Really wonderful small scale windows server.7/10/2018 3:18:36 PM

Pros: I have a quiet case fan, which seems enough to let it run all 4 cores at over 2.2ghz, nonstop if needed. It took a settings fiddling and a fine cord, but that gigabit port hauls 130~140 megabytes per second. Came back from a long trip, and yeah, web server and file server still happily running. Boots in 5 seconds to a cheap ssd, and there's 3 more ports for a big raid array--really good!!!

Cons: Utterly baffling gamer-oriented bios on a server board, takes extra time for proofing/testing during initial setup. Short PCI-e port--there's a lack of variety on good expansion cards to fit that; so, try shopping it before purchase. There's no gpu assisted Encoding for HEVC H265 file types in the drivers even though the hardware is capable.

Overall Review: Memory is one Gskill F3-1866C11S-8GRSL 1866MHz 11-11-11-32 As in low voltage ram with higher latency for reliability. This is a really reliable combination. Picking a ram chip is easy--just don't buy the gamer-ram. It doesn't do anything slower than an e8600; although, it picks and chooses what tasks it wants to do as fast as an i5. Anything involving the sata and ethernet ports goes really fast, so it makes for a very nice server. It does most things faster than a laptop. Overall, I'd say it provides a brisk experience. The ethernet port is not only faster than intel/broadcom, but also more irregular--I had to look up all of the driver options and flip a few: "auto disable gigabit" disable, "energy efficient ethernet" disable, "interrupt moderation" disable, "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" uncheck. But, the "green ethernet" feature is good Enabled. And, you probably want a new cord, and either not much length or bigger gauge. Or, to use it with a thin old long cord (such as built into the wall where you can't change it), you can use a low priced little gigabit switch as a buffer (letting the switch deal with that old cord). I did that. Still got ~135 megabytes per second. Despite the needy Ethernet port, I sure am glad for its very high speed.

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Big cube case, MEGA ITX4/16/2018 10:41:05 PM

Pros: Fits a Full size power supply for long lasting power. Comes with an excellent fan that is even nicer if you relocate it to inside the front fan bay (as somewhat mentioned in the directions). Can fit 1 ssd for boot and a 3 hard drives for storage (two hard drives upside down across the top, plus one hard drive and an ssd sideways on the left). Possibly theft resistant because it doesn't look like a computer. Makes a decent mini-server. Ventilation seems good.

Cons: It is necessary to put the fan in the front panel, to decrease sound, and make room for power cables. Power supply install directions may be wrong, because it could go fan-side up to cool the hard drives. Front panel module is from a nicer case, so this involves one spiral-type loop for the cables to fit well. Inconvenient, sideways and upside down hard drive mounts require individual power cables to reach.

Overall Review: Except for the novel appearance and maybe the absence of sound, you probably don't need an ITX (and its higher priced mini ram) for taking up even MORE space. This is not the fault of the manufacturer. They did list the size specs, which I ignored. This shape and size of box fits nowhere. Make no plans to hide it, because you can't. I do like the appearance and silence.

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Solid and stable and has a modest range5/27/2015 12:35:27 AM

Pros: It is very stable and no trouble at all. Also, no random wireless drops. It runs DD-WRT easily. It can be competitive for wireless range if set atop a tall bookshelf or on a wall-shelf; and, also see cons. The onboard CPU is VERY fast, so it can do the AES and routing tasks at optimal speed. That is a great bonus that I had not expected when I purchased it.

Cons: Not a good performance for range; however, with a more ideal (much higher) placement it isn't bad.

Overall Review: I've got a pair of these and I do like them. There was momentarily some trouble with the range; however, I got some shelves like you'd set a little clock or other item for display, up high enough to position the wireless router for better range. Then I had to get sound Ethernet couplers because my cords were too short. That is not necessarily bad news! The good news is that, after that little bit of effort, the wireless situation has covered just as much area as the older high power system it replaced, I've good good steady throughput at very fast speeds, and it is completely stable. After that bit of placement hijinks, the usual throughput is 90% of a 100 megabit connection. I wish I had bought the slightly more expensive version that has the removable antennas, removed them, and put on some 19" antennas. One such system, still upon a high shelf, could do what it takes two of these to do. I already had the long cable in place, so my experience, this time, was really no trouble at all.

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hi fi made easy5/27/2015 12:08:24 AM

Pros: Better audio quality than most upgrade sound cards, and a lot easier to use.

Cons: The range is slightly less than 20 feet. Not sure if that is a pro or a con.

Overall Review: This device is very enjoyable. You'd hook it up to a phone charger and a stereo. Presto then your music collection aboard your phone plays on your stereo. Also, your phone can adjust the volume, like a remote.

