No Audio from Intel Drivers4/6/2021 7:49:43 AM

Pros: -Inexpensive-Wi Fi

Cons: -Drivers are not matured enough for basic functionality.

Overall Review: I was in the market for a b460 board when I saw this model become available. It was cheaper than the b460 variant and featured an updated chipset, so I figured, win-win. Unfortunately, Intel has not resolved an issue that cripples the audio coming from HDMI when using the onboard graphics. I attempted to resolve the issue for days before ultimately "downgrading" to a working Asrock b460 board. I can't say if this is an issue with all b560 boards or if this is specific to this one, all I know is, I had to delay delivering an order by a week waiting for a replacement. I'm sure it will be resolved eventually, but if you are a system builder or aren't particularly patient, don't consider this motherboard for the time being.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued ASRock Customer, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. For the issue, please download and install the VGA and Realtek high definition audio drivers link below. Link: If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
Unbeatable Price to Performance Ratio11/4/2015 5:50:05 AM

Pros: -Gold rated -Plenty of headroom even with SLI at 1000 watts -Optional sleeved cable kit available through EVGA -Excellent warranty and customer service

Cons: None come to mind.

Overall Review: Be Quiet offers fan headers directly on their power supplies. I'd like to see other manufacturers start to implement this feature as well.

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Terrible firmware9/11/2014 7:33:47 AM

Pros: Hand rest is a nice addition Solid construction.

Cons: Firmware just won't update.

Overall Review: Corsair's firmware upgrade software is the worst I've ever encountered. It simply doesn't work. I've had several mice and kayboards brick. This particular model just refused to update outright. Spend a little more on a Blackwidow Ultimate from Razer and be happy.

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Great hardware, Terrible software9/11/2014 7:30:47 AM

Pros: High quality construction Excellent price to performance ratio

Cons: Horrible software Firmware bricks M65. Little to no help on corsair forums and complete lack of FAQ for this product.

Overall Review: I've used this mouse for a few months on two different systems (z87 and z97). I managed to upgrade the firmware the first time around after 2 hours of scrolling through forums. Second time around I wasn't as fortunate. The firmware bricked the mouse and now it's dead. I wasted hours trying to get it to work, when I couldn't been playing games. This is a very common problem with Corsair accessories. Do a google search and see for yourself. I recommend Razer products as the hardware quality and software can't be matched. I've never had a problem once over the years.

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Avoid EVGA. Buy MSI instead.3/23/2012 11:08:07 AM

Pros: High performance while working.

Cons: EVGA's abysmal customer service and misleading claims.

Overall Review: I've been building computers for a long time. I buy high end discrete graphics cards on a regular basis. I've personally purchased 4 of these cards just for myself. Defective components are just a fact of life. It happens with the best of companies. How the company handles the situation makes all the difference in the world. Two of the four said cards died after a few months of use within a month or so of each other. When I contacted EVGA to stand behind their "lifetime warranty" I was asked to provide a receipt. I explained that I no longer had the receipt as it had been nearly 6 months. They denied my claim and left me with over $1000 in defective products. That is simply unacceptable. I had to go to the head of the department as the customer service agents did not even return my e-mails despite being polite. I will never again by from EVGA. For the record. A year ago I did an RMA for an MSI GTX 580 and they sent me a brand new replacement. Please consider alternative manufacturers.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I do apologize if you are having difficulty with the card. To qualify for the limited lifetime warranty we do require proof of purchase. If you bought this from newegg you can get it under your member account, print it to a PDF or XPS and email it to me directly, and I would be happy to work with you on this. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager