Not as advertised10/21/2019 12:24:55 AM

Pros: -Looks like picture -Feels solid, especially for the price

Cons: This is NOT a 2.54 mouse, it is bluetooth ONLY. It is also NOT rechargeable, it takes 2 AAA batteries. Basically, all the images are lies. Also, inexplicably, the back and forward buttons are reversed.

Overall Review: I bought this because I really wanted a silver mouse. Tried to return it when I found out it was falsely advertised, however it really wasn't worth the trouble for how little I paid.

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Choose your mount carefully11/12/2018 7:15:44 PM

Pros: VERY quiet, to be expected from Noctua. Comes with PWM (4-pin) extension, splitter, and voltage step-down adapter (but no Molex adapter - be warned.) Versatile mounting options.

Cons: There are 8 rubber silent mount jobbies that you pull through the mounting holes, then through the fan. When used instead of screws, this style of mounting keeps the fan motor from creating case vibration. One set of 4 ends in a flat end, and the other set has a bit more rubber almost like the hilt of a sword. I believe the second set are easier to remove. I decided after using one of the flat-ended pieces that I wanted to use the removable pieces instead, and the flat-ended piece I had already used was destroyed when I tried to remove it. So be aware that if you need to use the flat-ended rubber mounts, get it right the first time as you probably won't be able to re-use them.

Overall Review: Replaced the top exhaust fan in a Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper case. The fan's mounting holes seemed slightly off from the case, but with the silent mount rubber pieces this wasn't a huge issue.

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Software sucks, had to re-connect constantly, didn't make a difference in speed9/26/2016 11:40:03 AM

Pros: Cool looking, comes with an extension and cradle or you can plug it in to the side of your laptop without the cradle, though I don't know who would want to.

Cons: I could not get it to stay connected. I even installed the proprietary software, which is terrible, and even still, when i booted up the computer it could not see any networks where my PCIe wireless-N card could see them fine. I had to disconnect and reconnect the adapter several times and tell the program to rescan before it would find my saved network and connect.

Overall Review: I ended up changing motherboards and doing a clean install of Windows 10 which solved my issues with my PCIe wireless-N card and negated my need for this adapter. Even when it was working there was no difference between the speeds of this adapter and the N card when connecting to the 5GHz band of my ASUS AC1900 router.

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Great board but no front USB3.11/16/2015 11:45:21 PM

Pros: 4 DIMMs on a microATX! ASUS! Pretty! Cheap!

Cons: NO frontside USB 3.0 support! Bummer!

Overall Review: Pretty straightforward buy. Don't buy it if you care about frontside USB 3.

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Pretty dang good10/23/2015 3:16:15 PM

Pros: Great feel, great looks, great features. Comes with everything you need and is very customizable. One-button case light toggle is great for bedrooms and the fan speed adjustment is great as well with visual feedback on the top of the case. Cable management was very painless with a very wide space for hiding them behind the motherboard. When Windows 10 was in preview, I installed it on a secondary SSD and hot swapped it with my Windows 8 drive via the frontside SSD bay. Worked like magic. The SSD sticks out less than an inch, minimizing risk of damage during transport yet eliminating the need for an eject mechanism - just grab and pull.

Cons: Enormous and extremely heavy. Though the handle is sturdy and feels good to grip, you will not be excited about picking this up and carrying it around. I bought this instead of the Storm Scout because the Scout has problems mounting a Corsair 100i, but I ended up going with air cooling anyway. Not jazzed about how the 3.5" drives get installed. You have to take the 3-drive bay out and mount the hard drive from the rear (HEH) then reinstall the bay. The hot-swap SSD bay is a bit of a pain to hook up and in the worst case I could see the non-replaceable SATA cable not being long enough to reach down to your motherboard. I ended up having to compromise on cable management to get it to reach mine, a simple full-size ATX. I removed the bottom-mounted triple SSD bay due to poor placement - it was awkward to have it right in front of the power supply. I mounted my SSD in the normal 3.5" bay which has bottom mount screws to accomodate a 2.5" drive.

Overall Review: If you want to LAN but can't cut down to the Scout, get this case. And hit the gym.

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Horrible installation3/6/2015 2:24:01 AM

Pros: Does a good job I GUESS. I understand that with AMD sockets and coolers of this size, using the janky little tension clip like the stock coolers do is risky. But so is trying to install this cooler without risking ESD. Decent thermal paste, but you need your own spreader. Pretty quiet. I GUESS

Cons: I was mad at my Antec liquid cooler for being difficult to install. This was worse. You have to replace your motherboard backplate and use a stupid little proprietary nut-driver that attaches to your Philips driver, while simultaneously holding both sides of the mobo to keep the nut and bolt from falling off.

