Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great entry level plasma3/13/2011 6:39:46 PM

Pros: Obviously not the best on the market for quality, but for the price and size, you probably can't do any better. Very good calibration settings, the picture looks fantastic after proper adjustments. I was able to get this at a big box store for $200 cheaper and didn't have to pay shipping, so the deal isn't as nice on newegg, but it is still a good TV

Cons: People complain about the speakers. Take that into consideration if you don't have a sound setup. I have 5.1 so it is of no concern to me. I disabled the internal speakers immediately after powering on

Overall Review: needed to replace a dead 51" Sony RPTV. Would have cost more for replacement parts. PQ is a bit better than the old RPTV, which I dearly miss. The thinness and weight is a major pro for me(people complain about it being 50-60 pounds. My old RPTV was over 500 pounds and had to be rolled around on wheels. I'm not complaining about this weight!).

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Terrific7/2/2010 9:34:08 PM

Pros: Upgraded from a GTS 250. Was looking for good value for my money, this delivered. I only play at 1366x768 because I play on my TV, but this card has run BFBC2 maxed out with SSAO at constant 60fps in DX11 with vsync on. I am thrilled by this performance and can't wait to play more games with it.

Cons: Idles at 42C, but I guess that is to be normal from something this powerful. Not as bad as a fermi card, but a big step up from my GTS 250 which was pretty cool. Requires 2 PCIe connectors, wasn't a big deal to me. Pretty big card, had to wedge it into my case because of the HDD cage, and putting the PCIe connectors in was a challenge because of this. Got it all working though, make sure you have plenty of space in your case though

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a month and a half later...1/30/2010 1:24:00 PM

Pros: This card is a winner. I got it for $80 on black friday on newegg, and it has been outstanding. I have been able to OC it to 800 core, 1850 shader, and 1300 memory. I have the fan all the way up, and it doesn't exceed 60C EVER! I think I could push it more if I decided to, but it is running GREAT!

Cons: At the current price, you could probably get something better.

Overall Review: The fan is silent to me, but ONLY because of my loud case fans. Whether the fan is on 20% or 100%, it doesn't have any added noise. If you already have loud case fans, then don't worry about fan noise with this thing.

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good ram and inexpensive at the time12/12/2009 11:31:17 AM

Pros: Correct timings was picked up out of the box on my ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO. Got it cheap on Newegg Black Friday sale. Much faster than my old DDR2(533).

Cons: DDR3 is expensive at retail price, but if you can get a good deal on it, its well worth it.

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too fast12/12/2009 11:26:12 AM

Pros: This processor runs fast and cool. FAST at stock speed, which is nice. Overclocks easily due to the unlocked multiplier. I have OC'd it to 3.2GHz with stock voltage and cooling. I was successfully able to unlock the 4th core, but I won't be using that until I get a better heatsink.

Cons: for some reason CPU-Z shows it as AM2+, when it is AM3

Overall Review: Paired with 4GB DDR3 1333, ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO, GeForce GTS 250 and I am running games and Windows itself like never before. Long overdue upgrade from a Pentium D 820

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FAST!12/10/2009 7:26:27 PM

Pros: Coming from an 8800gt with 256mb, this is a step up at higher resolutions and AA. I overclocked it to the speeds of the OC'd version that costs more money with no problem. Got it dirt cheap on black friday, which adds to the great benefits of this card. Idles at 37C and hottest I've seen it is 68C under load with OC and fan speeds up.

Cons: Doesn't cook food

Overall Review: I built a budget system with this and a Phenom II X3. Great investment from a Pentium D rig

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Could be better12/10/2009 11:23:42 AM

Pros: Got it cheap on black friday. Works just fine for the most part, everything is detected in BIOS, ACC lets me unlock my tricore processor, has everything integrated if you need that. detected my 1333mhz ram right away. there are plenty of sata ports for me, and the small board size is great for me

Cons: The VIA HD integrated audio. I cannot get the audio drivers to recognize my headphones in the front panel. the cord is too short to wire to the back. I guess I'll need a new headset now.

Overall Review: Running with: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 1333 GeForce GTS 250

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Garbage8/1/2009 10:46:24 AM

Pros: Was easy to open the box and install in the PCI slot

Cons: Windows recognizes it, can't connect to anything. The wireless utility doesn't detect it. Card flat out doesn't work.

