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Feels great to use3/17/2020 9:46:51 AM

Pros: Mechanical, customizable, stiff keys and stiffer keyboard. Sounds so satisfying to type on.

Cons: Expect it to be a loud keyboard and if you have coworkers, they may not like hearing it.

Overall Review: I am not a fan of mx browns, they feel too mushy. I also hate typing on linear switches so blues are the only choice; I just wish stores stocked them so I wouldn't have to wait for shipping.

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So far easily worth the investment.12/19/2016 11:45:20 PM

Pros: Very easy to install. Drivers were pretty easy to navigate/install. After installing drivers from TP-LINK's websight it worked right out of the box. Has been playing nice with win10 thus far.

Cons: *Not as big a con for most people* When running 5ghz and gigabit wifi through a few thin walls you'll find that you lose enough signal to take speed hits of as high as 30 to 40% drops and take noticeable latency hits. (Latency hits can be solved by switching to 2.4ghz but you'll end up being capped at a grueling 60 megabits)

Overall Review: Had it for a while now from when I needed a decent pci-e wifi adapter that wouldn't break the bank and I'm glad to say it's held up very well with broadband and now even with gigabit over wifi. Not the slightest idea where people are encountering the issues with win10 and not running a 5gh band as I seemed to not have any of those issues out of the box. Possibly because of the way I have the new router set up the 2.4ghz and 5ghz lines are split to separate networks and can be connected to by preference, automatically picking 2.4ghz every time isn't an issue so long as you're willing to adjust your merged networks like many routers have set up by default.

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Simple product simple review9/23/2016 12:26:34 PM

Pros: When switching between audio devices there are no loud pops Feels durable and came with a piece of adhesive velcro (only one piece so it would need something to latch onto with it but that's not what it was bought for). Low profile

Cons: I'll keep you posted if I find any.

Overall Review: Got it to be able to quick swap two audio devices via auxiliary headphone jack to a speaker set. Does the job and does it well

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Gigabyte r9 390 windforce9/27/2015 2:23:36 PM

Pros: Very powerful 8 big gigs of fairly high vram runs slightly cooler and faster than a 290 6+ gb of vram is highly useful for making stop-frame cinematics or really high quality renders for private groups and servers as well as high res gaming and recreation. Sooner or later, this card may end up paying for itself! :D

Cons: As I'm sure you may have read in other reviews if you see this one, that shutdown issue present and annoying. Still outputs massive heat like all hawaii/grenada based gpus but that is to be expected. I don't mind the 60 celcius silent idling but the hair drier noise when it hits low to mid 80s under load is aggressive.

Overall Review: For the shutdown issue, I don't know how many motherboards have this option but enabling the ErP setting in the motherboard bios appears to fix the problem *some of the time, now sometimes it shuts down normally and other times it still auto restarts. My gigabyte motherboard has shown problems before by not liking to accept 4 pin cpu fans and starting up at the same time but the ErP setting may completely fix the problem for others of you. ErP is a setting that determines whether or not the psu sends 1< watts to and through the motherboard while it is off so enabling ErP will disable things like 'wake or start on mouse/lan/keyboard,' molex leds and usb charging while the computer is off. Also while ErP is on the only way to power on the computer is via the power switch or button. I recommend the amd radeon r9 390 completely... just not this one. If I had the option to do this purchase again, I'd go with the sapphire nitro or xfx one instead (system is green otherwise I'd go with the msi one)

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High static pressure fans/Not just for looks3/16/2015 1:08:21 PM

Pros: They work as fans, they're good, with considerable airflow and modest sound levels coming in as a two fan deal, you can't easily go wrong with these fans if you're in need of a radiator/grill or case fan. A good replacement over the stock sleeve bearing fans that my liquid cooling kit came with resulting in a 10 degree Celsius difference (mid to high 60s then to low to mid 50s now) under load temperature for my fx 4130 oc'd to a whopping high 190ish watt tdp All in all, they make for great fans and they're LED lit with many color options, green fitting my case best. Got 2 3-pin motherboard slots and a 240mm radiator so 2 of these fans couldn't have worked better

Cons: They don't look as bright as they do in that picture. The fan blades are almost transparent (translucent), wouldn't be a problem but it seems as though they have a high tendency to fog up which can appear odd should you be looking at them.

