Fast, not extremely expensive4/18/2017 8:50:56 AM

Pros: Too fast you wouldn't believe it. 250gb version is not a lot more expensive than SATA ssds. Takes up no space in your case, way easier cable routing.

Cons: If you want massive storage with this thing, it might be too much money

Overall Review: Unless you need minimum cables, get 250gb for boot drive and get another(SATA ssd or hdd) storage drive. As long as you have enough space in your case, buy the 250 gb version.

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Great price good speed4/18/2017 8:43:44 AM

Pros: Great option to use as boot drive. Enough space to put you most frequently used game/software in. Fast enough, honestly.

Cons: Not as fast as nvme ones when testing with software.

Overall Review: My wife used to turn computer to sleep, because she thought that wakes up computer faster. Now boot up takes around 5 seconds.

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Got with $20 rebate, great price4/18/2017 8:38:07 AM

Pros: Unmatched price with rebate. 80 bronze

Cons: Noisy on arrival

Overall Review: Returned and no questions asked. Maybe should count as good job?

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