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Speed is AWESOME.6/22/2021 10:10:47 AM

Pros: Small and portable. SPEED vs. USB 2 Affordable. Way better than the options from Wally World. Saves time when transferring large files.

Cons: Easy to lose. The captivity of the micro SD card isn't mechanical - you just insert it. Due to the above, the micro SD card is difficult to remove, unless you have decent fingernails.

Overall Review: So, I have been doing GoPro and DJi drone videos lately, and I noticed that the transfer speeds from these devices was 20 to 30 MB/sec. With this adapter, I am hitting 160 MB/sec! The PROS outweigh the CONS for me! Highly recommended.

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DUDE. JUST WOW.1/17/2019 5:04:18 PM

Pros: Straight hauls, and then some! Runs fairly cool on a Corsair H 100i AIO. Fairly energy efficient at 95 watts. Makes my almost 3 year old GTX 1070's shine bright! After doing my homework, I decided on this CPU. If you have to have the fastest, (currently) look no further. There's a lot of haters out there posting negative reviews on You Tube. If all you do is game, and don't care about 4k gaming, you may want to consider AMD's offerings. This is not a bang for the buck CPU!

Cons: Price, to a point, but speed and stability right out of the box has a price! Doesn't overclock very far past it's stock turbo speeds, but what do you expect? 6GHz?!?!?!? Not yet!

Overall Review: Coming from a 10 year old X-58 platform with an Intel i7 980X 6-core that was only OC'd to 3.6 for daily use and had it up to 4.4 for smashing benchmarks, this i9 is a noticeable improvement. I ran all my benchmarks with "MULTI-CORE ENHANCEMENT" enabled in BIOS, and I obliterated ALL of my 3DMark scores! Games load noticeably faster than before and I am able to finally play the first Crysis game at High settings at 4K resolution! ( LoL ) Comparably, my super pi at 1M went from 10 seconds, to about 7.75 seconds! Conclusion: When I upgrade to a new platform, I want to see a DIFFERENCE. That's why I go so long with my builds before switching platforms. I want it to be a significant upgrade. I already had some good parts to migrate- 850 watt PSU, 4 TB WD Black Edition for storage, Cooler Master HAF 932 case, LG BluRay burner, and a Corsair H100i AIO water cooler for the CPU. It kept my costs lower than actually building a so-so modern mainstream gaming PC. I guess if I am ever able to upgrade this CPU and stay with the same chipset/platform, maybe intel will have a 10nm CPU with more cores or the same number of cores, but faster clock speeds. Only time will tell!

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! ! ! ! Awesome board, but beware of updating the BIOS! ! ! ! !1/17/2019 4:36:49 PM

Pros: Tons of M.2 Slots, integrated wi-fi that's ( supposedly ) fast- ( haven't tried it yet ) , highly compatible with many types of DDR-4. Very good OC potential. 10Gbit ethernet port. I have SMASHED EVERY SINGLE 3DMark personal record with this bad boy! I did pair it with an Intel Core i9 9900K, cooled by a Corsair H100i all in one. It fit like a glove! I was worried that there would be an issue with the CPU back plate, like others have stated, but mine fit PERFECTLY! Then, tot top it all off, I am running a pair of eVGA GTX 1070 FTW's in SLI. These cards perform very well, coming from an old i7 980X on an X58 board!

Cons: PRAY THAT YOU GET A BOARD WITH BIOS LEVEL 1.60!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BIOS REVISIONS 1.80 AND 1.90!!!!! I was running like the wind until I decided to screw everything up and update my BIOS from 1.60 to 1.80. The machine literally came to a crawl! Then I thought, "maybe 1.90 fixed 1.80's slowness". NOPE. This thing was still crawling at the latest BIOS revision. Fortunately, I was able to reverse-flash the BIOS back to 1.60. WHEW! Also note that when you are at 1.80 or 1.90, the CPU MULTI_CORE ENHANCEMENT is taken away from the options in the UEFI. The boys at ASROCK better have another look at the last two BIOS revisions, and get back to what they were doing in version 1.60!