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Well made5/27/2014 9:29:26 AM

Pros: Good battery, quick speed, kickstand, runs apps well. Very useful as a desktop appliance for email, messages, notifications, chats, and as a contact manager (rolodex). Also useful for electronic books. If using an inexpensive bluetooth audio receiver plugged in to your stereo amplifier, the tablet can beat the fidelity of any pc sound card and does wireless bluetooth music at up to about 20 feet. Surprisingly high quality construction!

Cons: Doesn't scan QR codes (which is not important because you'll probably not have this in your pocket anyway). Big size tablet is extraordinarily NOT portable, or rather just about exactly as portable as carrying a glass tray or framed photo around--wishing I had bought an 8" or smaller version. Rear camera quality is very bad (and not important for a desktop appliance anyway). With the aggressive power saving, the screen won't stay on for very long at a time, even if plugged in (settings of 30 minutes + "detect user" minimizes the problem). Web based Flash content cripples web surfing functionality on most Android devices.

Overall Review: Well, the reason to get this is to run android apps at your desk. And, you'll be needing a few to start with, like Nova Launcher (or go launcher ex), ES File Manager, ES Task Manager, Startup Manager, which are all utilities for functionality. There is also the trouble of adding flash manually (to use with web sites), since it doesn't come preloaded on android and isn't well supported either. After having purchased and used the 10" tablet for some time, I've got to say that it makes a wonderful email reader, book reader and mp3 player, thus unnecessarily duplicating functions that I already had. So, if I was asked why someone needed a 10" tablet or ipad, I'd be hard pressed to say what it was good for. But, if you must have one anyway, the Lenovo Yoga 10 is well made and works well too.

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Really lovely, but needs a vent. Using with Tomato Victek ND8/27/2011 1:28:39 PM

Pros: Well, I like this little thing!! Its extraordinarily fast and with high throughput. Its running "Tomato by Victek" "ND edition" firmware flawlessly, with just one goofy exception with the Antenna Diversity feature. The feature works as intended (very nicely for in-home use) but can't be switched off--it turns itself back on at random, and therefore requires a pair of antennas--not so fun for dish use. Scaled up slightly with an identical pair of +6 or +7 (slightly larger) antennas, this unit is giving performance far beyond its price range. Thanks Rosewill!!

Cons: Larger scale implementation is going to involve the very tiny soldering iron for Diversity-Chip-Ectomy surgery because, otherwise you can use a pair of +6 antennas or a pair of +7 antennas at maximum. I tried a pair of large collinear but the diversity chip went bonkers and caused overheat situation. Its not necessarily Rosewill's fault except for making their cute little WRT copy MUCH too accurate! The originals had this issue as well. Ventilation? Easiest way is side vents went chop. Heat pooling was also a problem in the original WRT. Again, Rosewill, this copy is much too accurate! lolz! Easy fix though.

Overall Review: Okay, the factory antennas are slightly lackluster, the diversity chip overloads if you put on huge antennas, but there's a fine fix that doesn't cost much. Simply search for some of those chubby "+6" antennas. The RP-SMA jacks are a bit flimsy and need tightened before use. Its so easy, but hold the threaded part still while you do that! The original WRT would tolerate 84mw with grace and this one appears to do the same. I got 25 megabit (50 megabit if you count bi-directional) throughput with WPA2 engaged in roaming mode (several similar AP, only one with the WAN port on, same SSID, different channels) over a huge area. NICE!! Rosewill, please make one of these with a single RP-SMA jack on top (no diversity chip), a little heatsink, slightly better internal 50 ohm cable, and plenty of vents.

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Not heat tolerant. Not ventilated. Wifi drop.8/27/2011 12:42:13 PM

Pros: So, this little easy bake oven works great if you have an "open" wireless in decent temperatures and if you don't intend to turn up the power settings to the advertised figure. It works great out of the box, with the factory settings for giving away internet to a modestly sized area. But, there are some caveats for other applications.

Cons: If you engage WPA2/WPA plus AES/Tkip, this non-ventilated wonder will get hot and disconnect. If you turn the power settings to "24dbi" from the menu, this non-ventilated wonder will get hot and disconnect. It has neither diversity nor mimo, so you need a large collinear or other physically large size antenna, because, otherwise, the allegedly impressive range is stopped at the first obstacle, and once again you get disconnect. Common WiFi "drops on large files" error, if when also used with security enabled, which is yet another excuse for it to get hot and disconnect. Throughput speed is worse than an old Link$ys WRT, so this EnGenius can bring your office network down to an all time record for slow.

