Very very usful, you can't go wrong with this one.9/11/2009 7:55:27 AM

Pros: This is actually my first flash drive. I've been in need of one for quite some time now. So when I went searching for one, I was looking for space. Then I heard about the U3 drives, and was very interested. So of course, I bought it. Their is really no downside to owning this, as you can remove the U3 program at any time. The construction of this is pretty good. Although this might be the weakest spot on this whole device, it's still not going to just fall apart, as the plastic is decently sturdy. The sliding USB connector is also very handy; no caps to lose. The ability to have all of your favorite programs with you at all times is very handy! Say you go to your friends house and they are still using Windows Explorer, well here comes your Firefox with all your favorite add-ons! And of course, don't forget about the regular abilities of a flash drive!

Cons: The only one I could even think to say, is that the handful of people who don't wish to have the U3 program on here would have to take a few minutes to remove it....that's about it!

Overall Review: This is really a great investment. You can't possibly go wrong with this drive, as you can simply remove the U3 program and simply use all the 16GB's of space! Another thought, I have heard a lot of people complain that the loop for a key-chain or lanyard is too small; easy fix, simply get a smaller key-chain loop or a small rope and loop it threw the hole, then attach that to your big key-chain/lanyard! Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you buy this flash drive! :D

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