Overall Review: Anyway, if you happen to pick this board, just know that you can always flash it to 1.60 if needed! I am glad I figured this out early! I still highly recommend this board, despite the little BIOS issue. I will have more updates to come, after further testing, but so far, I am super pleased with my purchase.

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CHEAP BASIC "3.0" STORAGE2/9/2016 12:23:00 AM

Pros: The price. Cap is tight. Can be labeled. Price per gig is less than a dollar!

Cons: VERY SLOW read/write speeds! I have seen USB 2.0 flash drives that performed better! No activity light?

Overall Review: I will avoid this item in the future. I have had better luck with "pricier" units - imagine that. I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch or what. I haven't had time to test ALL 7 of the drives that I purchased yet.

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LOUD N CLEAR6/24/2015 4:45:15 PM

Pros: Plays loud and clear with very little distortion and has never shut down on me from overheating.

Cons: Really strange terminal connection logic.


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MAGICAL2/28/2012 11:43:09 PM

Pros: Efficiency. Low Noise. Good looking card! Goes well with my eVga Classified X3 MOBO. Overclocks like there's no tomorrow. BIG Bang for the buck. Comes with a crossfire bridge and all sorts of other adapters / cabling to get the job done right.

Cons: No XP drivers yet- I dual boot to XP Pro 64-Bit, and Win 7 Home Premium 64-Bit. It is HEAVY! You definitely want to put a couple screws to this beast so that the slot that it sits in doesn't snap! LOL!!

Overall Review: "Scotty, I need more clock cycles!" "I'm givin' the core i7 all she's got Keptin!" I haven't OC'd my CPU yet, however, I will. Just to see if I can smash some old benchmarks! My first impressions of this card so far is that I am delightfully impressed, and look forward to getting a second one! It definitely has put a smile on my face!

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Fairly Well Thought-Out2/7/2010 3:05:45 PM

Pros: ALMOST plenty of room for everything! Very lightweight. Very quiet. Very cool, temperature wise. Adjustable case fans. (if connected to the onboard fan speed controller) Well organized thermal zones. Wire management is almost top-notch. Will accept MOST power supplies. Side-ejecting reversible optical mounting is TOO cool. Will handle three-way SLI, no problem, with eight expansion slots. Removable motherboard tray is a plus. Removable front ar filter is SICK! Fans are really quiet, even on MAX. Sie panel for mobo access is PAD-LOCKABLE. Lastly, the hot-swap hard drive bays tops it off, removing drives is easy as 1-2-3. It's appearance is one that isn't gawdy- just ready for business, whether it's gaming or processing big video encoding jobs.

Cons: These are the cons, or the things I would do differently, had I designed this tower. First, the fan speed controller is only accessible, once you remove the front panel and filter. (both remove easily) Next, the routing of wires after the power supply is installed can be a little tricky, especially if you have big hands. (they will be bumping into the optical drive supports) Next, there is only room for two optical drives, so if you want to use this as a CD or DVD duplicator, forget it. Next, you can only remove the motherboard tray with ALL expansion cards removed, unlike some cases made by L1@n-L1. PRICE IS A BIT STEEP and is not very consistent. I would say this box is worth 400 easy. I STILL could use two more hard drive bays and an additional optical drive bay. Shows greasy fingerprints EASY. The side panels can take time to get lined up, due to how the optical drives mount.

Overall Review: I thought this would be the ultimate case for a particular build I was doing for one of my customers. It seem to fit the bill for everything that he wanted the machine to do. Here is the parts list: MOBO: eVga X58 E760 Classified CPU: Inter Core i7 920 OC'd to a MILD 3.2GHz RAM: 6 GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz HARD DRIVES: (4) 300 GB Velociraptors in a RAID 5 & (2) WD 1 TBs in a RAID 1 BLUE-RAY BURNER: Pioneer BDR-205BKS DVD BURNER: Plextor PX-880SA POWER SUPPLY: ABS SL 850 VIDEO CARDS: (2) eVga GTX 285s in SLI OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

