.

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I <3 3700+2/4/2006 11:06:15 PM

Pros: -Runs suprisingly cool on stock cooling. 34*c idle and 47*c full load -Overclocks well. I OC'ed mine to 2.81 GHz ran at 36*/51*C on stock cooling.

Cons: Locked multiplier

Overall Review: I'll upgrade to a copper cooler eventually, but it's running well within accecptable limits.

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