Overall Review: Lack of documentation for where this unit does NOT work earned EnGenius a 1 egg rating (an "F"). Normal home networking, with security engaged, is where its performance is. . . unfortunate. Nevertheless, if you intend to "give away" internet to its coverage area, well that application probably won't overheat the unit.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Fastest priority packet device ever!12/5/2010 10:32:19 AM

Pros: First, I'm DELIGHTED from the results of plugging my Internet into the VIP port of this switch! Please understand that this is a brilliantly fast packet priority device rather than a simple switch. Its not as steady as a simple switch, but its certainly a lot nicer if you also use Internet. Your speedy gigabit connections can't slow down your internet this way. I GOT A SPEED UP!! On dealing with a bad cable (or bad network card), the ASUS doesn't disconnect, but rather it will fluctuate and probably push equivalent 100m speeds on that one connection despite all equipment sensors reporting 1GB as the speed (which is a quirk). Well, that's a LOT better than disconnection. A miraculous performance at its price point. Much better than a regular switch if you use Internet. Mac level packet priority stops/levels collisions Switch to switch performance lends extraordinarily fast performance for large networks and/or backbone links to offices (workgroup switch).

Cons: NO CONS, but merely differences. . . Although the ASUS is talented, quick, and cool running, their hot running simpler competitor, the Trendnet green switch, also available here at Newegg, does a better job on dealing with bad/long cables; but this is not necessarily a con for ASUS because there's a huge difference in energy consumption (heat) which matters because it affects how long the stuff will last. . . much in favor of the cooler running ASUS. For compact appearance, the feet on bottom are too short for good ventilation, and if heavy usage, you might choose to replace the short rubber feet for taller stick-on feet and thus allow some air underneath the unit, which is the location of the intake vents. The hippie green market isn't known for extremes of air-conditioning in summer, and if this is you, replace Asus's short feet with tall feet to make your switch last longer. Not really a con--the unit runs cool anyway.

Overall Review: If you happen to have either a neutered wireless router (DHCP is off, Wan port isn't in use) that is used for a wired and wireless switch, or an ordinary 100m wired switch, then you can use either of these resources as the spot to connect your questionable, over-long, or bad cables. . . instead of plugging bad cables into the ASUS. This method can give you a solution that can work until you get any bad cables or bad PC network cards replaced. Yes, you're probably going to be buying a few nice new cat6 cables, and your PC's some of those wonderful Marvell based Rosewill PCIe gigabit cards (all available here at Newegg); however, this is well worth the effort and is still rather economical. If you have a problematic long run of cable, try the thick black outdoor weatherized CAT6 especially made for sturdy, long connections. Hometown ISP's, like wireless, can make these for you because that's what connects their antennas. The ASUS can go hard drive speed over 300 ft of that cable

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Really good, except that its upside down12/5/2010 7:58:27 AM

Pros: Its quite fast, works with a variety of discs and there's a flash rom update Rosewill Support website for it so that it can support new and future discs. In Big mode, you can recycle two insufficient size hard drive into one bigger hard drive, and that works well. Put the faster drive as #1. In JBOD mode, the enclosure will have 2 hard drive letters and works exactly like you had 2 separate hard drive enclosures. HOWEVER, if you initially installed one hard drive in bay 1, you can later install another hard drive and flip the Big switch. I used mine with the "Big" switch turned off, meaning that its set on that "JBOD" setting, which is the "ordinary" setting. With one drive, the enclosure is extraordinarily fast!!! It pushes the USB specs on speed.

Cons: HOT AIR GOES UP!!! The exhaust fan is at the bottom of the enclosure. Yes, the metal portion of the rear panel (which holds the exhaust fan) is upside down. To prevent overheating, simply set the entire enclosure upside down so that hot air can be removed from the top of the unit. duh!!! The fan has an off switch instead of running a simple timer circuit from the drive activity LED or a thermal resistor or even a simple bimetallic strip. So, the fan stays on all the time. This isn't quite as stupid as the rear panel upside down, but its close. Another missed opportunity with the fan is that since the cables hang out an inch, there was plenty of room to install a nice big healthy 60mm fan externally and run that at a slow quiet speed. Yes, after the cables are plugged in, there's sufficient extra room on back. Instead we have a nonstop miniature exhaust fan that removes air from only the bottom of the enclosure. Please somebody tell them that hot air goes up!!

Overall Review: Fortunately, this enclosure comes with an accessory foot, so setting the enclosure upside down is stable and easily puts the exhaust fan near the TOP so that hot air is expelled. Its a very quick hard drive enclosure and I do like it.