Overall Review: Installation wouldn't have been so bad if I had not already installed the motherboard.

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Beast mode3/6/2015 1:28:29 AM

Pros: Moved from a Phenom II X4 3.0GHz to this beast, with the same RAM and GPU (Radeon HD 7950, another great value.) Saw an immediate jump in framerate and reduction in hitching on Dragon Age: Inquisition, a nice game to test on because it renders a full scene using the graphics engine on the main menu.

Cons: 90% of the performance of Intel's top of the line at 20% of the cost. Oh wait, that's a pro. Seriously, if you have infinite money, you're probably already buying Intel. Keep doing so. 125W procs get nice and hot. I could hear the 60mm stock cooler crying as I fired up Dragon Age. At least it has PWM...

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Ugly and Cheap.7/15/2014 4:09:30 PM

Pros: Won't come off easily? The finish has the right amount of "stick".

Cons: The "carbon fiber" pattern is not checkered with "black" and "slightly lighter black" as the picture leads you to believe. It's more black and silver, contributing to the cheap, plasticky look of the case. It comes apart in two halves, something I haven't seen in quite awhile in a phone case. The split, which runs along all the sides of the phone, is very obvious (i thought mine was damaged in shipping when I received it) and I needed to use a guitar pick to open it. It feels flimsy and cheap, but that could be because I am used to the feel of the case I had before.

Overall Review: I bought an INCIPIO Feather case for my Lumia 928, and loved it. It's pretty spendy, even here on the Egg, but the look and feel of it is far more premium. I'm lucky they have the exact same case for the Lumia Icon.

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Not bad, not great7/15/2014 4:00:40 PM

Pros: Solid two-part construction. Fairly easy to install (though you'll want to do it one part at a time. Generous front 'lip' allows you to set the phone face down even on an uneven surface and not worry about scratches.

Cons: I bought this along with the Evecase ROBUST which looks almost identical to this one, but features a belt holster. Since they are the same brand, and so alike (and so cheap!) I thought I could get this one with the color I like, and use the ROBUST's holster. No go - it is about half a millimeter too long to fit snugly. I worry that it will slip out while I'm mountain biking.

Overall Review: It's a good case, but no belt holster. For about the same price, just get the ROBUST and deal with your boring color options.

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Failed after a year1/5/2014 3:10:47 PM

Pros: Very pretty. Fully modular (everything disconnects including 24 and 4+4 pin CPU rails.) Came with a sweet velvet bag.

Cons: Failed after a year in a system with good ventilation. Starts up PC (kind of) but fan fails to spin and video goes out after a few minutes, I assume due to insufficient power. Will be seeking an RMA. Hopefully it has not damaged any other components in its death throes.

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Kind of garbage11/7/2012 12:52:40 AM

Pros: Inexpensive. Double-decker design. Probably won't eat you in your sleep.

Cons: I ordered this based on egg reviews while hastily building a system for a friend. I failed to read that this is a plastic mold bracket, and as such, regular HDD screws will not thread into the bracket. They do include special screws but if you have a specialty case or want to use thumbscrews you're out of luck.

Overall Review: I ended up doing what I've done before with SSDs - bolting it directly to one side of a 5.25" bay with standard ODD/case thumbscrews. Sturdy and stylish! No need to buy this bracket at all unless you're really strapped for space.

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Hard lock, underclock3/9/2011 7:35:31 PM

Pros: It's black. Price has come down by almost half since I bought this last year.

Cons: As I read in the reviews, this comes default at 1333 and must be 'overclocked' in BIOS to run at 1600. I did this and achieved successful POST and OS install, so I figured, hey, works great. Over the months however I experienced periodic hard lockups while playing League of Legends and Warhammer Online. I blamed it on my SSD, but when it started crashing on games installed to my disk drive, I decided to re-underclock this RAM to 1333. No crashes to date, though my pathological need to have my FSB, CPU clock and RAM clock match up evenly has been shattered by this.

Overall Review: Get Kingston instead if you're looking for high-speed DDR3 at this price point.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, we are sorry that you have had difficulties with our product. We recommend testing the unit via Memtest86+ (link below), sometimes issue is improperly diagnosed. Please contact our office to initiate a RMA to exchange these units, ADATA customer service: Phone: 1-888-962-3282 x604; Email: One of support staff members will be happy to assist you with your case.
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Sick board10/11/2010 4:02:15 PM

Pros: 2x USB 3.0, 8x USB total, SATA 6GB, cool colors, great price, works fabulously!

