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The 4870 eats this game1/28/2009 6:42:49 PM

Pros: Im a 4yr WoW player...Ive run it on a X1900, 6600gts, 8800,and I never got above 40-50fps. On the 4870..I see on average 120fps & 60ish in cities @ 1900x1200res, settings including shadows maxed

Cons: a very very hot running card...if your a raider keep in mind this thing will spit out continuous 175 Fahrenheit air at load

Overall Review: great game if you alot yourself a certain amount of time to play. A potential life wrecker if you get sucked into it.

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very solid card1/28/2009 6:29:14 PM

Pros: I love the 4870. Its an extremely powerful card. It handles video tasks and all current games with ease. my dual 24' monitors were a breeze to set up and work great with the catalyst. The HIS card came with a little multi-tool penlight/level/screwdriver which I have come to adore for tight spot work on the board.

Cons: 1.-) Runs very warm, with two of these in my system I may have to decide on additional room cooling before summer arrives. 2.) The cards are large and heavy...moble gaming machines would be not only cramped but the sheer weight of these cards hanging off the mobo needs to be considered when moving the cpu.

Overall Review: I have read countless horrors of setting up crossfire configs, and equal trouble when running dual displays...I think the whole thing took me 7 minutes from box to boot.

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