Plenty of room to work and circulate air9/7/2016 1:34:45 PM

Pros: - Very spacious interior for airflow and workspace - Low-key when powered down, but flashy and cool when on - Case hinges open like the hood of a car. Very handy! - Built-in case fan with LED looks cool - Large space under MoBo for cords

Cons: - The single built-in case fan isn't enough - The fan LEDs are dim

Overall Review: This case was a bit bigger than I expected, but still fits perfectly in the space I got it for. The hinged design allows you to open it up like working on your car engine. With the hood open, this is the most spacious case I've ever worked on. Every computer component is easy to access and hook up. The main case fan comes with LEDs which is cool and all, but the LEDs are pretty dim and the fan by itself is not enough. Right now I have a 7" bedside fan clamped to the desk, blowing directly into the exposed guts of the PC. I'm hoping when I get my second case fan installed everything will be good. Without the additional fan, my AMD FX-6300 was getting quite hot. Two giant windows show off your rig. Nothin' wrong with that. Overall, I freakin' love this case. You should get it, but definitely order a decent CPU cooler and another case fan for the top.

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Very handsome and effective — Like me!9/7/2016 1:25:40 PM

Pros: - Very stylish for it's price - Works just fine - Easy install - Pre-gooped with thermal paste

Cons: - Not extremely quiet

Overall Review: I run a (perhaps dangerously) overclocked AMD fx-6300. With this fan, a single case fan and a small external fan pointed into the computer's guts, I run Dragon Age Inquisition at Ultra and maintain a temp of under 50c. I'm fairly new to overclocking, but I believe that's pretty good.

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