Beautiful Graphics Card7/8/2013 10:56:09 AM

Pros: The best Dollar / Performance ratio you can spend on a video card as of now. PNY! great customer service! I had a couple issues registering my LIFETIME WARRANTY and they were very fast to call me back and ensure everything was handled. This is also why I chose PNY over other name brands. + Customer Service +LIFETIME Warranty +SOLID CONSTRUCTION +Very quiet! +Stays cool! +Looks Spectacular!

Cons: None so far! Cant afford enough games to throw at this thing!

Overall Review: Review edit will be done in the future after some more use

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Corsair h80i thumbs up!7/8/2013 10:48:22 AM

Pros: Very simple to install Sturdy overall design Corsair Link2 program is FANTASTIC allowing for ease monitoring and control My pc boots up at 29c and rarely jumps above that

Cons: NONE FOR THE ACTUAL PRODUCT WORKS GREAT! corsairlink2 is a little "buggy" doesnt open displaying all components temperatures and percentages, usually a simple program restart is all that is needed. This might be a simple update fix but until then.

Overall Review: I will be back for a review edit once I have had the cooler for a while longer

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