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Nice for the price11/29/2014 8:19:04 AM

Pros: I am by no means an audio expert and bough these partial on the great review that Joshua S posted. I needed a new pair of front towers for my 8.1 setup after lightning took out my Infinity speakers. I saw these for $179.00 with free shipping and decided to try them. In everything I have thrown at them from the Expendables 3 to Elvis they have produced wonderful, clean sound. No distortion, pops or hizz. I would say they are 95% as good as my Infinities for a lot less money. The 6.5' subs produced enough bass (when combined with my 6" Yamaha sub) that they have almost negated my upgrade to a 12" Polk sub. The side firing subs (one on either side of the tower) broadened the bass and gave it a wonderful warm, envelope of sound. I just turn my giant sub down and let it blend in with the Woofers on the JBLs. I am very happen with JBL and I am really glad I gave them a try, Thanks to Joshua S. for his Audio head review. :)

Cons: Trebles is not that sharp but overall a good speaker.

Overall Review: Wait for the sale and snag these. :)

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