One Gigantic Flaw3/8/2018 11:39:45 AM

Pros: - beautiful case

Cons: - high capacity hard drives do NOT fit (8TB & 10TB of both my WD & Seagate) so all the storage space is unusable

Overall Review: I love the look of the case, I loved all the storage space of this case, until I got it and tried to use it, when I realized the case is so outdated that the hard drive trays are not up to modern standards for high capacity drives, meaning all the 10TB Ironwolf drives I have, as well as the 8TB Reds I have will not fit into the trays meaning I can't use this to store ANY drives now. I contacted NZXT support for this, I thought certainly they have run into this problem and have a solution right, I told them how only two screw holes fit and the drives were DANGLING off the trays, which anyone who has enough drives to fill this case, would realize, thats a disaster waiting to happen with vibration surely ruining those drives DANGLING from the trays... guess what NZXT support told me to do, just use the two screw holes that should be fine... with my drives DANGLING from the trays. the case is beautiful but outdated, I can NOT recommend it since people will be buying larger drives, this case is not compatible. until NZXT adapts their trays or at least puts a giant WARNING notice for people purchasing, this is now a bad case choice. very upset this case does not hold high capacity drives, why else would I buy this except for many drives, and bad response from customer support who clearly has never used many drives in a case, they would not accept DANGLING drives on 2 screws, that bit of technical support could have cost me over $2000 in ruined drives, want to bet Seagate/WD would deny warranty for that if they find out I only used 2 screws and had them dangling off the trays, worst advice from a support email ever.

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BAD REVIEW - I lost 40TB of existing data using the StarTech S355BU33ERM 5-Bay device.7/27/2017 10:39:17 AM

Pros: - none

Cons: - I lost 40TB of existing data using the StarTech S355BU33ERM 5-Bay device.

Overall Review: I put hard drives purchased from newegg last month (that had existing data on them) into this device, upon moving them over to the StarTech S355BU33ERM 5-Bay device I started to see IO errors on different hard drives and different files, it was never the same drive or same file displaying the error. I removed the drives and put them back into the computer to check into this issue, which is when I discovered I could no longer access the drives at all, they were completely corrupt, I couldn't even run chkdsk on them to fix any errors. I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND ANGRY with this purchase causing a loss of 40TB of data. I would NOT recommend the StarTech S355BU33ERM 5-Bay device , I lost 40TB of data after using it.

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