It functions as intended11/30/2020 1:19:17 PM

Pros: The mouse looks cool, the software that goes with it was easy for me to find and use, the buttons are clicky and firm, and, well, I just don't have any gripes except one.

Cons: For seemingly no reason, pressing a combination of two buttons on the mouse cycles the LED settings between a bunch of presets. So far I have found no way to turn off this completely useless function. I've had to make some compromises and remap some buttons just so I don't activate it.

Overall Review: But yeah that one little annoyance doesn't take off a star (sorry, an EGG) for me. It's the only thing wrong with it, and I'm perfectly fine with working around it.

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Works fine, but...11/2/2020 4:20:36 PM

Pros: Works great, it fits on my messy desk, it's so wide I have to turn my head a little to see the whole thing, it even has adaptive brightness like it says it does.

Cons: For some reason, there's a volume option and I can't figure out why. I don't think it has any kind of built-in speakers, and I ruled out every other possibility. Does it have speakers or not?

Overall Review: Yes, this monitor is great for its price, but make sure you have external speakers or headphones or something or you won't get any audio whatsoever.

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