Overall Review: I bought two of these, the first one isn't working. When I have gathered the patience, I will try and get the second one working. If the second one works, this is an obvious DOA and I will RMA it. If neither work, I will RMA and get a refund to get something from a real brand next time.

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Xtremely Great8/1/2009 10:41:49 AM

Pros: Has a GREAT wireless range, picking this up over the house with perfect signal. UPnP works great, and I love it(didn't work on my old router).

Cons: Needs rebooting for trivial things, but it isn't a big deal when wired to the router.

Overall Review: The Blue LEDs are bright, but they aren't as bad as others have said. I got revision A4 and upgraded the firmware on the DLink site which fixed an initial UPnP problem.

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Works great with DD-WRT6/4/2009 4:43:04 PM

Pros: I bought this to use as a wireless extender/bridge. Using DD-WRT, I now have it set in my room where it is hardwired to my PC, 360, and Dish HD receiver. It gets the signal from my main WRT54GS and works as an extender/bridge. I am also able to connect wifi devices as well, so it boosts the range for my PSP and iPod.

Cons: DD-WRT set up will *NOT* work under Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you use either of these operating systems and do not have another computer with XP, do not buy this and intend to run DD-WRT. Buy the WRT54GL in that case.

Overall Review: I had another computer to setup with XP, and I noticed I could only flash with XP after purchase. I decided to save the $20 over the WRT54GL, because I only need DD-WRT micro for my purposes and not full DD-WRT standard. Overall, purchasing this instead of a Microsoft 360 wireless adapter and a PC wireless adapter saves me about $80 upwards.

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Great picture, cheap4/27/2009 1:24:29 PM

Pros: The picture is beautiful, and the resolution is great for 19 inches. No dead pixels which is a huge bonus

Cons: The stand does suck. Luckily it was just high enough on my desk to work.

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Jasper is great!12/25/2008 6:03:49 PM

Pros: I bought one of these for my brother because he's wanted an Xbox for a while. I have an original Premium 360(back when they still called it Premium), and have had to send it back several times and have had it freeze from playing for too long. We set it up today, and it has ran great for about 15 straight hours! The built in 256mb allows for the NXE update, and then has 85mb of free space afterward. It doesn't have a hard drive, but see other thoughts

Cons: Doesn't include a hard drive, but at $200, no need. Once again, see other thoughts. My major problem with it was the fact there was no XBL Headset or component cables. However, the HDMI port made up for both of those.

Overall Review: You can get 3 months of Xbox Live and a Refurb 20GB HDD on the xbox website for $30. A great deal in my opinion, totaling it to $230. Much better deal than the $400 360 Premium I bought a few years ago!

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Great wireless adapter11/30/2008 11:35:21 AM

Pros: None of the heat issues others are talking about. D-Link utility shows 2 out of 4 bars, however the Windows utility shows 4 out of 5 bars and 270mbps. This is a huge improvement, especially in gaming over my old G network. I have it set up with WPA2 and 802.11N with my D-Link DIR-615. Dream come true

Cons: I have followed all of the guides on the D-Link forums to get 300mbps, but I only have 270mbps. I doubt it will be that big of a difference, and I could care less. Huge improvement over my G network with 54MBPS, which was a terrible rate whenever I turned my Wii or DS on(B network).

Overall Review: I have this crossovered from my PC to my Xbox over a gigabit LAN connection. Cheapest solution because I do not want to buy the Live adapter as well as this for my PC. It is faster than the Live network as well I'd assume since it is N and the Live is G.

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AMAZING GTA on next gen!4/29/2008 6:58:28 PM

Pros: This game is superb! Better aiming, combat, and crouching as well as the graphics make the city look AMAZING. You can visit all 4 boroughs of New York City, and see the Manhattan Skyline from the bridges. Not to mention many missions, with some great dialogue.

Cons: little pixelated but thats expected with GTA. Initial load time is about 30 seconds, but thats pretty much all of the loading.

Overall Review: Ordered from newegg on Saturday night with overnight, got here Tuesday morning, launch date. must say I am pleased as usual.

