Still going Strong 1 1/2 years later9/15/2012 12:52:36 AM

Pros: -Still going after 1 1/2 years -Price -mute button -cable length (about 6ft) -does have background cancellation (that seems to have gotten better with age)

Cons: -It's a desktop mic, but it's as advertised -seems to change it's pickup level randomly, not sure why.

Overall Review: keep the pick up volume 60 and up but try to keep it around 80 I did notice some people said the long plastic part leading up to the mic is fragile, but can personally say I've dropped this numerous times in numerous ways (off my desk, on to a carpeted floor, on to a concrete floor) most drops were from about 4 feet and it still works fine no cracks or anything. Also since this is a desktop mic don't have a fan blowing straight into it, and use push to talk. It does have noise cancellation but it's still a desktop mic.

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Been awhile11/3/2011 2:05:29 PM

Pros: -Still works, and I think I got them close to 4 years ago. -Has heat sinks -Can Work @ 1066MHz (don't know how others had that much for problems) -Outlasted all except my mobo and HDD from my build in 2007 -Packaging (Yeah, I still remember) was in 2 layers of bubble wrap, and had foam peanuts in the box. -Took 2 days to get to me, and I lived in rural Nebraska at the time (standard 3Day shipping too) Newegg and UPS for the win

Cons: -was only 2 x 1GB -Was only able to OC after getting special software for my Mobo, and updating the BIOS

Overall Review: what can I say it lasted 4 years beating out my CPU (2 years), my video card (2 1/2 years), Sound Card (3 1/2 years), DVD-RW drive (3 years) put the clock setting at 800 after 1 year at 1066 (I got 2 1GB sticks of 800MHz RAM that I cannablized from another build)

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Works Fine once you change some settings6/15/2011 3:39:44 PM

Pros: -It works -Don't have to install drivers -Mute button works -A lot of packaging to protect it -Price

Cons: -I had to change some settings with it in order for it to playback at a higher volume. (recording on default setting required me to yell into my mic from 6 inches away and turn my speakers all the way up to sound normal) -Their are no drivers (both a pro and con)

Overall Review: -A bit taller than expected To change the settings for Win7 goto Control Panel > Sound > Recording (its a tab) > right click Microphone (it will say USB audio device) > Properties > Levels > and then adjust as desired (to help adjust the volume check listen to this device under the listen tab and hit apply) I used 67

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5/29/2010 12:52:48 PM

Pros: -lasted for over a year without problem -stock heatsink is actually pretty good with copper heat pipes and the rest of it steel -fast -alot cheaper than the Intel equivalent -large cache at the time of purchase still pretty good today

Cons: -stock fan this fan is the exact same as the one that came with my parents AMD Black Edition Kuma 2.7Ghz dual core I would think that AMD would have packaged a better fan for a quad core

Overall Review: at the time of the review I've had this for 1 year 1 month 1 week 5 days -not OC'd for lack of having a better CPU fan (to lazy to order one) runs around 45-48C idle and 65C Max* *note I have no case fans at the time I did these temps

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Amazing4/24/2009 3:38:00 PM

Pros: 4 cores 3.0 Ghz Easy oc cheaper than Intel equal

Cons: Poor quality stock fan

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Great for the price4/15/2009 7:36:21 PM

Pros: Amazing for the price, 2.7 Ghz Dual core is somewhat above average of what you would find at a retail store, Good Running Temp

Cons: suckish stock fan and heat sink, and when I tried to overclock it it instantly failed (probably me doing it wrong though).

Overall Review: but even with this fan and heat sink it runs under 55*C in a 23*C room

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4/13/2009 5:17:51 PM

Pros: 1GB, Cheap, no extra cables to plug into the motherboard or power supply making for easy installation, doesn't run hot. Runs around 40-44*C when not playing a game or movie

Cons: 128-bit

Overall Review: Definite improvement over my last card which was a 256MB and 128-bit (that had no fan) ran at 80-85*C when not playing a game or movie.

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4/13/2009 5:10:46 PM

Pros: Has not failed yet, SATA, Good Price, and Pretty Quite.

Cons: None really

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Run's really hot2/16/2009 7:35:14 PM

Pros: It works, definite improvement over the 64mb i was using before.

Cons: Run's really hot. Caught it at 80 C thats around 180 F.

Overall Review: wish i got a 512 that ran cooler

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Nice Processor2/16/2009 7:26:53 PM

Pros: A friend ordered this for me and well this is a good processor it doesn't run to hot, fast, hasn't crapped out after 4 months.

Cons: Haven't found one yet

Overall Review: I have not tried to OC this yet but I suspect it would work fine if I did.

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this sucks12/23/2008 9:52:40 AM

Pros: looks good

Cons: -older games don't really work well on this such cases as crashing during gameplay or just refusing to install the game. -files tend to corrupt after a couple months (completely killed one of my friends because it corrupted a school project of his on his vista basic.)

Overall Review: Kill this piece of Vista can't say much about other vista packs though, but they are probably very similar.

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