Great product, almost perfect. 4.5 stars but hey, lets round it up to 59/7/2021 8:56:48 AM

Pros: The ASUS VivoBook 15 M515 is a powerhouse of a laptop. I'm truly impressed with the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U in it. This laptop is replacing my work computer, so it being truly thin and light is important. Battery life seems decent but I haven't used it too much to find out. Another bonus, looks like this laptop will support Windows 11.

Cons: Thin and light it is, but not as much as the laptop it is replacing (HP Spectre). Yes, this is an apples to orange comparison as I really should have a Zenbook 13 as a true comparison but they are more expensive. The only other complaint I have is with the web camera being of clearly lower quality to the above mentioned computer. Good thing I don't use this feature much, but if you do, you will be disappointed and will probably want to obtain a better quality external camera.

Overall Review: A recently purchased gaming laptop: ASUS TUF with a 3750U, and I wish it had THIS processor in it (and the one it does have is no slouch to begin with). This laptop is not meant for gaming but the built-in Radeon RX Vega graphics are way better and will support quite a few games (graphics dialed down of course). I recommended this laptop to a few, and after purchasing and using myself, I stand by that recommendation and am very pleased with my purchase... but I will keep an eye out for a ZenBook 13 sale. :)

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Nice Unit2/6/2013 1:04:45 PM

Pros: Ordered to replace other failing units with DDR2 memory, this unit accepted all the other units parts without complaint. A little bigger than a previous Foxconn unit, but overall still very compact.

Cons: None yet, my previous Foxconn unit's power supply went out after 6 months and had to be replaced, hopefully they have addressed that issue and this one will last longer.

Overall Review: Overall, and after its said and done, I'm buying yet another one. They are the only units that accept older Core2 cpu's and DDR2 memory.

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Works great10/20/2009 8:26:58 AM

Pros: Works great, bought for use with blu-ray drive. Have had no problems or errors with any discs. There was an update upon first install.

Cons: None

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Mounting Needs Work11/22/2005 11:24:01 PM

Comments: This cooler never worked for me, I have some issues with the s775 mounting system, at least when used without a backing plate: insert plastic plugs into holes, turn screw to "lock" it in place... great, except everytime I picked up my pc one would pop out, reinsert, another would pop out. Not a good thing for a pc that is going to be moved a lot. This cooler is fairly top heavy (and it is actually one of the lighter ones available for s775), it should come with some sort of back plate mounting... I may have just gotten a bad one or something. Incidentally, I accidentally ordered a s754 one previously, guess what it comes with: a mounting plate and its virtually the same design from the same company. The fan is very quiet, if they could get a better mounting on it, I would imagine that it would work fairly well. I just don't like the idea of having to check my cpu hs&f everytime I move my pc, and since this is a lan pc, that was going to be quite frequently. Hopefully they fix the design.

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3/24/2005 4:51:58 PM

Comments: No problems with my case, everything works out of the box. I too noticed that the color is NOT the bright yellow that is pictured, grey-poupon mustard color is an accurate indication of the true color, as the previous reviewer said. Overall, I'm very happy with it, and am looking at buying more. Of course, Newegg is the best as well.

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Gigabyte Quality1/27/2004 3:48:25 AM

Comments: Gigabyte quality extends even to their low-end boards like this one. Absolutely no problems at all with installation and operation. Paired with a Celeron P4, this makes a very economical computer. Better than the Intel chipset in that it offers an AGP slot for upgraded video.

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