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Look MOM- No Water!3/10/2009 7:26:36 PM

Pros: Blows my CNPS9700 way out of the water. Very light! Cools my i7 920 down to 31c at idle and 57c load running prime 95 for 30 minutes at 4.0 GHz! I am VERY confident that I could go to 4.3GHz if the voltage requirements scale the same as the clocks go up. I purchased this from a HUGE electronics store in Georgia in mid-Feb while I was in town for business. Newegg rocks, but I had to make sure that I got the correct brackets. For the money, I don't think that there's a better cooler out there. Zalman needs to step up their game a little because Coolermaster HAS raised the bar. I expected the best from this beast and was simply amazed. I mounted this to an MSI X58 SLI Platinum, which resides in a Thermaltake Armor. (full size w/ no side fan) I do have 2 120mm intake fans via a second front mount hdd cage. When Collermaster says 180watts of disipation capability - they weren't $h1tt1n! Other manufacturers need to specify their thermal ratings also. Case airflow does help a bit.

Cons: A little on the BIG 'N' TALL side. My TT Armor has MAYBE an inch between the V8 and the side window. You will need to remove your board to mount the backplate in most instances. (DUH) Doesn't have a CLEAR LED FAN, small gripe- I love a PC that lights up like Vegas!

Overall Review: I did not give myself access to the included control knob- I just turned it up all the way, connected it to the board, set my smart fan target to 55c, and set min. fan speed to 62%. I already have a Zalman fan controller. The knob itself is tucked away on the backside. Be sure to tighten the back plate in a criss-cross sequence, being careful not to over-tighten the nuts on the back- just do it real snug. Also, take your time with thermal paste! I used Arctic Silver 5 since I have had good results with it. Not too thin, not too thick! I like using an old ATM card to spread it. Do yourself a favor and click "ADD TO CART"!

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SOLID BOARD3/10/2009 6:31:52 PM

Pros: OVERCLOCKS GREAT!! Plenty of SATA ports- 6 on the ICH10 and 2 SAS ports on the Jmicron chip works with my old SATA 150 drives in RAID 0.(RAID 0 or 1 only) 6 DDR3 slots. Blue LEDs on board everywhere! Tricky at first, but easy to flash BIOS through USB flash drive. Good layout of PCI-E/ PCI slots.(I am running an X-FI titanium through the top PCI-E x1 slot, along with 2 8800GTXs in SLI) BIG VIDEO CARDS DON'T BUMP INTO OR KEEP ANYTHING FROM BEING CONNECTED. However, if you need to disconnect a hard drive, you will need to pull video cards if they are of the large variety. TONS OF BIOS TWEAKS. Will run my Corsair Dominator 1600 at 1600 by adjusting memory divider, after BIOS was flashed. Lastly, I need to say that the Coolermaster V8 has plenty of room on this board, and feels right at home. I didn't even waste my time with the stock heatsink. Maybe I'll toss it in a golden goat and see if I can make some money back! :o

Cons: Board did not work as expected out of the box, SATA ports are a little confusing as to their numbering. (the six on the ICH10) BIOS did not recognize all my drives at first, so I had to re-arrange them. Also, the north bridge runs warmer that I am comfy with. (68-70c stock) So, I took the heatpipe off the board, cleaned the area that touches the north bridge and applied some Arctic Silver 5. I did not mess with the thermal pad on the south bridge. After re-assembly, I installed a small, 40mm fan using 2 screws. Now, temps have never gone above 60c at 4GHz! Another strange thing that I discovered was the absence of a floppy connector. The BIOS level that it shipped with was down-level and the LIVE UPDATE UTILITY did not flash it to the latest - it only re-flashed it to the same level! External floppy was too complex, so I used the M-Flash utility within the BIOS. DO NOT TRY TO BOOT TO THE USB DRIVE!- Just put the BIOS file by itself on the flash drive and go to the M-flash in BIOS.

