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2/26/2014 4:24:44 PM

Pros: Long cables, smooth rheostat action, high wattage (meaning using splitters you can have a ton of fans installed). Comes with a double-headed Molex cable, which saved me a surprising amount of cable trouble! It works. My rig is so quiet with everything turned to minimum. White indicator light is a very tasteful choice over the overused, gaudy blue LED. Over aesthetics are very clean and refined. If the rheostat is good (read below for more), the controller provides fine control over any 3 pin fan. The header cables are removable. This is a big plus for people who will not be using all of the channels.

Cons: 1. It does NOT have the same mesh as the Aperture M. It's of a much finer mesh. It's like comparing a cheese grater to a mosquito net. If your case has this kind of fine mesh, yes the advertisement is true and this controller will blend in fine. However, with a case like mine and especially with the Aperture M directly above the controller, it looks EXTREMELY out of place. If you don't care, then great! 2. The rheostats are a hit-or-miss. 3 out of the 5 rheostats in my controller have a buzz; 2 of the buzzes are soft and negligible, but this one rheostat has an extremely loud whining noise at any positions other than min or max. This is quite an issue since with every fan turned to their lowest settings, if I nudge the slider even a little bit, the whine becomes the most apparent noise in the entire room. 3. There is no option to turn a fan or the indicator LED entirely off. Perhaps this is a safety measure to ensure that your rig does not overheat, but I would have still liked this feature to be there. 4. The rightmost slider has significant light bleed through the side from the indicator LED. 5. The controller, as with the Aperture M, comes with only 4 screws. NZXT, don't put 8 holes in the controller if you're only going to give us 4 screws!

Overall Review: The buzzing/whining issue seems to be a common defect. I assume this is from the rheostat having poor winding or insufficient coating, but I am not sure. The whine sounds like a DC motor, like the ones they sell at hobby stores. The controller is also compatible with Molex to SATA converters, as I discovered while I was building. Also, the 5.25" enclosure for the controller is identical to the one used in the Aperture M.

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2/26/2014 4:12:22 PM

Pros: It's fast (enough), big, reliable, and most importantly, quiet. Best price for a 1TB hard drive out there. SATA 6Gbps is also a big plus.

Cons: It's not free?

Overall Review: I have 3 of these running in my rig, and I don't even hear them.

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2/22/2014 8:50:06 PM

Pros: Top-tier case with plenty of vents and grilles for maximum airflow. It can accommodate tons of fans; if you go with a dual push/pull radiator with 360mm on top and 240mm on front, you can have 12 120mm fans inside this case! Filters work really well. After about a week of use, they started looking like vacuum cleaners because they were that efficient. I love the top panel layout. Everything is available even when the tower is on the ground. The USB 3.0 headers are an added bonus too. Also of note is that this is the first computer part I've seen which has a 2.0 fallback header for mobos without 3.0 support. Hard drive cages are highly customizable, with both front-facing and side-facing layouts. In fact, it's safe to say that everything about this case is customizable!

Cons: The window tint may be a little too black for most people. I am fine with it, though. The ODD cage, once it's removed, may be a pain to put back. Mine warped over time and I had to force it back in, but eventually it was put back into place. The included fan controller is kinda suckish, but it does its job. The CPU backplate cutout is a little misaligned, making the bottom standoffs a little difficult to install. Not much of an issue if you install the backplate first before installing the motherboard.

Overall Review: The case can accommodate a regular 25mm rear fan only if the radiator is thin/short enough; that is, to put into perspective, a H100i in push configuration gives the grille just enough space for a regular case fan. If you are planning on a thicker radiator or a push/pull configuration which might intrude into the fan's space, you might want a low-profile fan. I have my H100i in push/pull, and I needed a 15mm fan which just barely fit.

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Horrible mouse cable replacement2/1/2014 7:23:37 AM

Pros: Works as a USB cable, both for charging and data

Cons: Cable is way too thick and stiff for use with a mouse

Overall Review: I bought this to replace the awful cable that came with my G700. Looking at the pictures the cable looked thinner than I expected. It turns out that the plug didn't fit the mouse (fixed by shaving the sides until it did) and with use I discovered that the cable is just as stiff as the stock G700 cable.

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1/28/2014 10:44:21 PM

Pros: Decent picture quality for the price. Exceptionally even backlighting especially at this price point. Low response time, low glare (matte finish), unobtrusive and clean design. The monitor, due to its budget quality, is very light and easy to move. Much easier than an iMac for sure.

Cons: Built-in menu is absolutely horrendous. You're better off using an ICC profile to fix color matching issues (if you bother to, that is). Also, the blacks aren't as deep as I'd like it to be (especially next to my 27") but it's a hundred bucks, what do you expect. Also, the plastic build is a giant fingerprint magnet. Budget build quality with limited adjustments and no VESA mount.

Overall Review: The display is dimmest along the left edge and corners and brightest at the right top corner. The gamut covers the sRGB spectrum very well. The best value for the money in the 21" monitor segment in my opinion.

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