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Awesome11/26/2010 9:45:47 AM

Pros: Re-certified hard drives go through a quality control, much unlike new hard drives. Excellent for home theatre The huge cache is especially beneficial and fast, and such a large cache does a lot to decrease latencies for NAS and external enclosures. This particular model was probably returned because somebody attempted to use it for RAID without proper installation, which isn't easy on this model. Its not plug and play, although it is a really wonderful and reliable thing IF given proper setup. :) That's such good news now because its so very likely that the original owner didn't manage to put any significant wear on it. The drive is fully compatible with the Rosewill R2 enclosure, after you update the firmware of the enclosure from the easy tools provided on Rosewill's site. Mine was used for one and a half years of nonstop internet radio, rockin out 24-7 along with 512mb SuperCache added for low latency. Its still perfect. Its much more durable than the 2t

Cons: wdidle3 software is sometimes hard to find online, and you'll need it for RAID setups and to decrease (not shut off) the frequency of on-idle-park, changing this heat control feature from several seconds (that won't work with RAID), to several minutes (which is appropriate). You also need Wdidle3 adjustment for most NAS and Linux. On some installations, you may want to disable the SMART system (in the PC bios screen) because automatic SMART system may become confused by the energy saving technology and vandalize the drive. The 2tb model is much more prone to it. Spinrite will fix that, if it happens. Extra step needed because of prior use: You'll need to use a "Fill Zeros" low format (such as MaxBlast quickie mode that only takes a minute) prior to formatting it with your operating system. That will clean the boot area and insure stability. Fortunately, its easily done. Quite a few extra steps needed to use the drive's full potential. . . but it is a fantastic hard dri

Overall Review: Go ice cold with the hitachi feature tools software, set soft see, noise management, AAM control ON. Do it twice at figure 192 (or smaller). This decreases noise, decreases wear, and it decreases heat. Set AAM, and then your drive will last and last and last, because, it cannot beat itself to death if you turn on the soft seek (acoustic management) feature. Go compatible with the jumper from pin5 to pin6 for the SATA 150 compatibility mode. As the drive tops out at 110, there's simply no reason not to use the high compatibility mode, especially good for NAS and external enclosures alike. It, and most WD drives also run slightly cooler this way. Even with the slightly slower options of AAM and sata 150 (which both decrease heat) turned on, the drive is about as fast as a solid state hard drive. And, set that way, it is also just as quiet and cool. Yes, the huge cache still decreases latency. Avast has caching and tunable options. . .

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Perfect9/13/2010 10:52:46 PM

Pros: Well this is extremely stable. And, it sure is quick. It has both energy saver and overclock built in. Just for fun, I plugged in a little 2.2ghz Conroe-L single core chip, and it now has available 3.3ghz without any problem. That's a full third faster than a 3.4ghz LGA775 Prescott. Most of this astoundingly fast performance has to do with the memory speeds on this motherboard being locked into optimized ratios. Its almost like limitless cache. I did use the Dynatron Cooler with metal backing plate, available here at Newegg. Its very important to have a backing plate with your CPU cooler so that the motherboard remains flat (and stays stable). The energy saver technology works without slowing down your computing experience. Nice!! It also has available S3 (desktop), S4, and S5 (laptop) modes that work very well! Goodbye electric bill, hello Gigabyte!

Cons: Doesn't have Via sound.

Overall Review: Understanding the overclocking If you dial in 300 (1200) bus rate (and also manually make the ram run at 800), your DDR2-800 memory will pull in a surprise performance of 3500 megabytes per second sustained transfer speed in single channel or even faster in dual channel. This is almost record-breaking ram performance. And, that will indeed speed up your CPU, exactly like you had purchased a CPU with a very huge cache. In my opinion, this more than makes up for the difference between the 300 (1200) base speed versus the 333 (1333) base speed. However, if you want to dial in 333 (1333) then you'll need ram that will go faster than DDR2-800 speeds. Some DDR2-800 will tolerate this, while others will not. The motherboard does not contain the multiplier to run 333 (1333) while also running the ram at exactly DDR2-800 spec, but rather it would run a somewhat higher speed which may not be stable. So, if you have trouble, dial in 300 instead of 333. Either that, or buy faster r

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Very good product9/13/2010 8:18:31 PM

Pros: I've had this running as a server backup for quite some time now, and its nicely reliable. Its very cool running too. I am seeking to purchase an additional drive as soon as it is restocked.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Its a 2TB size drive and I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "all your eggs in one basket" which describes the increased risk of all hard drives larger than 1TB regardless of brand. So, if you have ANY 2TB drive, well, you'll need two of them (and one is backup, probably this one). Are you sure that you don't want a pair of 1TB drives instead of a single 2TB drive? My particular drive is serving to back up a server that has a 2TB "green" Samsung internal hard drive. Both are doing quite well. Both replaced failed WD drives. The Samsung is certainly more reliable. The drive is formatted NTFS and the computer's power management is set to turn off hard drives in 2 hours after idle, and of course, its only this external backup drive that actually gets turned off. It does this just fine. It wakes up automatically during backups.

