Amazing so far (until the raid system went. update 4/4/2016)!4/4/2016 1:07:10 PM

Pros: By far the most powerful "laptop" I've ever used. The laptop is well build and robust. The CPU and GPU is unlocked, so you can overclock them if you want. The cooling is very good, with my CPU and GPU overclocked (and under heavy load), it hit 92F, which is very impressive. Just running under moderate load, it rarely gets up to 85F. There is room to upgrade, you can add another hard drive and two more SSD chips. It has enough power to play most games at max settings. It has great RAM, and you probably won't ever need to upgrade to 64GB (It has 4 RAM slots, each with an 8GB card). The speakers are amazing for a laptop! They keyboard is very nice, and the lights are a nice feature. The wireless adapter is pretty great, at home I got over 200Mb down over wifi. The GTX 980M and the i7 6820HK are beasts, and more than enough for most people. 6 USB ports, yes please. The long and short: the laptop is beast, and definitely worth the money.

Cons: High price, but is worth every penny! It's heavy, which is expected of a "laptop" like this. It comes with windows 10, which is okay. I personally like 7 better. I doubt anyone will ever use the disc drive, but it's there. 60Hz refresh rate is good, but it would be nice if it had a higher refresh rate. The raid system stopped working, so I can't get anything off the SSDs or use them for that matter. I'm now using the 7200rpm optical drive and will just deal with it since the raid system isn't under warranty.

Overall Review: I would recommend buying this laptop over the MSI GT72S 004. The 004 has the GTX 980 compared to the GTX 980M. The 980 is about 20% faster than the 980M, but costs $500 more. The 980M is better than the vast majority of graphics cards, and should stay up to date for at least 5 years IMO. I plan to keep this laptop for at least 5 years, maybe more. Okay so I've had this laptop for about 4 months and the raid system went, so no more SSD. I can still use the optical drive, but the raid system isn't under warranty, so I wont be getting a new one.

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