Overall Review: Overall, I am very pleased with this board. I expexted a couple of issues being that it is a new platform and all. Once I updated the BIOS and cooled the north bridge, I was comfortable cranking up my i7 920. Folks- It's time to consider MSI, because for the money, you really can't go wrong. I am very picky about motherboards, and this baby fits the bill. I have smashed all of my benchmarks by far. I am running a PC Power & Cooling 750, and while running 3DMark 06 during deep freeze, my system was peaking at over 675 watts, according to my P3 kill-a-watt! SO. READ THE MANUAL, and BE SURE YOU HAVE A SOLID POWER SUPPLY, especially for BIG-DOG SLI SETUPS!! For every adjustment while you OC, you MUST take extra time to do multiple tests to ensure stability. READ THE REVIEWS OF ALL YOUR COMPONENTS FROM REPUTABLE SOURCES BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE! I like MSI because of the excellent performance vs. value. U don't need an expensive board - just solid components around it! Just BUY IT

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The New Heavyweight Champion!!!!!!!3/10/2009 5:23:37 PM

Pros: RAW PROCESSING POWER. OVERCLOCKABILITY. FLEXIBILITY. ( HYPER-THREADING ) VALUE. My setup: CPU: Duh! Mobo: MSI X58 SLI Platinum. RAM: 3GBs of Corsair Dominator 1600. Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling 750. Hard Drives (2) 250Gig Maxtor Diamond Max 10s in RAID 0 on the SAS ports 7&8. (1) Western Digital 500Gig. DVD: Samsung SH-S223N. Case: Thermaltake Armor.

Cons: Heatsink is sufficient only for MILD overclocking, like everybody else states, the factory heatsink is a lame design. The base of the cooler is a circular copper peice that DOES NOT MAKE CONTACT with the entire surface area of the processor. Corners need to be cut somewhere on a CPU like this in order to stay competitive with price.

Overall Review: This processor is INSANE fast! I purchased the chip elsewhere for 229, along with an MSI SLI X58 Platinum and a Coolermaster V8. My three gigs of Corsasir Dominator DDR3-1600 were purchased here though. Initial benchmarks were surprising- SUPER PI 1M was a tick over 14seconds. 3DMark 06 was over 16k. Cinebench 10 was 1m20s. I was able to OC this to 3.6 with NO XTRA VCORE! once I set it to 3.8, it blue screened, so I upped vCore +.10v. After that I set it to 4.0GHz and another blue screen. So I upped another .10v. BAM! Prime 95 stable, SUPER PI was 10.193sec. 3DMark 06: 22,200+ Cinebence 10: 54sec. I did not touch any other voltages other than the RAM to 1.65v. My temps with a V8 are as follws: IDLE: 31C and load temps after running Prime 95: 57C. Be patient, test, test, test, and get the right gear the first time! You get what you pay for. By the way, I am running 2 evga 8800GTXs and they are lovin' the extra CPU cycles. I'm glad that I held on to these babies!

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JUST DROOLING!!!2/25/2009 5:48:26 PM

Pros: Apparently overclocks well. Check out hot hardware dot com - they have a full review of this puppy and how to get the most out of it. 9 1/4 MB of TOTAL CACHE. Hyper-threading reintroduced, SICK SPEED. When overclocket to 3.8, it surpasses the mighty (and pricey) i7 965 by 5 to 15%. Watercooling will take you beyond 4GHz.

Cons: I haven't installed it yet, and I keep getting drool on my shirt whenever I look at it. With Intel changing microarchitechtures every two years and overlapping manufacturing processes within the same time frame, it will be their insurance policy for lucrative sales during this time of economic hardship. ( "man, these guys are marketing geniuses!" )

Overall Review: I purchased this from a place in Atlanta, Georgia called M1CR0C3NT3R. I just so happen to be visiting there while training for IBM and they had it on sale for pick-up only. $229.99 plus tax! I couldn't believe it! Also, I picked up an MSI X58 SLI Platinum, along with a cooler master V8. I based my decision of the V8 on the mediocre reviews of the Zalman 9900. Also, Coolermaster rates the dissipation capacity at 180 watts. I have used Zalman products in the past, however, it's time to switch it up a bit. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the March CPU magazine. They have the benchmark results, and at 3.8 GHz this thing is outperforming the 3.2GHz i965 by 5 to 15% in certain tests. To me, this was a no brainer purchase. I just hope that I have good luck with this mobo as I will have to ship back to Georgia if it is DOA, etc. One last note: The OCZ Platinum 3GB DDR3 1600 kit is an excellent choice for memory if you are in a 32-bit environment. It OC good + timings.