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A miracle! Cooling! Every server should have one. Saves your power supply. THANK YOU NEWEGG!!!!4/9/2010 3:44:02 PM

Pros: One (or more) of these at the top of the computer case can remove the hot air from the top of the case by this method: The power supply also at the top of the case will pull in cool air from these mesh vents. You get stronger, better quality power, and longer lasting power supply operation when the power supply has a diet of cool air (thanks to this vent product). Surprisingly sturdy, high quality construction justifies the tall price tag. There's also two vents in just one package (you get 2 of them). Buying this product is ever so much easier than cutting up mesh speaker grills to create something similar. I'm grateful to Newegg for providing availability of this vent product. If hot air comes from your power supply, that's bad, so buy this mesh vent right now and give it some cool air!!

Cons: I waited years for a product like this to appear on the market, I'm glad its finally here, and there's no cons whatsoever.

Overall Review: Matches appearance seamlessly with the elegant looking full tower Rosewill case that has top mount usb ports and the "U" shaped mesh grille on front (an ideal combination for cool computer). Really lovely! Also matches most other cases. It takes one at the top (of computer case) to save (increase tolerances of) a power supply and thus, since this package will increase the quality/longevity of two computers, the price per computer is very reasonable indeed. For getting the hot air out of the top of my server cases: THANK YOU, NEWEGG!!!!! P.S. I'm buying more of these for my home computers, because these mesh vents help get cool clean power and longer lasting computer. Oh, I couldn't be more thrilled!

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Green if empty, furnace when full, awesome functionality4/5/2010 7:55:07 AM

Pros: Works absolutely perfectly. Jumbo frames pass; however, I couldn't use the extra big 9k size on my network. This is fine. Both the variety of cards that I have and the switch liked the medium setting. TRANSLATION: This switch goes effortlessly between 100 megabit, 1000 megabit without frames and 1000 megabit with frames. Yes, it works PERFECTLY! Long cables? No problem. Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 all on gigabit? No problem, except that "the worse the cable the hotter the swtich" makes for great data integrity, but not green, see cons. Every computer with a different brand and/or speed of network card? No problem for data integrity or speed. From a Realtek onboard gigabit motherboard to the Trendnet switch, for the first time, that computer got some good speed on the Internet, thanks to the Trendnet's excellent data integrity!! Was it green? absolutely not. lol!

Cons: Don't believe the green. Mine is a furnace; however, this happens when you use more than 4 of the ports. So, the green is all about cancelling power to un-needed ports, and certainly not about running efficiently with the ports full. In trade for this this non-green heat problem, you get high tolerance to a variety of cables, including the trick of running gigabit over ordinary Cat5 (does not require Cat5e for gigabit)--the Trendnet simply steps up the power; so, I'd suggest you run Cat6 if you want to see any green other than the sticker.

Overall Review: Fortunately, this perfectly working, yet far too hot (green????) switch is made of metal. So, I set my outdated Athlon heatsink collection on top of it to save its life this summer. The hot switch condition occurs when you have a wide mix of network cards (which it handles perfectly) and most of the ports full. I don't expect longevity, because: The power plug adapter is too small to be powering this much heat output on such small voltage (and amperage rating). Either that, or Trendnet has created the most efficient space heater on planet earth.

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So cool its like packing the computer in ice3/30/2010 7:52:46 AM

Pros: Very cool and very pretty given a couple of accessories I dressed mine up a bit, with the following parts from Newegg: A super-slow 120mm Coolermaster front fan A medium speed 120mm Blue LED Coolermaster rear fan A sturdy power supply with 120mm fan Coolermaster Gemini 120mm CPU cooler XION 5.25 MESH drive bay covers USB + Headphone port at top of case is fantastic benefit for whenever the case is used under-desk, so that office workers won't have to crawl around on the floor. This unit's extra space at the top of the case also has the benefit of heat pooling prevention--a top notch cooling feature. Strength of materials is quite sufficient. No noticeable difference in air temp between room and any point inside or outside of case--almost zero heat pooling. Not a con, but rather a pro: Running cool and stable, your computer will probably last so long that you'll (eventually) end up with an outdated computer still in brand new condition. :)

Cons: There's no cons to providing maximum benefit per price point. Note to manufacturer: Please issue a Micro ATX version of this case!!! Yeah, that's the Only real con--this elegant and cool case isn't available in Micro ATX. Note to manufacturer: Please replaced the weird looking 5.25" drive bay covers with ordinary FLAT shape drive bay covers. Note to manufacturer: Please add or offer 1cm (or so) plastic fan spacer accessory to go between 120mm Front Intake fan and case metal in order to attract the silent cooling market. This case is perfect for that market.