Overall Review: As always, yeh know, one could ask for them to run quieter, push more air, pay the bills. For what it's worth, they're excellent 120mm case fans and provide static pressure. $10 spend says they're worth it.

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Refurbished: AOC i2367F-B Black / Silver 23" 5ms Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor, IPS Panel 250 cd/m2 50,000,000:12/17/2015 9:45:33 PM

Pros: Was looking for a nice mat (not glossy at all) monitor, something that wouldn't glare from a big overhead light and to replace an old mat monitor. Got this for $106 after shipping fee and so far, it's been a really great monitor. Considering that it's factory refurbished, it's in what appears to be flawless condition, no dead pixels, no scuff on the glossy plastic or steel brushed bezel and is 23 inches. It's also got the option to wall mount, which I won't be taking advantage of and a vertical adjusting pivot, making it next to perfect for anyone looking to get a monitor. One last note, even though this has a mat screen, it's surprisingly bright, so much so that I actually had to crank it down from 90% to 70% because it was slightly straining on my eyes. Also, this panel is THIN, literally half an inch thick at most and 100% flat everywhere except the stand mount.

Cons: Now this monitor does have a bottom bezel like the picture shows, though I'm not a fan of bezels, I'm not going to down-egg this because of that, especially considering the price. There is no HDMI port on the monitor (doesn't effect me because I wanted a DVI monitor anyways, just a buyers heads up) so if you already got your HDMI cable for this, you've wasted a little cash BUT it did come with an HDMI to DVI cable so you can plug the DVI into the monitor and HDMI into whatever it is you need that has HDMI. One last complaint, the button work on the back of the monitor could have been manufactured a little better, they're small, bead-like plastic slits that don't feel very button like, especially when navigating the monitor sitting on the front side of it, but again, this issue wasn't prevalent enough to down-egg this product either

Overall Review: Got this to replace a previous mat finish monitor and I was done with a nasty mixture of 4:3 (practically square screen) resolution and 3 obscurely placed dead pixels. This is a refurbished product, I had an excellent experience with this product (perfect condition and no dead pixels) but that doesn't guarantee that the next buyer will. Get it for less than $120 and you've got yourself a good monitor for the price you paid if it's anything like mine.

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Overall expected usage6/17/2014 6:49:14 PM

Pros: Fits in seemingly any mid atx case, has duel bios, feels sturdy with a few layers of protection and very cost effective. An overall 'bought what you paid for' type product

Cons: Non found thus far

Overall Review: I purchased this motherboard because I wanted a simple am3+ board to use with say just one graphics card for the time being as that will be all I'll need with upgrades consisting of card replacements. It supports enough socket voltage for a reasonable overclock on a processor such as an fx 8350 and I intend to use that function paired up with my nifty xspc raystorm 750 ex240 liquid kit nestled inside raidmax viper gx case. Running down how it's done so far, it fits perfectly (not a millimeter too close or far) right below my radiator and fans while matching up with that nice 10x12 size atx standard and with a solid slick black look, it not only fits well size-wise but aesthetically aswell. I've had and modified my little intel i3 laptop for a little over four years and I want to see how an amd based setup fairs differently for a different onslaught of tasks. Watching how an a10 apu fairs against what I'd want, I decided I wanted to take a step above apu with discrete cpu/gpu setup. With a total setup of this board, an fx 8350, sapphire r9 270x 4gb, and a liquid coolant over the cpu and later the gpu aswell, I'm hoping this sub-$800 build will do anything I throw at it with ease. (Knowing that usually a motherboard isn't the strongest of products on the market, I went with a one-year accidental damage warrenty. Though I may not need that, I do recommend highly upon buying it because screwing up something delicate like this if you're on a budget is the same thing as throwing $90 in a file shredder and damage may not be easily visible if even visible at all)

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