Power Acoustic PHDM-103 10.3" Headrest Monitor3/9/2014 4:57:33 PM

Pros: This is a nice headrest monitor that works great with our family of 3 kids, and for the price seems to have a great combination of features that most families would enjoy. -Plays MP4/MOV/VOB videos from a single USB slot (we have 32GB SanDisk SDCZ33) -FM audio on any frequency you want (to send to your car's headunit) -Supports infrared wireless headphones (so you don't have to mess with physical cords for your little ones) -Supports 3 main modes: Photos/Music/Videos Within each of the modes you can browse through the USB drive's file system and find the file(s) you want to play. -Remote control feels solid and works pretty well. -Supports video feed to another monitor within the car (or another PHDM-103) -Has RCA audio out (stereo) that you can use to "hard wire" to your car's aux audio input -Runs on 12V DC power, only needs 2Amp per unit. -Continuous video play (keeps going through all of the videos in a folder automatically)

Cons: -Filesystem wants to order files by Date Modified, not by name of the file. So this is a bit strange at first, but I think you get used to it. Didn't see any way to change this in any menu. -In very cold winter weather (0F-10F) sometimes the unit we have doesn't want to power on. Once the car is warm, the issue goes away and it powers up with no problem.

Overall Review: Overall, a great little unit, we are buying a 2nd one of these for the other driver-side headrest. Haven't tried the MiniHDMI + USB port from a mobile device, but apparently you can hook this up to your smartphone(with a $50 adapter) and play video/games/audio from your phone on the screen.

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2GB 667Mhz DDR2 Dell Upgrade5/2/2007 6:39:16 AM

Pros: This G.SKILL (2x1GB) DDR2 RAM upgrade worked flawlessly in my new Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 laptop and noticeably sped up Windows Vista Home Premium. I couldn't be more pleased with the bang for my buck!

Cons: Nothing! Easy install (removed two screws and a plastic cover) and the new memory works great with Vista

Overall Review: I'd definitely buy this again if I was upgrading another DDR2 laptop.

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Biostar GeForce 6800XT (open box)3/22/2007 10:52:01 AM

Pros: Was able to use Rivas Tuner to sucessfully unlock this open-box card to 16/6 and able to adjust memory speed. CPU speed adjustments are locked unless you decide to reflash the BIOS and I'm not interested in doing that.

Cons: Card is not as fast as most PCI-E cards that are available for $100 or so. 7600GT is a much better card and priced a bit less.

Overall Review: I had AGP slot and needed a faster card to compliment my ATSC HDTV tuner card. This fit perfectly and now all of my TV shows play back with great speed and quality, even at 1920x1080i resolution. I couldn't be happier with the fact that I was able to unlock ALL 16/6 pipelines and vertex shaders as well as put a Zalman AlCu-VF700 cooler on there and get my temps to around 50C. Card plays great at 1280x1024 on every game I've thrown at it.

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tubbytreats33/16/2007 12:39:23 PM

Pros: - RAID 5 creation is fast, easy, and reliable. - Read speeds are quite satisfactory.

Cons: - Write speeds are considerably slower than reading - No onboard XOR Processor (this chip is included on higher-end RAID conroller cards and speeds up the "parity bit" calculation when performing "writes" to the array)

Overall Review: <p>wulfman and techdude are unfortunately incorrect. I want buyers to have the most accurate information in their hands before they lay down money to purchase a product.</p> <p>Promise uses (what they have termed) an "XOR Engine" to calculate RAID5 "parity bit" information when writing data to the array. This is NOT THE SAME as a dedicated XOR Processor. This is a cost-savings move on Promise's part, and one that allows them to sell a RAID5 controller card for a cheaper price. Most wouldn't even notice the difference between this card and a RAID5 controller card that has a dedicated onboard XOR Processor.</p> <p>XOR Processor != XOR Engine</p> <p>This card is great, works well, but if you are interested in FAST write speeds, look for a card with an onboard processor that is dedicated to XOR calculations. This Promise SX4060 uses the host machine CPU to do the XOR calculations (according to Promise's XOR Engine) and will slow down your system when performing data writes</p>

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FastTrak SX40603/9/2007 11:06:36 AM

Pros: This card has worked well for me with RAID 5 speed on (4) 500GB PATA drives. Consistently can get about 63MB/sec write and 65MB/sec read from it.

