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Almost perfect1/24/2012 3:35:21 PM

Pros: Small size, wide range of formats, decent remote, internal storage plus rear usb for additional drive, hdmi out. I disabled the gallery and startup takes me right to my media folders on the internal drive with one click. A few extra clicks and you can access the folders on an external drive. I haven't used Netflix yet but I expect good results there as well.

Cons: 'Always on' fan

Overall Review: This is almost the perfect replacement for HTPC. The one flaw is the lack of a selectable power save mode. If you turn it off, it stays in standby mode with the fan running. Not ideal in terms of longevity and completely unacceptable in my bedroom. If you hold the power button for 5 seconds it will power off completely. Others have complained of a slow cold start but it doesn't seem too long for me, similar to my DVD player. Full power off does cause the player to forget where you were if you were partway through a movie. The annoyance of remembering to hold the power button and also losing your place will probably keep me from buying a second one. Should have a sleep mode that would address both issues, or at the least have a selectable power off mode in the menu.

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