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Decent sound quality,not worth the price11/5/2014 12:32:39 PM

Pros: It's relatively comfortable and looks OK. Decent sound quality, but not good enough for the price.

Cons: Every headset I've owned in this price range has been far better for comfort, audio quality, and durability. As I've said in the pros section the sound quality is decent but it is no where near what it should be for this price, many headsets offer better. The microphone being adjustable may as well be a lie since it's so far from your mouth at all times that it hardly makes a difference. Sound quality for the microphone is a crime, for $80 it has one of the worst mics that I have ever had and I've received constant complaints about how bad it is in voice chat with various people. On top of that I've had it for all of a month and the microphone already broke, I assume it's shoddy wiring since it kicks back in if I move just right.

Overall Review: This product has similar quality to $25-30 headsets that you would randomly find in stores and I'm appalled it has such a high rating at this price. If the price dropped considerably I would be more willing to accept it's flaws and get a replacement to fix the mic, but right now I'm just looking for a refund to get a superior product.

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