Tiny Monster!5/24/2019 1:15:30 PM

Pros: Slim Fast 144Hz Refresh speed always helps in FPS's Plenty of RGB like its Christmas! Ease of use Touch pad for your num keys is pretty sweet Intense Speed of applications Beautiful GFX Quality

Cons: If you're going on a hardcore gaming session such as 5+ hours it tends to get hot, so just buy an aftermarket cooler with fans and you'll be good! One other thing which is only a tiny problem would be if you hold down a key for a split second too long it will start typing out that letter or number multiple times in a row, at least 10 other than that she's a beaut!

Overall Review: I would recommend this to gamers on the go and those that are stationary as well! Easily can be used for student software as well, which I do and then take a break by gaming!

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