Cons: The usual - the manual is Engrish, the driver disc has a hideous UI, the included MSI OC software crashes for no reason. In other words, it's a motherboard! No hardware (posts, screws, cables) so get your own. Not worth docking an egg.

Overall Review: WHY is there a serial port? XD

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Perfect10/11/2010 3:51:07 PM

Pros: Classy. Quiet. Big (92mm - just a bit larger than the 80mm standard, but much smaller than the 120mm that many micro cases won't fit.) PWM (4-pin) daisy-chains off of your CPU PWM, giving your whole case speed control. I used it as a rear exhaust with my Arctic Cooling 92mm PWM front-to-back cooler in a micro ATX LAN build, quiet as you can expect a 92mm to be.

Cons: The daisy chain plug is a bit unwieldy. If you just want to plug a three-pin plug into a three-pin board connector, or if you want to use a molex 12v rail for some reason, get a different fan. It will work fine if you plug this into a three-pin, but you don't have ANOTHER three-pin lying around, you have a second, single-wire plug that has nowhere to go. Otherwise, this works nicely.

Overall Review: Great fan for its intended use. I bought two, but it turns out my micro-ATX LAN case makes an unpleasant noise when any fan is mounted in the front. The second one had shipping damage anyway (Newegg took FANTASTIC care of me.)

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Widdly-widdly-waaa7/24/2009 12:47:50 AM

Pros: Very "live" sound. Better than the Smokin' Buds, which are too bass-heavy and muddy IMO. These carry more energy.

Cons: A bit TOO live, that is to say, some midrange frequencies are quite strong. Louder volumes may split your eardrum. Not the most durable. My first pair fell apart; luckily it was in the first 30 days so I could return them.

Overall Review: I prefer foam buds to rubber. If you haven't tried foam, do yourself a favor.

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Slappa de Bass7/24/2009 12:42:58 AM

Pros: Inline volume control. Lots of bass, if you like that. Status symbol.

Cons: TOO much bass, in my opinion. The sound is quite muddy. I guess that is what the kids like these days. Pricy.

Overall Review: I prefer foam buds to rubber. If you haven't tried foam, do yourself a favor.

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Good, Cheap, Small12/29/2008 3:09:43 AM

Pros: Tiny! With the eponymous clip removed, it is only about a half inch thick, less than an inch wide and a little over an inch tall. It has twice the storage of the comparably-priced Shuffle, and a screen, and doesn't need iTunes. Works with the ubiquitous USB mini-B cable, y'know, the one that charges your Razr and transfers data from your camera, and so on. DRM free, drag-and-drop transferring. Good battery life. What else do you want?

Cons: Little details keep this from being a 5. It won't recognize files stored in embedded directories (IE, a folder within a folder), or use folder names to separate albums, so be sure all your music has proper, consistent ID3 tagging. EQ is five-band, obviously much better than two or three, but the frequency cutoffs limit its usefulness. Stock earbuds are worthless, of course, more uncomfortable even than stock iPod buds.

Overall Review: Newegg usually beats retail, but I've seen the Clip out there at this price recently. Not that it's not a great deal, but I might wait until the new generation to drop this price, or better yet, go for the 4GB, which is also really cheap. Working retail I've seen some of these come back DOA, but as long as you get one that works, it's a great machine. None of the drawbacks are unexpected, or at all dealbreakers.

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Grr7/12/2007 3:52:38 AM

Pros: Pretty. Good feel, nice recessing, quiet so far. ESC and function keys are thinner, giving it a distinct look. Volume, mute, internet, email and calculator buttons work great.

Cons: Thumb constantly feels like it's going to slide off the bottom of the curved space bar. Shift seems not to register half the time; it could be my timing, but i didn't have this problem with my old keyboard. Slides around easily. It's also much deeper than it needs to be, meaning i have to refit my keyboard tray before i can even use them together.

Overall Review: The music buttons will NOT work for me, which is a shame because I really want to be able to pause and unpause my music while playing FPS games. If you use Windows Media Player, you might get lucky and they'll work, but LOGITECH REPS STATE THAT THIS KEYBOARD WILL *NOT* WORK WITH SETPOINT, SO YOU ARE S.O.L. IF YOU WANT TO REASSIGN THE MEDIA KEYS. Which is bunk. Oh well. It's still cheap.

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Meh7/12/2007 3:41:08 AM

Pros: Looks good, and you don't have to be near it for it to pick up sound. Comes with a sticky-sided alternate mount, though it only really works on the side of a CRT. Doesn't need batteries (my last one did, for some reason, and it didn't even pick up as well.)