Cons: Lack of onboard XOR processor causes higher system CPU utilization.

Overall Review: Wulfman is incorrect about the SX4060 having an on-board XOR processor. The SX4060 offloads these crucial calculations to the host machine's CPU instead of calculating them on the card, MAKING THIS RAID 5 CONTROLLER SLOWER than controller cards with their own onboard processors. QUOTE FROM PROMISE SX4060 MANUAL: RAID 5 implementation involved striping data and parity information (XOR) across the storage array. Since those parity calculations are so processor-intensive, RAID 5 controllers traditionally require a dedicated CPU to perform the XOR calculations and manage the array. Instead of adding a costly CPU to the controller, Promise's FastTrack SX4060 controller uses an integrated XOR engine for parity calculations, delivering extraordinary performance at a dramatically lower price. This approach takes advantage of today's ultra-powerful PC CPUs to manage the array and outperform traditional RAID 5 solutions.

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RAID5 on Seagate 500GB drives11/30/2006 9:59:53 AM

Pros: -CHEAP RAID 5 card compared to other similar controllers -FAST "reads" from the RAID5 drives -Able to expand the included 64MB onboard PC133 buffer memory to 256MB

Cons: -No XOR/ParityBit CPU processor, so writes are slower than with other RAID5 products - Uses PATA and not SATA drive channels, so lots of ribbon cables are needed inside the case (make sure yours is big enough to house all the drives+cables)

Overall Review: I have the SX4060 controller card set up in RAID5 with (4) of the new Seagate 7200.10 PATA 500GB 16MB buffer drives. I used the 64K Stripe Size, and then formatted in WindowsXP with an 8KB "Allocation Unit Size". I was able to achive a constant 63MB/sec "read" transfer rate using SiSoft Sandra benchmarking tool on the drive array. ("writes" didn't work for some reason with the tool...there may have been a background process using the drive or maybe System Restore) The host computer is an AthlonXP 1700+ with 512MB DDR PC2700 and is a sole file server machine.

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Seagate 500GB PATA Hard Drive11/30/2006 5:17:05 AM

Pros: This is the ST3500630A drive which has the 16MB buffer, and is a bit nicer than the ST3500830A drive which only has the 8MB buffer. - Tom's Hardware Benchmarks - Single Drive Average Read Speed: 63 MB/sec Single Drive Average Write Speed: 64 MB/sec (Those speeds are very close to the WD Raptor hard drive, so this drive is NOT a slouch by any means) 5yr Seagate manufacturer warranty

Cons: None so far. Setup and install was easy.

Overall Review: I bought (4) of these 500GB PATA drives for use in my home RAID5 file server. (I got the Black Friday Special price of $xxx each) After using a 64K Stripe Size on my RAID5 controller card, I formatted the drives NTFS using 8K Allocation Unit Size and ended up with 1.39TB of usable space in Windows. (Basically, that works out to the 465GB others were getting per drive) RAID5 Avg Read Speed: 63MB/sec

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gigaram 1GB DDR 4009/5/2006 10:14:59 AM

Pros: Cheap price Quality heat spreaders Overclockability Low 2.5 CAS Latency timing

Cons: None so far, the memory works as advertised and was cheap

Overall Review: Gigaram 1GB DDR 400 ram is great, and despite the problems one of the other reviewers had with returning theirs, mine has worked flawlessly even at overclocked speeds. Very impressed with the heat spreaders which have a very solid feel to them and make RAM insertion much easier. Would highly recommend.

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