works all the same, but slower3/15/2011 3:01:07 AM

Pros: I bought this for roughly $240 after taxes and other mumbo jumbo. It is small and very portable. I take this thing with me almost everywhere I go. 6 cell battery provides great battery life (6-8hours).

Cons: I knew this before buying it, but still worth mentioning, the netbook is slow and has weak processing power. Definitely not something to get if you run a lot of cpu/gpu intensive applications or design software. The battery charge isn't as good as when i first purchased, but still offers good enough time, between 5-6ish hours. also:wifi every once ina blue moon stops working and has to be reset to start working again. Sometimes it requires a complete system reboot.

Overall Review: Ubuntu 10.10 runs much faster on it than Windows7. The netbook runs Matlab pretty well. Java programming with eclipse ide is very doable on this netbook. Compiling in ISE takes very very long at times. Running a virtual machine works, and is very slow, but still doable.

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it is ok9/30/2009 12:44:44 PM

Pros: i used this case as a build for my dad. everything works, even the psu. the fan lights are kind of neat. system is kept cool; under a 2hr stress test the cpu (e5200@25%oc), mb (on board video), and hdd's do not get any higher than 42C (room temp = 27C).

Cons: the distance from the powersupply to the hard drive cage is a very tight stretch. extentions are needed if you intend to have more than one hdd. i personally do not like the front usb and audio positioned on the side of the case: on top or in front would have been better.

Overall Review: this is the cpu cooler i use i would not get this case for myself, but that is primarly because it holds only 3 hdds. if it held atleast 4, and the psu was installed at the bottom, i would be more likely to get it for myself.

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