Perfect12/7/2012 3:36:20 PM

Pros: I purchased this adapter because of the glowing reviews on here and another website. I had read that there are issues if you install this while running Windows 8 and running the manufacturer's drivers. I e-mailed TP-LINK's support and I was told that Windows 8 does indeed have its own drivers for it. Bought the adapter and installed easily. First boot up, long period of black screen then BSOD. Second boot up, started up normally, automatically saw all available wireless networks nearby. I connected it to my 5GHz network (I was afraid it wouldn't see it because of the missing manufacturer's drivers) and it's been running flawlessly ever since. I used to run an Ethernet cable running at 100 Mbps and this adapter is a solid improvement. With the cable my downloads with peak at about 1.1 Mbps and with the wireless adapter my speeds peak at 1.5 Mbps (my internet speed is rated at 10 Mbps down). I love this wireless adapter! I highly recommend it!

Cons: Would like to see some official drivers for it, but that's not really a con.

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