Overall Review: The case does not become gorgeous until all of the bulbous plastic 5.25" drive bay covers are replaced. For the "packed in ice" effect, its not necessary to purchase mesh drive bay covers. This case can cool plenty well without that accessory. Accessory: Purchased them (newegg # N82E16811998075) for appearance. Its a two pack. Normal use is 1 per case, at top of case, and purpose is to have power supply eat cold air rather than hot air. Again, that wasn't necessary for this particular case. Its just prettier that way. :) Shipping: Before shipping a completed computer, add tape or screw to any pci-slot metal strips that aren't otherwise fastened in place. The speed loader holds PCI and PCIE cards securely; however, I'm unsure if blanks (no card) will remain in place during shipping. Many cases feature a speed-loader and this shipping caution note applies to all. The feature gets you a more compact case--just watch the blanks and either omit or secure.

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In response to: N/A Works, but don't trust 'em for anything critical--somewhat erroneous previous review.3/28/2010 7:15:23 PM

Pros: Its an excellent design providing a steady 300W power output with 550W peak power output, and this is true if given a moderate to low operating temperature. . . so don't force it to eat all of the hot air from inside your computer case. 120mm Fan. Of course I'd like to see a thermostatic model used to decrease the Level of heat inside the power supply in instances that the computer becomes warm. But, really, I'm just glad that it can take any 120mm fan (including the well working fan that it comes with, of course).

Cons: At this price category, power ratings are "peak" ratings. Capacitor health highly reliant on operating temp of computer--be sure the computer case is relatively cool inside (but, of course, all power supplies last longer when run on cool air instead of hot air). Note to Manufacturer--Use Chinsan Elite SD (FYI: Chinsan's Bangkok office is the only one that works, so call them) or you can use any economical cap that can handle High Heat. Nichicon would be lovely, but I understand that it would affect price; and, Elite SD is as good or better. Note to Manufacturer--Arrange shutdown circuit to occur at the average figure between the peak rating and the constant rating, such as: 550w (peak) + 300w (average) and half of that combined figure is 425w, derate slightly, so shut her down at 415w, because some customers aren't wise enough to avoid the combination of an extremely power-hungry video card with an economy power supply--so save them! (by arranging a safety shutdown).

Overall Review: Four of 3a diodes IS a proper discrete bridge rectifier. There are 4 of these inside of popular 1-piece rectifier units. I've no idea why Keerda chose extra labor for soldering; however, this difference in bridge rectifier is appearance-only and has no electrical or quality differences whatsoever. The rectifier included is perfectly fine. As for the Fuhjyuu caps and BH caps, success with using these is reliant on operating temperature. These are lower-temperature makes. As with any capacitor (used in this same circuit) its operating hours versus temperature as the main concern. Therefore. . . As with any power supply, if you want it to last, don't blow all of the hot air from your computer into your power supply--cool your computer down with something else first. We shall hope that the manufacturer soon makes a wiser choice of caps; but, as customers, we can make "wiser ventilation/cooling" and get the job done that way, just fine.

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Nice, but . . .10/16/2009 7:12:48 AM

Pros: This is a great hard drive to use for upgrade projects. This hard drive has the typical Western Digital Jumper block whereby you can put a jumper to pins 5 and 6 for Sata 1 (sata 150). It also has auto-speed, so you probably don't need to use a jumper. This hard drive can help you upgrade and still stay within the power budget of your current power supply AND still stay within the heat output budget of your current enclosure. Example, having Removed your old slow fireball of a hard drive, and replaced it with this, your PC can now support a Geforce 8400 or 9400, without having to make other changes. This example is a home theater PC.

Cons: As a Secondary hard drive, this is great; however, Western Digital makes better and more efficient options for primary hard drive (Drive "C"). Kilowatt hours is a combination of power draw and time for measuring your electric bill. Caviar Black (AALS) doesn't draw significantly more power, yet it is faster than Caviar Green. This is similar to Conroe-L+G31 versus Atom+i945, and slower can cost more on your bills (compared on near-identical boards from ECS purchased from Newegg). Remember, modern components have an idle draw figure and a full blast figure. Running a slower component at full blast is much less efficient. Power consumption is measured in the combined figure of watts and time. Feel free to purchase Caviar Black instead.

Overall Review: If you wish a second hard drive, to put (FIRST) the windows swap file of a fixed size, and (LAST) the (right click) My Documents redirect, then you've found the perfect thing. This way: Move the drive letter of the optical drive to allow your new hard drive to use "D" Format the new hard drive (example uses drive "D") Go to system in the control panel. Assign a fixed swap file with the Windows recommended size to drive "D" Remove the swap file from drive "C" Reboot!! Right Click My Documents, choose Properties and have it relocate your documents to "D:\My Documents" Now you have neither the swap file nor documents on drive C. Of course, in this case you can reformat drive C without losing documents. But, also, the computer can use the swap file without slowing down drive C. Yay!!! Remember, the very first tracks of a drive are the fastest, and the right spot for a swap file, so do that first.