Cons: Picks up my overhead fan. Only swivels 90 degrees in one direction which makes it a little hard to maneuver. Cord came tightly wrapped and is therefore permanently kinked - not a big deal, but still annoying.

Overall Review: I really don't like the sound quality. It's definitely not any better than the radio shack mic i had - possibly even worse. I now have Logitech products for all my peripherals, and I'm happy with all but this mic. At least it's pretty.

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Nice little workhorse5/1/2007 1:30:34 AM

Pros: Excellent card. Handles everything I throw at it so far. HL2:Lost Coast runs at about 50fps with everything cranked. I almost cried. Can't wait to try Oblivion.

Cons: Fan's started making some noise at boot, just like my old Radeon 9000, but it goes away after awhile, or if i reach in there and tap it. Needs a little extra juice from your PSU, but it comes with an adapter.

Overall Review: I prefer prettiness over high framerate, so if you want maximum fps, go with the bulky space-hogging 7800. If you just want beautiful graphics from your AGP system, get this sleek number! Oh, and wait for a sale.

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Best. Headphones. Ever.3/21/2007 7:46:16 PM

Pros: Fantastic sound. Great high and low response, and good mid, too - reminds me of the 3' speaker stacks of the old days. Incredibly comfortable - the cups are ear-shaped and feel like nothing. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing them. The coiled cord and screw-on 1/4" adapter are great. There's not much to say - when you put these things on, music is heaven.

Cons: Like most headphones, the headband is too big for me even at the shortest setting. Just a little loose, is all. Never made much use of the folding feature, as you have to pull the cups out a little to do so. No volume control. Minor handicaps, man! Think of the sound!

Overall Review: Bought mine over two years ago and the pads are just starting to wear out. Glad to know I can just buy replacement pads, though at this price i'll think twice about not just buying another pair.

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Wow, what's with the price?3/21/2007 5:46:00 PM

Pros: Looks like the PC140, and has the same specs. There's also a USB adapter, but..

Cons: The price is more than doubled! Not Newegg's fault, it looks like the huge price gap is the same anywhere. Ugh, why sell this?

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Sweet & Cheap3/21/2007 1:53:30 PM

Pros: Sound quality is excellent. Lots of power at reasonable volumes. Center speaker "clips" on to your monitor - it's made for an LCD, but unscrewing the base and putting it on backwards lets me balance it on my CRT. Remote, while wired, has a decently long cord (5') with all the right things on it - power, volume, bass, auto-bypass headphone jack, and matrix mode. Matrix mode is a nice one-touch solution for listening to music through all channels (Remember to turn it off when gaming with EAX)

Cons: This set definitely has a "sweet spot" - these are NOT meant to be maxed out and will distort at higher volumes. Leave the bass and volume knobs somewhere in the middle, and you'll get great sound. If you absolutely have to have your already-half-deaf ears blown out, buy a higher wattage. Still, this set is sufficient to cheese off your neighbors, if you live in an apartment.

Overall Review: Don't listen to the review that says they're small and cheap - they're sturdy and just the right size. As always, shipped so fast my head spun (though, I gotta stop ordering on weekends.. why's my paycheck gotta come on Fridays?)

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Decent, But1/1/2007 6:17:04 AM

Pros: Good sound, good configuration options, nice blue color. Reads CD-RWs. Disc-read noise was quieter than what i bought to replace it, for those who can hear that kind of frequency.

Cons: Beware of buying this for a bedside clock - the LCD screen is set such that the numbers aren't visible if they are above your eye level, so it's kind of worthless for telling time in bed. The disc reader isn't the best, and eventually stopped reading altogether after a little over a year.

Overall Review: No headphone jack or auxiliary inputs. Kind of a stupid shape.

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Logitech fails at audio, again12/21/2006 8:42:52 PM

Pros: Light, fairly comfortable, long cord. Looks cool, I guess.

Cons: The audio quality is horrible. With the volume knob at mid volume, the sound is bassy, but thin, with no real substance. Cranked to high volume, the treble quickly becomes ear-splitting and uncomfortable. Most importantly, the mic boom is WAY too short. It's a unidirectional mic running on phantom power, and it needs to be right in front of your mouth to get good pickup. Unfortunately, on anyone with a normal-sized head, this just isn't possible. The boom doesn't rotate out of the way, either.

Overall Review: These things are flimsy. This could be a good thing; if you are prone to mashing and mangling your headphones, the brace is less likely to break. In my case it just makes me nervous. Overall, Logitech makes great input devices, but they just can't handle audio. Go with something else.

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