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Bang for the Buck!1/16/2009 7:32:34 AM

Pros: Decent speed, capacity, value. Runs nearly silent, compared to a pair of 4 year old Maxtor DiamondMax 10s.

Cons: If it dies, you lose a lot of data if you don't have a backup solution or redundancy. (duh)

Overall Review: Ran HD Tune and saw a maximum tranfer rate (read) of 98 MB per second, and averaged 75 MB per second.

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Powerhouse!!!!9/12/2008 7:44:36 AM

Pros: Fast. Overclocks well if you get the B Gzero revision. Temps are OK with Arctic Cooling Freezer 7: 40C idle, 68C load running prime 95 for an hour @ 3.0 GHz.

Cons: Doesn't reach it's potential on boards that are 1066/1333 FSB capable. Needs to be installed on no less than a 780i chipset that supports 1600 FSB through overclocking. My MSI P6N Platinum 650i chokes out beyond 1500 FSB running unlinked with RAM. (only a con if you are running a 1333MHz FSB chip- not enough OC headroom) Need to have a newer, pricier board to get highest OC. Ahh, neverending upgrades, I love this hobby!

Overall Review: I went from an AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 OC to 2.96GHz to this and this at stock is 33% faster (based on super pi 1M) than the AMD! Super pi went from 29.5sec to 19.75! Even all the 3DMarks went up substantially. THEN.... I overclocked it to 3 GHz. WOW. 3Dmark 01: 60,000; '03: 65,000; '05: 20,000; '06: 14,000! Super pi final: 16.4 sec! My System: This CPU, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7. MSI P6N Platinum 650i, (2) eVga 8800 GTX @ 626 core & 1000 vram. 2 Gigs of plain-jane DDR2 800, (4 Gigs of OCZ Reaper DDR2-800 coming today) (2) Maxtor Diamond Max 10 SATA 150s in RAID 0, ( Faster than a Velociraptor ) (1) Western Digital 500 Gig SATA 3G, (1) 80 Gig WD PATA, PC Power & Cooling 750, Samsung SH-S203B, Lite-On CD-ROM, Thermaltake Armor Full Tower with an extra hard drive cage w/120mm fan in front and lights galore. 9 fans altogether.

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eVga Redeemed!4/12/2008 8:34:18 PM

Pros: This card's performance is legendary. It runs most games on all high settings at 1600 X 1200 with 16x AF enabled. Price is definitely right. Even with fan set to 100% duty cycle, it is quiet. Temps are around 56 celcius idle and usually never breaks 70 celcius under heavy gaming while residing in my Thermaltake Armor.(NO 250mm side fan) Responds well to overclocking. Mine's currently running at 650 core and 2160 (effective) on VRAM. Could possibly go higher, but don't feel the need to.

Cons: As other people have stated, this card is BIG - 10.5" long. It demands a STABLE power source, especially in a high end, overclocked system. Runs HOT if not adequately ventilated. Lastly this thing is power-hungry. My PC peaks at over 400 watts under a gaming load and idles at 260 watts. With this much power, the heat's gotta go somewhere!