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Very useful for ddr533 and for ddr6679/22/2009 8:47:17 PM

Pros: This product is great for Windows XP computers that need some DDR2 memory. The 1gb level is where XP starts to show off some speed and, therefore, this chip gives you a "bang for the buck" on speed. Quad socket Intel 910 and Intel 915, like HP DC5100, can run this ram dual channel. However, since those boards default to DDR2-533 speed, when using dual channel, then you may assume that: 1). Operation at 533 had increased the tolerances, 2). There are insufficient tolerances to operate this ram in dual channel at DDR2-800 speeds, and 3). This ram is actually DDR2-667 or it probably should be.

Cons: Doesn't run well for dual channel on Nvidia boards or any computer that has lesser tolerances when operating dual channel. Probably shouldn't use it for dual channel in Intel 945 either. Not recommendable for use at DDR2-800 speed (but fine for 533 and 667 usage).

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Helpful to Nvidia 430 and other Nvidia9/22/2009 7:58:39 PM

Pros: This is CL6 ram, which is slightly slower and slightly more stable and that's exactly what you want for your Nvidia motherboard to stabilize it. In Dual channel, these are still mighty fast. For Nvidia 4xx chipsets, these allow running, with stability, in dual channel at 800mhz front side bus speed--its a "have your cake and eat it too" type thing. I've tested it and used it at CL 5, 5, 5, 15, and it still does well, so this means that the quality is present but the manufacturer has chosen to underclock it to increase your stability.

Cons: This will slightly slow down Intel 945, G31, and newer motherboards unless they have ram settings available in the bios; however, it will also increase stability greatly--both effects are due to the CL6 speed.

Overall Review: Its CL4 at 533, CL5 at 667 and CL6 at 800. These are the readings from the SPD data aboard the memory chip. When used at DDR2-800-CL6 and DDR2-667-CL5, the slight slowdown from these conservative settings are insignificant in comparison to the speedup from dual channel operation. In comparison to DDR2-800-CL5 in single channel, this DDR2-800-CL6 in dual channel is MUCH FASTER with no cost to stability. ;) The mildly conservative settings can, possibly, result in better behaviors from your computer. And, when this is the case (typically Nvidia), you're going to go MUCH FASTER due to enhanced data integrity operating the hard drive more smoothly. Obviously, this product is not for "3d virtural worlds" Gamer computers and its not for "live time" transcoding multimedia PC's. But it will do wonders for the Office / Net surfer PC. It will also improve the end-user experience when installed in an economy PC. CL-6 will last longer and is more heat tolerant.

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A difference9/22/2009 7:30:58 PM

Pros: The 945 runs fast with your 800mhz front side bus cpu's and this is considerably better than the newer model motherboard chipsets that require at least 1066, a spendy cpu, else run slow. So, its 945 to the rescue! ;) Do put the rams into the board in the right order so that it can boot up.

Cons: Needs a good quality make of power supply. That's a must.

Overall Review: The 945 at 800mhz is faster than the G31, G41 at 800mhz, and that is because the 945 was made to run at this speed wheras the others are newer models that do it only for backwards compatibility with 800mhz front side bus CPU's. The same company, Asus / Asrock, also offers a G31 / G41 board with dip switches and if you have a careful selection of Cpu (see the newegg reviews), then their new model, dip switch equipped, motherboard can simply "switch on" the new 1066 front side bus speed, with the voltage (makes heat) needed for stabiliy. However, if the cpu that you already own is not compatible with that usage (see newegg cpu reviews for "BSEL" buzzword), then this 945 board here could be very helpful to you, because the 945 can go fast without overclocking. Also, 945 boards have the highest level of software compatibility available today. For the complete "rock steady" experience, use a quality make of power supply. Again, see the reviews, and pick out a "5 star" model.

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Dual Channel9/20/2009 7:04:49 PM

Pros: These work fine in Dual Channel if you have an Intel CPU. These ram chips are both fast and stable. Its good stuff. I've never tested this ram in single channel, so you'll just have to read somebody else's review for that one. ;)

Cons: DDR400, regardless of brand, is usually too fast for most Socket 754 AMD CPUs when using more than one ram socket with two ram sticks of the same size; but, this is not the fault of PQI.

Overall Review: Tested fine in both dual and quad on 8xx and 9xx (915, 945, any Intel. . .) chipsets with Intel hyperthreaded Pentium 4. It runs very fast and its Much more stable than "gamer" grade ram. Thanks!

