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Great device for the price

VIZIO VTAB1008-B 8" Refurbished Tablet
VIZIO VTAB1008-B 8" Refurbished Tablet

Pros: The screen is pretty good quality from what I can tell, streaming Netflix and Hulu on it looks quite good without any speed issues during playback. Using an ereader works incredibly well.

Cons: Within a month of owning the device it got jostled while charging and the socket for the USB was damaged and began to fail to work. Web pages occassionaly feel slow to load compared to using a netbook or a Kindle.

Overall Review: Called Vizio tech support, and they replaced the damaged device quickly, and (providing you have a credit card) they will send out the replacement with the return shipping label for the damaged device. Overall I'd say it's a solid tablet for watching movies, or reading books, but it's a little large for 'on the go' usage.

Most Critical Review

Good sound, poor manufacturing

Logitech Recertified  981-000257  G930 Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound
Logitech Recertified 981-000257 G930 Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound

Pros: These are some of the best sounding and most comfortable headphones on a headset I've ever owned. They're comfy for long use and the 5.1 sounds pretty good (when it works properly) especially for watching movies. I can easily wear these for hours on end and not have any discomfort or suffer from hot ears. Similarly, from what I'm told, the microphone is excellent quality. I haven't listened to or made any recordings with it but using it for Skype and other VOIP most people I chat with comment that it has good or better sound quality, and it seems to do quite well and filtering out background noise, eg fans, air conditioners, etc.

Cons: I've been through two pairs of these now under warranty all with the same or very similar issues. Mainly when the 5.1 is on the headphones develop serious static/crackling very often. The newest pair has the same issues and now will occasionally develop a buzz that builds in volume and then the headphones turn themselves off. And most recently the left headphone has all but stopped working with 5.1 mode off and the bass is extremely distorted in 5.1.

Overall Review: This is the only Logitech product I've ever been disappointed with in the 10 odd years I've been using them. I would not recommend this headset to anyone. I wish I had a G430 to test with to see if it has similar issues as it appears to be almost exactly the same except not wireless. Two eggs because while the pros are nice the fact that I've burned through 2 pairs and am awaiting a replacement. Though Logitech does have some of the best customer service I've dealt with, knowledgeable, friendly and actually resolve issues in a timely manner, this is too much hassle to be worth it.

Quick and Easy

Nintendo eShop $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)
Nintendo eShop $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)

Pros: Code popped in my inbox about 20 minutes after I ordered. Popped it into my 3DS and was on my way.

Cons: I guess I had to wait 20 minutes?


Great Mechanical Keyboard

RAZER Blackwidow Chroma RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
RAZER Blackwidow Chroma RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Pros: Had a Blackwidow TE before this guy and I've loved them both. The switches feel great, slightly different than the blue switches I had in the TE. Worked great out of the box (already had Synapse). The Chroma is interesting to highlight keys and turn off others for certain games, and it comes with a few basic prebuilts for genres and popular games.

Cons: I've had some ghosting issues with E and D keys specifically. I haven't been in touch with support yet about it though as it's not gotten too annoying yet. Other than that I don't have too many issues. The USB and headphone/microphone ports are on the right side which can be an issue if you have your mouse closer to your keyboard.

Overall Review: Overall a great mechanical keyboard. Not the greatest but very solid and perfect for gaming.

Good for the price

5.25" Touch Screen Fan Controller
5.25" Touch Screen Fan Controller

Pros: It's a fan controller and it looks pretty nice in the front of my case. Buttons are pretty responsive for such a cheap touch screen, I haven't noticed it missing a "touch" as of yet.

Cons: The documentation is kind of poor. I didn't see any indication of up/down on the unit and ended up trying to mount it upside down. Aside from that it doesn't go down past 40%, there could be a reason but I would've like to see 0 to 100% inclusive.

Overall Review: The issue many people post about with it making fans louder didn't come up for me. I've got 4 Cooler Master 120mm, two of them blue LED version, two black, and an old offbrand (can't find any labeling on it anymore) 120mm. None of which produce any more noise on the controller than they did off of it. Primarily took off 1 egg because of the lack of sub40% settings and the documentation. Other than that it's a great piece of hardware for ~$20.

Quiet, runs well

EVERCOOL FAN-LD9225B-EC2 90mm Blue LED Case Cooling Fan
EVERCOOL FAN-LD9225B-EC2 90mm Blue LED Case Cooling Fan

Pros: Mounted it into my case, spun up fine. Software is showing its able of spinning up the advertised speeds so I'm satisfied with it.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: When running at around 2000 RPM I can barely hear it.