Overall Review: This card is a replacement for an RMA that I submitted a month ago or so, and I'm really pleased with Newegg's service. The new card arrive quite quickly and I was only down for a week or so. Luckily, I had an extra card layin' around so I could work. My system: ASUS A8N SLI-Deluxe, AMD FX-60 @ 2.93GHz, (FSB: 225 X 13) 4 GB OCZ Platinum DDR400 @ 450MHz 2-3-2-5 + 2.9v, Zalman CNPS9700, PC power & cooling 750, 2 250GB Maxtor DM10 SATA150s in RAID 0, 1 500GB WD SATA 3G, 1 80 GB WD IDE as Primary (other boot partition on RAID) 2 Samsung SH-S203B DVD burners, 1 Lite-On CD-ROM, 1 eVGA 8800 GTX P831, all in a Thermaltake Armor. 3DMark '01: 41,821. 3DMark '03: 39,133. 3DMark '05: 16,401. 3DMark '06: 10,761. All benchmarks were run at default resolutions with card clocked at 650 core and 1060 RAM. I can't wait to go SLI!

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Just trying to help4/3/2008 3:02:34 PM

Pros: This card performs right on par with an 8800GTX at stock speeds. The price point is excellent. It is highly overclockable. It uses less power and runs cooler.

Cons: This product is just a workaround for the wall that nVidia can't get over, or nVidia is possibly hiding something up their sleeves, waiting to see what AMD has got for a response. The lanes of traffic have been reduced, and the traffic has been sped up to compensate. Hey, whatever works, right?

Overall Review: I am NOT bashing this card! I am only informing those who don't visit Guru 3D or Tom's HW, because I DO. I do lots of research before I make statements. I also just happen to be a gamer myself. Graphics is practically my religion. What I am aiming to do is to give the reader's digest version of the good AND the bad. The technological advancements in graphics cards do not always progress at a linear rate. Sometimes, things level off, and prices come down. A pair of these baby's in SLI would be SWEEEEET! Especially at these prices. If a card does what YOU need it to do, where's the problem? It's just that many hardware junkies were hoping for something like a 1 GB frame buffer and maybe 256 streaming processors driven by a single GPU running at like 750MHz, that's all. Oh, and don't let 3DMark 06 fool you, they need to come out with a newer version that scales better.

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Bang for the buck!4/2/2008 6:59:27 AM

Pros: Excellent performance for the money, power consumption is good, three way SLI capable, and HIGHLY overclockable. Did I say price? Three years ago, a guy could get a 7800GT for this much money. A 7800 GT is lucky if it gets 4000 pts. in 3DMark 06.

Cons: Doesn't live up to expectations. I heard is was to have a 1 Gig frame buffer, and be as powerful as a pair of 8800 Ultras in SLI.

Overall Review: If the performance would have been what was rumored, I would have paid 700 - 750 for a card like this. The 8800 GTX is legendary, and other cards have to live in its shadow for a while. What nVidia has managed to do here is get three pounds of orange juice from two pounds of oranges. (88GTX performance from 88GTS 640 prices, way back when) I'm all about efficiency and affordability. But every framerate junkie and image quality buff loves a high end card that costs lots and performs on par with that lofty sticker. It's like comparing a neon SRT-4 to a VIPER. They're both fast cars, but they both get the job done in different ways.

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Superior SINGLE SLOT solution4/2/2008 6:40:00 AM

Pros: This card ROCKS! Compared to other single slot solutions, the only thing that comes close is the ATI Radeon 3870 x2. Performance to price ratio. Uses only one PCI Express slot. Power requirements aren't too absurd.

Cons: There are SLI configurations that can out perform this card, however you will spend a little more, depending on rebates and where you buy. On average, a pair of 8800 GTXes will out perform this by a little in most games. The 8-pin power connector has some compatibility issues which may have been remedied by now.

Overall Review: Always do your homework on computer hardware! Especially if you plan on shelling out six big ones of your hard-earned money. I have yet to see decent results from quad configurations. From what I have observed nothing has come out with a WOW factor since the 8800 GTX. For what its worth, If I had to buy a single card, THIS would be it. I'm a firm believer in bang for the buck. However there are some areas in life where I spare no expense. With the prices of 8800GTXes so low, a pair of these in SLI is tempting. There are advantages to many nVidia products. Determine what you want your PC to do, then build it!

