Great Game, not optimized for PC8/9/2015 1:20:25 PM

Pros: A classic game from Rockstar. Great Storyline.

Cons: Capped at 30fps, if you force it over issues will occur because of the face animation they have done. Feels like it has mouse acceleration that you can't turn off.

Overall Review: Best played with a gamepad (at least when driving)

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RAM is RAM8/9/2015 1:18:13 PM

Pros: Well-respected manufacturer, you know you're getting some quality sticks. Heat-sinks Looks great. CAS 9 DDR3 1600 for a decent price today

Cons: The sticks are quite tall, make sure you won't be needing low-profile RAM

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Superb Case8/9/2015 1:14:46 PM

Pros: Looks Good Quiet Comes with 2 quality fans Cable management wet-dream Several small improvements over the R4 Abundant accessories (screws, stand-offs, HDD dampeners, ect.)

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Great looking case, excellent cable management, highly adjustable cage arrangements. Comes with 2 Fractal Design Dynamic 140mm fans which are adequate for cooling a gaming rig but I am getting two additional cougar fans for even greater cooling. Has a fan control switch that can control up to 3 case fans. The Dynamic fans are silent even on the highest voltage setting. Sound proofing is excellent, my rig is silent while gaming. You can't go wrong with this case. When compared to the R4, the benefits of the R5 is that the front dust screen has fewer slats for better airflow, the bottom dust filter is removed from the front, the case door can open from either side just by switching two screws.

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