A Geat Value and Great Performer2/21/2013 12:42:59 PM

Pros: Bought this 27" monitor to replace an older 23" I had for several years; a great display @ a great $$$ point: - colors are very vibrant - images are very crisp (especially for a 27" 1920x1080 - I could not afford to jump to the next nominal resolution level i.e. 2560 x 1440) - unit feels solid and looks well made (fit/function) - no dead pixels or display irregularities - a lot of "adjustment room" available regarding brightness/ contrast ranges (out of the box was too bright and slightly red but adjustments were easy to make and color/brightness/contrast/etc. are calibrated now & picture looks great) - HDMI (should be a given on a 27" monitor but too many out there lacked HDMI !) - wall mountable (vesa 100x100... again, should be standard but many units out there lack this in this price range) - speakers are fine for everyday office needs, youtube, news video feeds, etc. (if you are a gamer or audiophile you'll want an independent set of spkrs./subwf) - Newegg shipping rocked as usual!!!! Was free and arrived in 2 days!!! - price!!!

Cons: - speakers not very "deep" if you need a lot of bass - nothing has emerged so far (1 month of use)

Overall Review: Newegg is the best - in deals, in shipping, and in diverse stock! Keep it up guys!!!

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Secure, Solid, & Reliable Workhorse,6/1/2011 12:15:25 PM

Pros: Although the expense scares many people away before giving it a serious look, this flash drive stands far above the competition in its features: *SECURE: best AES-256 security available in a consumer class USB flash drive; HARDWARE based encryption (can't be turned off) with "self destruction" protection for brute force log-in attempts if it's lost or stolen (data destruction only...device will not explode James Bond-style!!) . **SOLID - unit is made with a dense metal outer case and a solid resin-filled interior making it 100% waterproof and tamper-proof; cap lined with rubber gasket. ***RELIABLE - MAJOR feature: Uses "Single Level Cell - SLC" flash memory, not the standard MLC flash memory used by 95%+ of all other USB flash drives on the market, allowing for up to 100,000 read/write cycles (versus 10,000 with MLC) withstanding extreme temperatures as well; I have owned/used 2 other IRONKEY drives (2GB & 4GB) for the past 4 years with flawless performance.

Cons: Expense *(BUT...not really a con - worth pointing something out): Expensive when looking soley at "cost/bit" for flash memory, BUT when the TYPE of flash memory is considered (SLC versus MLC), the cost "playing field" is leveled because your data can be accessed/changed up to 10X more...you get what you pay for and sustained reliability isn't cheap, but if you value your data and its security, you will make the $$$ sacrifice.

Overall Review: THIS DRIVE IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU IF YOUR DATA: *Is personally identifiable, **Would possibly cause harm if accessed by unintended audiences (e.g. harm to your finances, reputation, credibility, trade secrets, etc), ***Is required by your employer to be kept secure at all times, or ****Is irreplaceable (historical family photos or documents, scanned documents that have since been destroyed, etc.), *****Is subjected to extreme environmental conditions (e.g. my IRONKEY drives have been subjected to the washing machine, to temperatures ranging from -10 to 140 F, and exposed to rain/snow...with no interruption in performance!). THIS DRIVE IS PROBABLY OVERKILL IF YOUR DATA IS: *Generic, not traceable to any sensitive person, company, or employer, **Easily replaceable or backed-up in several locations you have unlimited access to, ***Not subjected to harsh or demanding environments. Hope this helps in your purchasing decision!

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Great Security backed by Great Reliability!3/4/2008 3:40:01 PM

Pros: -- Great read/write speeds; tested both and found them in line with SanDisk's advertised speeds. -- Write speeds smoked most of my other USB drives – and this one was writing to high encryption standards while the others were not! -- Solid encryption with easy “secure partition” set-up; partitions size can be changed at any time. -- I had a question regarding the CruzerPro software that came pre-installed and SanDisk's live (yes, voice) support was quick, friendly, and effective - a rarity these days. -- Although plastic, unit feels sturdy with tight cap retention; looks are simple but professional / classy. -- “Lockdown” feature after a preset # of wrong password entries prevents someone from bombarding your drive with password-breaking software to hack their way in to gain access to your encrypted files.

Cons: -- I am not sure how many “predetermined” number of wrong password entries will put the drive in “lockdown” mode – this info should have come with the drive’s documentation, but didn’t. -- Being a relatively new product on the market, documentation is someone limited at this time. -- Although you can change the secure partition size at any point, you need to back up both secure and public files to another drive before beginning…because the process reformats the entire USB drive; a minor but unnecessary procedure.

Overall Review: --Besides a few minor shortfalls, the pros far outweigh the cons for this security-focused drive. The greatest factor weighing-in is the ability to write files with 256-AES encryption with speeds rivaling the fastest on the market! I am considering buying a second one – one for all my electronic health files and one for my basic financial data. At 4GB each, I should plenty of room to spare. --MY BOTTOM LINE OPINION – IF YOU NEED AN AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, SECURE USB DRIVE FOR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL DATA, THIS IS YOUR MATCH!

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