Fast AF!11/14/2020 8:31:00 PM

Pros: As of right now I'm running this on my laptop, 7th Gen intel i7, 4 cores, I can notice the difference. My laptop is not supporting PCIE gen 4, but I can notice the difference, booting my laptop, it skips the Windows 10 orbs and goes straight to the lock screen. Opening apps, installing, and ruining the apps is way faster. When I installed W10 it installed in under 5 min, it was crazy! The drive is not meant to stay in my laptop it's supposed to be paired with 5900x and RTX 3080/6800xt, but I can't get my hands on that stuff right now (scalpers), and I wanted to test the drive. I can't wait to put a heat sink on this drive and pair it with my proper build.

Overall Review: Buy it, it's worth it!

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Fantastic Deal and great sound.4/30/2013 5:18:56 PM

Pros: These headphones are some of the best I have heard for the money. This is my second pair my first pair got stolen. Thats how good they are. I got this pair for 14.99 off here. They costs 59.99 in other places.

Cons: Volume controls do not work with samsung galaxy s3!

Overall Review: These have really nice bass and outside sounds can't be heard.

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Installed in mid 2010 Macbook Pro12/21/2010 7:23:05 AM

Pros: First time newegg buyer ordered late Friday night got here mid monday. Installed it, reinstalled mac os x, and loaded time machine backup. Now mac os x is way snappier, faster bootup time, and faster app loading. Planning on doing a dual HDD install waiting for the 2nd HDD bay with a 500GB scorpio blue. I need the space.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It does make a lil more noise than the 500GB 5400rpm scorpio blue, but is is not bad. It just lets you know its working faster than your old one thats all. If people are talking around you or your listening to music or watching tv you will not notice it at all.

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