Beastly Graphics Card!11/22/2020 9:54:39 PM

Pros: -The RTX 3080 GPU can play games at 4K 60FPS and is astronomically powerful. -Is fairly quiet, quieter than my case fans at least. -Temps are fair with how the fans operate, saw a max of 75°C with a +100Mhz OC and undervolting it by 10%. -No RGB

Overall Review: -It's pretty good

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Good Gift11/22/2020 9:49:18 PM

Pros: -Gives you the full copy of the game -Has RTX support -Has DLSS support -Has NVIDIA's reflex support

Cons: -the game is a downgrade in terms of it's predecessor

Overall Review: -Would happily accept the game for free because it isn't worth the asking price.

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Useless Gift11/22/2020 9:47:24 PM

Pros: -You get 1 year of their game streaming service

Cons: -useless, because you bought either their 3070, 3080, or 3090 which are all cards capable of playing all the newest games on high settings in at least 1080p and mostly 1440p as well.

Overall Review: It a useless gift bc you have a graphics card that can play games at max settings in 1080p and is very good in 1440p which would make no sense to stream the video games. It is also hardware and region locked so you can't give the code to someone that is running a 780M.

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Super Fast SSD.10/29/2019 10:32:58 PM

Pros: -All black color scheme -Super fast SSD -M.2 form factor

Cons: -none

Overall Review: Would overall recommend this product because it is a fast SSD that uses the M.2 form factor. No cables needed, just a motherboard that has a M.2 slot.

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Fantastic Case10/29/2019 10:30:07 PM

Pros: -Very spacious -Easy to build in -Plenty of options -A good amount of accessories -Premium materials -Fairly customizable -Good water-cooling support -Good unboxing experience

Cons: -Would have liked some rubber gromets

Overall Review: A very well built case, very sturdy and spacious. Has support for 2x 360mm radiators whilst having a 140mm fan at the rear. Plenty of options for a configuration that works best for your needs, many like performance but some prefer it being quiet. It is very easy to build in.

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Great card, missing items10/3/2019 2:57:24 PM

Pros: -Quiet operation (3 Fans) -ASUS Aura Sync -Dual BIOS switch -Beefy Heatsink

Cons: -2.7 Slot -Hefty price tag

Overall Review: This is not apart of the review for the card. Just a lonesome experience for my unboxing experience. I am missing what seems to be a GPU support bracket or the accessory that is supposed to come with the GPU. I am also missing instructions on how to redeem the WTfast (or whatever it is called) service. Wpuld love to get in touch with an ASUS rep about these.

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BEEFY GUY12/12/2018 9:37:37 AM

Pros: -RGB Goodness

Cons: -Long beefy guy ;)

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Good Product12/12/2018 9:22:12 AM

Pros: -RGB CPU Block -Comes with thermal paste! -2x 120mm RGB Fans

Cons: -Picture only instructions -Instructions aren't clear with motherboard headers -Too much wiring

Overall Review: I would've loved words on the instruction manual, I had trouble with the brackets for the CPU Block and trouble with my motherboard headers. On top the wiring is just too much, you have a cable to deliver power to the 2 fans and to the pump. I have it plugged into the AIO header on my motherboard but when my PC posts it says CPU fan header.

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Great Case12/12/2018 8:56:23 AM

Pros: -Support for up to a 280mm radiator -Cable Management systems/routes -Simplistic design -Comes with 2 pre-installed fans

Cons: -the side panel feels thin

Overall Review: I am a new PC gamer and I have built my first system in this case. It works really well, however, I had problems with cable management near the PSU. I also have no where to plug the two fans installed with the case. I greatly appreciate the zip ties as well! Great aesthetics and cable management! Love the SSD trays and how the hard drive cage isn't too big.

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Great CPU12/8/2018 3:21:31 PM

Pros: ➢fast ➢able to multitask ➢efficient ➢able to game better

Cons: ➢heat generator ➢need a third party cooling solution

Overall Review: Using the stock Intel CPU cooler and it reaches 93°C on 6% load

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Free Fortnite DLC12/8/2018 3:15:50 PM

Pros: ➢Get exclusive Fortnite gear (I think) ➢Probably worth a lot

Cons: ➢Just DLC ➢the gear isnt rated really rare or good

Overall Review: Would prefer the actual game/campaign side of the game.

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Great Game12/8/2018 3:13:14 PM

Pros: ➢Very fun RPG (This is coming from a person who dislikes RPGs) ➢Kill big bad monsters ➢Rather expensive game

Cons: ➢Apparently it's a game based of grinding (some people dislike that including me to a degree) ➢I would say its demanding

Overall Review: Definitely would recommend to pick this gift up! Can't go wrong

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When Great Aesthetic fuses with Great Performance12/8/2018 3:03:09 PM

Pros: ➢Amazing RGB, very vibrant ➢Premium feel, most likely from the premium materials ➢Heavy (Could be a con or pro) ➢Sticker included ➢Minimal branding on the top

Cons: ➢Heavy (Could be a con or pro) ➢No Instructions (if you care about that) ➢Has 2 different logos on the side (If you are going for a minimalist aesthetic)

Overall Review: Mainstream RAM, very beautiful and fast. You have to recommend this if their budget sees fit.

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A Quality Motherboard12/8/2018 2:58:26 PM

Pros: ➢ Has some RGB ➢4 DIM Slots (previous mainboard only had 2) ➢Aesthetically pleasing ➢Great security features ➢Easy to use BIOs ➢M.2 Heatsink ➢Good IO options ➢BIOS is very accessible and easy to use.

Cons: ➢None

Overall Review: Note* The picture of the board on Newegg is the first version. I am new to PC Gaming and PC Building in general. I wanted to upgrade my previous computer and so this was a big upgrade from the previous mainboard I had. I went from 2 DDR3 DIM Slots to 4 DDR4 DIM Slots and a greater aesthetic. I can easily get to BIOs and it has several USB 3.1 ports. I wish it had some more RGB but that would make the board more expensive than it already is.

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Good PSU!12/8/2018 2:49:57 PM

Pros: ➢ Very quiet, my GPU is louder ➢Semi-modular ➢Easy to setup

Cons: ➢ Cables were short for my case, however I am switching over to the NZXT H500 and will update the review ➢ Unpleasant cable colours, commonly referred to ketchup and mustard cables.

Overall Review: I'm new to PC gaming and PC building. I was going to go with a prebuilt but I love the concept of PC Building and have even bought PC Building Simulator. I would recommend this unit to people, especially with a budget or people who are looking for quiet acoustics.

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Works but the QA is not Satisfactory9/9/2018 10:34:30 AM

Pros: -It worked perfectly until it broke -Cable feels like the original Apple products -White Colour to match original Apple products

Cons: -QA needs to improve -Broke within 2 days -Lightning Port snapped off -Bulky connector -Broke one of my charging cables.

Overall Review: I don't think I'd recommend to buy this or try it again.

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