GSkill Sniper 8G DDR3 160011/16/2011 12:01:31 PM

Pros: Awesome RAM- installed to Asus M4A77TD- only CL adjustments needed with the switch to 1600 in bios and your off! Cant beat this for the cost and versitility.

Cons: I didnt buy I have to wait

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Powercoler pathway to eyefinity7/5/2011 12:56:32 PM

Pros: perfect! does the trick with eyefinity thanks to being an active cable so no need to waste money on any "suggested by others" cables that are overpriced to begin with. Love it and eyefinity is a beauty.

Cons: Did not plug itself in

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Nippon labs 6ft HDMI7/5/2011 12:54:06 PM

Pros: Got this for 6.98- used on Sony Blue Ray player and vs. the 49+ cables int he store could'nt beat it.

Cons: If you dont like items coming in a zip bag it may be a con but who care about packages on cables?

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XFX HD68507/5/2011 12:49:45 PM

Pros: Specs make for a great low budget card with phenominal power. I am running eyefinity with this on one 22' and two 20' monitors at 4800x900 and it looks amazing. some say the monitor size differences are a throw off or wont even work but i play ALOT and its imersive and clean. I have put Need for Spreed Shift 2, Dead Space 2, LFD2, WoW, Dragon Age you name it to max/high ultra and I am still pushing 60 fps+ on everything (All you need with 60mhz refresh anyways).

Cons: Runs 70 degrees on max loan eyefinity so fan kicks up a notch. To some may be loud but if you game with headphones or have surround up then you wont even notice and my tower is 3 feet from me on the desktop.

Overall Review: Note eyefinity fans- the cheapest and guaranteed way is to run two on the DVI ports and pick up the powercolor DVI to DP active adaptor sold here on new egg. i got it for 24.00! you dont need expensive high end adaptors. please take my word for it. Setup: Antec 300 case w/ 4 120mm and a 140mm M4A77TD Asus board Phenom II X4 3.4ghz 8gb Centon 1600 ram Xigmatek Loki cooler XHX radeon HD6850 GPU 22' LG and two 20' HP monitors Seagate 7200rpm 500gb HD Western Digital 160 gb HD Asus Xonar 5.1 sound card Creative Inspire T3130 2.1 Speakers

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Good2/28/2011 9:43:12 AM

Pros: plenty of USB 2.0, 4 DIM slots, AM3, boost/unlocker etc...

Cons: Pretty new so first mobo so i cant give crazy good info but was an easy instal. ran AData ram which it picked up but had to manually adjust voltage and freq off the bat.

Overall Review: XIGMATEK LOKI SD963 92mm A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333G AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz XFX HD-567X-ZNF3 Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-bit

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Wow2/28/2011 9:39:23 AM

Pros: Went from a Phenom X3 8450 to this.....what a difference! Absolutley love it.

Cons: none

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Simple and effective2/28/2011 9:38:05 AM

Pros: Easy install. First full build here and was 5 minutes if that. combined with Arctic cooling MX-2 my temps on a Phenom II X4 3.4 Denab are 32 idle and 45-46 full exhaustive load.

Cons: none really. Its 92mm so its not big whatsoever. have miles of room in my Antec 300 case.

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Good ram- know your BIOS!2/28/2011 9:35:18 AM

Pros: Good fast RAM. Received it with a combo deal Asus mobo M4A77D. Coming from DDR2 previous build this impressed the heck out of me.

Cons: Not realy a con or worth knocking an egg off for- my mobo picked this up but defaulted low voltage- had to adjust and adj freq to 1333 for now. Stable and looks great. Much improvement on my games. ordering 4 more gig.

Overall Review: I am a G Skill fan but figured since it was a combo and I was saving some money i figured what the heck. in my opinion I didnt go wrong- good product.

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Great Card!1/18/2011 9:49:40 AM

Pros: It's all in the description! Plus: not sure what others say but the fan is super quiet. I am running 4 120mm and a single 140mm but i dont see this making a peep. Took my Windows 7 score from a 3.9 (Radeon HD4350 XFX) to a 7.0 for graphics and gaming graphics.

Cons: None. XFX equals quality.

Overall Review: Build: 780G mobo with Phenom X3 8450 This GPU 8Gig GSkill Ram DDR2 575 Watt PSU 75% Antec 300 case with 5 fans (4 120mm and 1 140mm)

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Love it-set to keep for years12/31/2010 10:51:48 AM

Pros: the 120 & 140mm fan with speed control- set to hook to the PSU (which i prefer). Plenty of bays and room and easy installation- regardless if it is not "tooless". Front Beasel with room for 2 intake fans (gone with blue LED myself) and room for a side fan over the Grafx card. Solid setup (not flimsy like others- even with the sides off). You "can" perform cable management providing you are crafty but there is some nice nooks to get wires in.

Cons: I would say that the power sw and reset sw's are a bit tight on large mobo's but workable. If you are like me and this is on your desk right next to you (like within 2 feet) then the "high" settings on the fans may make you feel you are on a runway- I stick with the medium setting and that is more than enough.

Overall Review: I bought this to transfer from an older smaller case that was lacking good airflow. This case for sure prompts airflow. Even with the 2 pre-installs: on high will suck paper from your desk to the frontal intake. My build: 780g mobo 8g DDR2 GSkill ram Phenom X3 600W PSU HD4350 Radeon Grafx Additional 2X 120mm Blue LED fans (one front/one side)

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Its Ram...and good Ram12/26/2010 5:15:33 AM

Pros: It is what it is ....great ram. I am a GSkill fan so I will remain in their corner. Plugged in and off I went. Added to 4g I already had from pc purchase.

Cons: none

Overall Review: love the heat sinks on ram. (especially blue) SAWEET

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Excellent for the price12/26/2010 5:13:16 AM

Pros: Easy install and wire length good. I replaced my standard issue 300w in my gateway and that thing had poor short wires clouding up breathing space. This thing gave me the length i needed. and is QUIET! not sure what others are talking about. When I am emersed in game I cant tell there is any sound- even just surfing....dont even notice and my tower is 1.5 feet from my head!

Cons: not sure yet. installed and have been running the fire out of it and no problems.

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Worth the investment12/26/2010 5:09:27 AM

Pros: It is what it is and to have some extra protection while working with higher dollar components....well do the math. This is cheap and worth the money. I am also a big wristed guy and this fits great.

Cons: Could there be one?

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