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Maclaren F1 of Cards3/22/2008 6:05:36 PM

Pros: This is probably going to sound like an echo, but this card is insane! It rips through everything like it's no big deal. After applying the two latest patches for Crysis, my frame rates went up big time! I ran 3D Mark 06 at 1600 X 1200 to try and abuse this thing and I was amazed. It never dropped below 22 FPS, at any point. Runs RTHDRIBL at 2048 X 1536 at over 100 FPS! RTHDRIBLE seems to be the R. King beating for vid cards. WATCH YOUR TEMPS WHEN RUNNING THIS WITH RIV@TUNER or NTune if possible!

Cons: Mine arrived slightly defective, producing some crazy artifacting in Crysis and 3DMark 06. I purchased this card specifically for Crysis! I also noticed that this card ran MUCH warmer than my previous card, an eVga 8800 GTS 640. The GTX idled at 73 celsius and hit 84 celsius under load! My GTS ran at 59 celsius idle and 77 celsius under full tilt. The high temps of the GTX gave me a bad feeling that it was the result of an internal hardware issue. I RMA'd the GTX back after I received my 4 gigs of OCZ Platinum and tried it out with the new RAM, but that didn't solve the problem with the artifacting. I would eventually end up with a PC locking up solid with looping sounds coming out of the speakers like a cheap electronic toy machine gun. Mine just happens to cost over 3000 dollars. This thing begs for the FASTEST CPU available!

Overall Review: My old 8800GTS 640MB did reasonably well with Crysis - ALL high settings at 1024 by 768, ALL medium settings at 1280 by 1024, and ALL low settings at 1600 by 1200. The GTX did it noticably better, with artifacting though. I tried everything. I set my PC to stock clocks, reinstalled windows, fresh install of game, plus patches, latest drivers, you name it. Everything around this GTX is high end. Power supply, mainboard, processor, ram. It was either a software issue - which I eliminated, or a hardware problem with the card itself. I have ALWAYS USED eVga cards, and this is the first one to give me any troubles. Two of these, when functioning properly, will have higher avg framerates than a single 9800 GX2. However, I am a firm believer in "Bang-For-The-Buck" and a 9800 GX2 frame for frame is cheaper than a pair of GTXs. If a rumored 9800 GTX emerges with the power of a pair of 8800 Ultras, and doesn't make me pawn my liver, I may just step up. Otherwise, a pair of thes baby's will do

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Purty Snappy Stuff3/22/2008 5:59:28 PM

Pros: Will run at advertised timings without overclocking. Heatspreaders look good and are actually functional. Was able to get to DDR 512 with relaxed timings + 2.9v, but didn't gain any bandwidth from running that high. Was a considerable increase in performance over my last set of 4 512MB sticks of Cor$@1r V@lue Select.

Cons: Had to set Cas latency from 2.5 to 2 manually. Won't OC at Cas 2, only Cas 2.5 up to 249 FSB. Price dropped right after I picked up 4 gigs. PRICE. 50% slower (less usable bandwidth) than OC'd DDR2 800.

Overall Review: DON'T EVER SKIMP ON RAM! I learned this the hard way. I bought 2 gigs of RAM 2 & 1/2 years ago when 1 Gig seemed to be enough for most gamers, thinkin - "I'll never use all that!" .....and then, ...along came Crysis. -nuff said. SPECS: Full-size TT Armor, PC Power & Cooling 750, Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe, AMD FX-60 OC to 2.96GHz, Zalman CNPS9700, dual Samsung SH-S203B SATA DVD Burners, 1 Lite on IDE CD-ROM, 1 eVga 768MB 8800GTX, (P831) 2 extra 90mm TT blue LED fans, 1 80GB WD IDE, 2 Maxtor 250GB SATA 150's in RAID 0, 1 WD 500GB SATA 300, 1 old-school sound blaster live. CPU core at 1.5v. RAM at 2.9v. 247 X 12 = 2964MHz. 111' idle, 138' Both cores stressed to 100% Prime 95 for 2 Hours. Memory read BW = 6337 MB/s, write BW = 2223 MB/s. PC tower consumes 260 watts idle and 400 watts running 3Dmark 06. Score: 10,481. Man, I need a Q6600! Coming soon.......

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