Mine came with the screws 🤣7/24/2021 8:55:43 AM

Pros: Absolute monster in this form factor 17" display makes a huge difference from 15 Ryzen 5900hx is a powerhouse that can play most games at 720p by itself. 3070 pulls in an insane 140w!?!? Mobiles are generally 115w?

Cons: Trackpad and keyboard input together is not that good. Though I don't think it's ever been on any laptop I own.

Overall Review: Listen, at this price point, if you have a SATA 2.5 SSD, and you're looking to upgrade into the modern generation of laptops. Just stop here. I've done the research for you. My only weighing point was to trash my 4TB Samsung Evo SSD or not. Maxes at gen 3 pcie but also has two slots of pcie PLUS the sata so it's PERFECT for putting into RAID. All said I have 5.5 TB of storage. This will carry you a solid 5 years, unless quantum computing can fit in this form factor. Also, I had a baggie for SATA screws and a baggie for pcie screw. Dude probably threw his out without realizing it. Anyways for further questions I'm woode234 on Reddit. I'd love to save you the headache of the research I went through so get a hold of me on there!

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