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As close to perfect for the price.4/8/2011 11:59:37 AM

Pros: The case is on par with traditional Lian Li cases I've had in the past. Rolled edges, lots of cooling, qiuet. The case is a TALL mid tower. Short on length pretty good width. Plexi glass window is thick and robust. Everything is anti vibration when possible. Hdd cages, psu mount etc. Red was not my first choice but in person it is a very good looking case and I actually grown to like it in less than a day. The Usb 3.0 ports up top are nice as well.

Cons: The biggest gripe I have with this case is that the front of this case is not removable and is one piece rolled over to the top crease. That means the front fan filters for the 3x120mm fans needs the fans removed to be cleaned from the inside. That is not the way most Lian Li cases are set up. I also dislike the fact that in this day and age there are no 2.5" drive bays by default. Finding a Lian Li addon 2.5 bay was a chore. The usb up top also prove to be a bit of a pain with the tall case and it being set under the table. Wish there are more cable anchors on the case itself and a cover for the under side of the mobo tray. No removable mobo tray but the case has plenty of room for an atx board. My fan controller has a bad wire from one of the plugs but still have enough to control all fans in the case from the single speed knob. No tool less hdd mounts, no hot swap ports. No vid card holder / fan mounts. (B pillar) The tool less pci mounts had a hard time clamping x

Overall Review: Specs: I7 2600k Msi p67-agd65 Corsair vengeance 2x4gb 1600 cas 9 ram Xfx 6950 1gb Corsair hx750 Corsair c300 128gb ssd Lian Li pcx900r (this case) I would fully recommend this case. What I wanted was a pcx2000 but for the price I wouldn't complain one bit.

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works better than advertised4/8/2011 11:24:10 AM

Pros: Right now the ram runs at 8-8-8-8-20 1600 with no problems under win 7 ultimate 64x. This is just the first setting chosen for the ram, might have more room to tighten more.

Cons: Posts in bios as 1300 ram cas 9, so for those that aren't comfortable with bios changes be cautious.

Overall Review: Specs: i7 2600k Msi p67-agd65 Vengeance 2x4gb 1600 (this ram set) Xfx 6950 1gb. Corsair c300 128gb ssd Corsair hx750 Lian li pc900r

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Can't beat this cheap chip for value!!!12/28/2006 2:05:45 AM

Pros: This chip is all it's cracked up to be... Let's just say for the price you see on Newegg I don't think you can get any more value than this chip... Mine on stock cooler with Zalman grease is running a rock steady 3.2 ghz and could even go up more but I opt not to... From 1.8 ghz to 3.2 ghz without any aftermarket parts... 78% increase, you do the math...

Cons: It wasn't free...

Overall Review: My system right now is: Obviously the E6300 Gigabyte 965P DS3 running 7x460 mhz FSB for a total of 3.2 ghz 2 x 1 GB of Patriot DDR2 CLS 4 Ram running at 2.0 x 460 fbs for a total of 920 mhz (stock 800!!!) Biostar 7600 GS OC'ed to 550 mhz core and 380 mhz mem... Stock of 400 / 266... The GFX card can use a boost, but overall, this computer has not dissapointed and it was fun clocking it to 3.22 ghz... It just made me tear up it was so easy... Not a SINGLE incident running prime95 with temps in the lower 50 C while prime was active... Only 50% CPU load also!!! (maybe cause it's dual core?) Anywho, If you opt to buy the E6400, you might of just lost yourself a bit of cash...

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