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amazing2/29/2008 2:07:55 PM

Pros: $50, 6 free movies and a large library of excellent titles in stunning HD. works in Vista/XP/OS X along with the 360. Included remote and movie retail for $30 and $20 respectively.

Cons: Dead format now, but will be a nice collectors item.

Overall Review: Got it cause it was $50

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it works2/13/2008 1:57:03 PM

Pros: its ram, what more can I say, I popped it in, it works. wasn't expecting it to give me anything else than that.

Cons: DDR RAM is too much money. needs to be the price of DDR2

Overall Review: Ordered monday arrived wednesday. took 5 minutes to install.

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great ram12/26/2007 7:47:28 PM

Pros: I have a fairly early DDR2 motherboard. This ram was a great addition, now running at 3 gigs(2x512mb and 2x1gig each in dual channel). Turned on the computer, BIOS noticed it right away. Windows notices it as well. I would get another pack of these if i had a 64 bit OS. Also, I got it for $30 after rebate, so I decided I had nothing to lose. Great stuff, i can minimize CoD4 now!

Cons: didn't grant 3 wishes

Overall Review: as usual, newegg shipped this quick. I received it in exactly 3 business days. If you want ram, this is what you should get.

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PERFECT!12/25/2007 6:39:24 PM

Pros: Great card! I was able to overclock it easily. Runs a lil hot but oh well

Cons: none

Overall Review: great bundle it came with and only $210. 256mb isn't bad for gaming, in fact is is plenty.

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awesome game12/19/2007 3:01:09 PM

Pros: very fun, multiplayer and singleplayer are great. runs great on 7800gtx/1gb ram/pentium d. That alone makes it worth it.

Cons: it wasn't free, but I got it on Black Friday for $25

Overall Review: very cheap here, and fun, will run on about any modern rig.

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works great12/5/2007 1:27:26 PM

Pros: works in vista 32bit, xp mce, easy install, was able to use a PCIe slot I would never think about using

Cons: the included decoder wouldn't install, but no biggie since I already have a decoder. The decoder is only necessary if you want to use MCE 2005.

Overall Review: my PCIe x1 slot is blocked by my HUGE 7800gtx. It is in the x16 slot, but my x1 slot is right next to it. You can just put it in a PCIe x4 or other speed PCIe. Works great in my PCIe x4 slot.

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Excellent! Ignore my last review12/5/2007 1:21:48 PM

Pros: picks up everything besides VHF. VHF sucks though, and its just the lil bunny ears. most of your channels are UHF, so no worries.

Cons: won't pick up my VHF channel even though it is UHF/VHF

Overall Review: make SURE you SNAP IT IN. If you do not here it snap in, IT WILL NOT WORK. that was the problem I was having before. If you do not snap it, no HDTV for you.

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decent I guess12/4/2007 3:10:23 PM

Pros: picks up a few OTA channels

Cons: no ABC, fox comes in shaky, and CBS comes in shaky. I gotta move it a lot, and it still doesn't pick everything up good. it is also very big, and still barely picks up anything.

Overall Review: I had a little antenna that worked fine, perfect signal. i wish this one could be better, due to the size.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
the best deal in video game history12/3/2007 5:33:52 PM

Pros: I already owned hl2/hl2 ep1. this is still an a great product for $50. I would buy TF2 alone or Portal alone at $50. That makes the box shine the brightest. I'm not the biggest half-life nut, but TF2 has made this purchase worth it.

Cons: Black box would've been a much better deal for me, but this is still great.

Overall Review: If you already own ep2, hl2, just give em to a friend/sibling.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
great purchase12/2/2007 10:44:45 AM

Pros: Every port you can imagine and displays nicely. Cheap and fast delivery from newegg

Cons: only VGA, and only displays 1360x768 on PC. No built in HD tuner, but not needed here.

Overall Review: If I paid more than this, I would expect DVI. But at this price, its fine. HD looks beautiful, and so does my XBOX 360. Even PC games look better using this thing.

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fun for a while12/1/2007 4:36:59 PM

Pros: It was fun to play at first, and highly addicting

Cons: What can I say other than constant crashing, lag, and patches ruined the game.

Overall Review: It could've been a ton better, if EA's patches had made the game better instead of worse.

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