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Great product BUT...12/12/2019 10:39:10 PM

Pros: Light weight and easy on system, I have been using it for 15 + years now. It catches everything and I have never had it flag any "false positives". It just works really well, all the time.

Cons: Product key was expired, NewEgg, what's going on? Fortunately the great folks at Eset, graciously supplied me with a new key code.

Overall Review: I always order my Eset products from NewEgg, and have never had one fail, until this one... Eset customer support said that I had an invalid, outdated product key. I bought this product in July, with the intent to install it in November, when my current subscription of Eset expires. I have done it this way for years, without issue... Until this product. NewEgg, what's up???

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Still ticking after 7.5 years2/21/2019 8:02:26 AM

Pros: Easy of use, just plug and play. Paid around 30 for it in 2011, then got one, for my son's college room, in 2013 for 19... Mine is used for connection of TV, Receiver, Blue Ray, and x-box- when kids want too game. I have never had any issues with it, the occasional flicker/freeze when streaming, I believe is form ISP vs this switch; Charter has been known to throttle its service.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Looking back, I can't believe I dropped 30 bucks for the first one, (I'm a frugal buyer) but I'm sure it was the cheapest at the time, now it is ~35ish. It's a great little switch and hefty metal design. Still going strong after almost 7.5 years.

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BMW sit style-Firm6/16/2018 9:36:50 AM

Pros: Nice looking chair, if you like the color combo, the sit takes a little bit to get use too but after you give it a chance, it feels pretty good, almost as good as a BMW seat. Easy to assemble, fast shipping, EXCELLENT Customer service. Do use a real screwdriver for the screws, allen wrench too if you have the proper sized one.

Cons: The seat “throw” is a bit short, especially when the lumbar support is new and not compressed from sitting. The armrests are a bit low, for me (5’ 11”), and not adjustable but that’s my fault… I thought they were adjustable when I read the add.

Overall Review: All in All it's not a bad chair; you can certainly spend two -three time as much on a similar chair but at this price it's a non issue... Than said, I suggest you go to a store that has a similar chair, same build and quality, to see if it's right for you.

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Main stone fell out1/9/2014 10:43:13 AM

Pros: Looks stunning and beautiful, comes packaged in a very nice box. Feels like a quality piece, equal to its value. ($60)

Cons: Gave it to my daughter as a B-day gift 3 days ago (01/06/14); main stone fell out yesterday (01/08/14) just as she was about wear it for the first time… She was let down to say the least. I have purchased other jewelry on Newegg and have never experienced anything like this before. Maybe it’s just a fluke, but it appears like the setting itself is problematic; I am in the process of contacting customer service at “MaBella jewelry” for a complete refund.

Overall Review: As stated in cons, I have purchased other jewelry on Newegg and have never experienced anything like this before. I think I will stick with purchasing jewelry from Newegg’s other dominate Jewelers, as the pieces of jewelry from them have withstood the kid test (daughter) and have lasted without incident.

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Very nice12/30/2012 6:28:30 PM

Pros: Very nice quality or maybe just really great fakes, I really can't tell the difference.... My wife Loved! them, says they are perfect. (Christmas Gift) Couldn’t beat the Newegg price pre Black Friday sale.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Look great, they are not the green color shown in the add, which is good, I was a little concerned about that. Do not hesitate to buy these they are sure to please...

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Received a USED item8/9/2012 5:17:48 PM

Pros: Looked nice on Neweggs website

Cons: Item was used and or a display model, scuffmarks all over the unit, adapters look discolored and corroded. Was really let down when I opened the box and saw the condition of the unit. I will RMA it for the same thing (new) not a refund.

Overall Review: Ordered this item during a 24hr ‘special’ figured it was worth a try at 24$. Just received item yesterday 8/7 and to my horror it was USED… This is a first time anything like this has happened from Newegg; I expect it from Am@zon, but not newegg. Looks like other folks have had the same problem.

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Awesome Modem12/19/2010 12:37:40 PM

Pros: I paid $82 bucks for it about 3 months ago… Get it now at 77 w/free S&H… can’t go wrong. When cable person wad doing the install (had DSL before), he asked for modem and said “You should have no problems with this” “We don’t offer this model yet but our technology is compatible” Bottom line, I pay for 8Mb speed but am consistently hooked up at 15Mb (Cable guy said this would be the case) I never usually install any of the software that comes with modems/routers just plug-n-Go. Have never had any problems with connectivity yet. I will say DSL is more reliable, but much pricier when trying to get anything faster than 1.5 Mb

Cons: I wish it was it $77 when I ordered it.

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Little Skeptical12/19/2010 11:59:14 AM

Pros: Got this on ‘Pre’ Black Friday sale $599 free S&H - came a day early. Is going to be X-mass gift for my 12 yr old daughter . Seems very nice and quick, just updated all the windows stuff, my son said he liked it a lot, especially the keyboard. I thought it was suppose to have a fingerprint reader ?

Cons: While getting it set up, installing Norton AV and other software, noticed something very wrong with the DVD unit. It literally whirrs up so loud it sounds like a hand blender and it actually vibrates the entire laptop and tabletop too. My son said, “that doesn’t sound right” I didn’t want to send it back before Christmas but will do so after. Did anyone else notice this problem? IS this normal for these ACER laptops?

Overall Review: Not looking forward to sending it back and or dealing with Customer service. I would assume it’s a bad DVD unit. That sort of stinks- my daughter will be a little disappointed.

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