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DC7100 Compatible9/20/2009 12:31:57 PM

Pros: This ram is excellent. Its compatible for dual or quad channel with the DC7100 professional grade computers that have just now come off government lease in droves. Typically those will have XP Pro. Those run dual or quad channel DDR400. And, they need at least 1GB to show off their speedy character. For DC7100USDT (miniature), you can install 1x 512 close to the CPU and relocate the 2x256 factory chips over by the power supply. This makes 1GB in dual channel. Other dual channel combinations are possible with this example. This is an actual example, and the computer went from mundane speed to super speed with only this one single purchase. For the DC7100 SFF (desktop) and the DC7100 tower / convertible model, you can use any combination, but dual or quad channel (your choice) of at least 1GB, shows off its speed nicely. On a typical example with 2 of 256, you can plug in 2 of these 512 for 1.5gb.

Cons: No Cons!

Overall Review: This ram runs nicely for Dual or Quad in Intel motherboards. Use the DDR333 instead, for Dual channel in Nvidia-for-AMD and for Dual channel in Via-for-Amd motherboards. This ram runs nicely for Dual in SIS boards and Via-for-Intel motherboards. If at first you don't succeed, remove the ram from the socket and then just plug it right back in. Its a peculiarity of all SDR and DDR memory, and has nothing to do with any individual brand name. Also try vacuuming debris out of the ram socket.

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DC5100 Compatible9/20/2009 12:09:33 PM

Pros: I received half height ram. Typically half-height isn't as nice as full height ram; however, these particular rams from Crucial are EXCELLENT (no matter their size). Half height ram helps by avoiding hot air trapped in-between your memory chips. Simple. They're short, so they don't block ventilation. Conversely, they have less area for heatsinking themselves; so, theoretically, you do need to make sure your computer has effective ventilation, or at least Don't blow CPU cooler temperature air onto the ram chips. These are compatible with the speedy little DC5100, a popular and commonplace professional grade computer that has now just come off government lease in droves. These are also helpful to the Conroe based Celron's (Intel Core Solo) that's popular for hobbyists to mode with bsel, because any CPU with a limited cache (no matter its clock speed) will benefit from dual channel memory, like these. Buy this ram.

Cons: Half-height ram could be damaged IF you try to install it backwards.

Overall Review: Don't install backwards. Half height ram isn't as sturdy and you don't want to degrade it by bending it over the bump that's in the bottom of the ram socket. DO watch for correct orientation during install. Try a flashlight or one of those nifty headband type flashlights.

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Perfect, pretty, chill, and easy. Can't miss.8/15/2009 7:25:34 PM

Pros: This case is awesome. Very cool internal temps make your stuff last longer and run better. For low-noise "near-silent" pc build, you'll need at least one of the 120mm blue led coolermaster fans from newegg. Although the case can hold two, the internal temps are so cool that it only needs one. Its pretty as it is; however, it gets downright beautiful (elegant) if you fill up the 5-1/4 bay slots, like using a dvd writer, a dvd rom and a 5-1/4 bay accessory. The liteon drives here at newegg have the curvy appearance to match (tray door is curvy). The materials are thick enough to satisfy. The finish work is very pretty.

Cons: Although the card clamp system works very well for plugged in cards, Its certainly not safe to use card slot filler blanks, because it may release them, so omit those from your build (case is slightly incompatible with pci slot filler blanks--omit them).

Overall Review: Well, I've no idea how they managed to make this sort of thing at such a low price. As for atx cases, its the perfect size--not overlarge. I'd even use it on a micro-atx build, just because the case is elegant and the good ventilation will help the computer run right.

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It deserved 5 stars8/15/2009 4:06:09 PM

Pros: Its very fast when you use the 1066 FSB cpu. As an update to my previous review. . . It does indeed do BSEL features! The speed from this is not reported at the boot screen. It has great via sound, and the lagless Atheros fast ethernet port is nice too. There's no realtek to slow you down. Energy consumption is so low that there's practically no heat. This product is recommendable.

Cons: Horrid performance at 800FSB, so you need to purchase a CPU with a higher FSB than that, or simply google up the term "Intel BSEL" Bios overclocking options are nonfunctional; however, they're also not applicable, so don't worry about that (and don't switch that on!).

Overall Review: Yes, it does run Celeron 450 aka Conroe 2.2Ghz at about 2.9 Ghz with the simple BSEL adjustment and its rock steady; however, this is not marketable as a resale product because the opening screen reports Intel's advertisement rather than the actual clock speed. Perhaps somebody can locate the oem graphic loader software (to display something nicer at bootup)? In any case, when set up as described, it will easily outrun an Athlon x2 4600 class computer, and this little ECS is considerably more stable than usual. Also from Newegg, a pair of the pink A-data ram chips is a nice stable add-on. Dual channel ram speeds on this board can exceed 5000 mB/s, and so there's no need to purchase a CPU with a large size cache, given that the memory throughput of the motherboard is so fast anyway. Also from Newegg, check out a hard drive with a 32 megabyte onboard buffer for your new build.

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