Quality Product with Competitive Pricing12/18/2020 11:33:07 PM

Pros: - Sleek design with sturdy feeling - Awesome packaging and presentation of the product - Amazing video quality during both day and night times—front, cabin, and rear - Cabin dash cam which can capture additional evidences (ie. focused on the road when the other person claims that you were using your phone before the crash) - Fair pricing that is lower than many of the competitors' offerings

Cons: - No Wi-Fi or Cloud services to readily download footages or receive real-time notifications - GPS mount is not included - Hardwiring kit is not included

Overall Review: Well-rounded product with outstanding features. Customer service and support has been great thus far. Please note that the product does not include GPS or hardwiring kit. With pre-exiting experience in dash cam installation, installing Vantrue N4 in Audi S4, a sedan, took around 2 hours, excluding time spent on unboxing and reading the manual.

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