DO NOT BUY!4/20/2021 10:32:07 AM

Pros: I am sure they are some, but right now I can't think of any reason because I am so......

Cons: I used this product last year and found it a little to difficult to install but it was okay. I did found the VPN really sluggish but I decided to repurchase this year. Well that was a mistake. First off, AVAST does not recognize my email used for my account any longer. Secondly, I am not sure the VPN is working; and I needed help; try to get a live person on customer service - no chance. Thirdly, I keep getting an AVAST pop-up window telling me 'oh look what we found for you' trying to hawk LifeLok. I paid for my subscription to the Ultimate Suite and they are throwing ads at me. BTW, if you really want to get annoyed, install their Anti-Track product; you will probably do as I did and disabled it.


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