Really good, not perfect4/2/2021 10:47:26 AM

Pros: - Extremely fast CPU compared to intel- expandable RAM to 20gb - decent battery life 6-8hrs easily- upgradable m.2 SSD - very thin, light and portable- 2 in 1 laptop/tablet feature is cool- stylus pen included in box- looks way more expensive than it really is- good for business professionals on a budget- has Radeon graphics processor for light gaming- very quiet and cool under heavy usage. Majority of the time it's silent- thin screen boarder is very cool and minimalistic- 45w charger is fairly quick and very small - the power button will not work when the laptop lid is closed. Great for avoiding accidentally powering on the laptop in your bag. - if your pen gets lost or breaks, cheap replacements exist and are just as good as the original Asus pen. FYI It's the same technology as MS Surface devices.- the hinges feel very strong and sturdy, time will tell if they remain this way.

Cons: - in tablet mode the keyboard and mouse are supposed to be deactivated. From time to time it stops working and can be frustrating. I usually end up rebooting to solve issue.- stylus pen technology is not suited for professional drawing. It works but you are best to spend your money elsewhere.- camera is terrible, but it works- screen is not suited for graphics professionals, look elsewhere for good color accuracy- screen is not very bright, good for saving battery but in an bright outdoor setting you will have difficulty.- screen is glossy. Reflections are annoying- thin boarders are cool looking but can accidentally touch the screen when in tablet mode- metallic body and glass screen is a finger print magnet. - cannot charge laptop with usb-c port- it has two usb-a ports, only one of them is usb 3.1, why does usb 2.1 even still exist today...- stylus pen uses a AAAA battery, a battery size I had never knew existed... it will most likely last a year or two before it dies. But after that, it will be annoying to replace.

Overall Review: - For my needs this machine is perfect- For artistic creators you must look elsewhere, you will be wasting your money. Nothing for you here, sorry.- For business professionals on a budget it's perfect. It's not as flashy like a mac or established like Dell. But it has the look and power to get the job done.- For students it's great value, but if your budget is very tight, you can get by with something cheaper.- For a minimalist looking for a very fast machine in a very tiny form factor and doesn't care about gaming. This the value of the year.- Gamers: if you are feeling the pain of not being able to buy a gpu without having to get another mortgage. You can kinda get buy with this machine. Almost every game works but at very low quality settings. Honestly, I'm amazed how well it can game, considering price to performance.I gave it three stars for good reason. You get so much value for your money with the CPU and GPU in this machine compared to Intel laptops, but if you don't know by now that AMD has made Intel CPUs obsolete, you deserve to get scammed. So I didn't base the score on that. Otherwise it will be an easy 5stars.Laptops need better cameras. We are constantly on zoom or teams these days... Comon Asus... And the keyboard randomly activating in tablet mode is very annoying. usbC charging is something that needs to be standard in 2021. I'm certain world peace can be achieved by using only one charger format.Usb2.1 needs to die. I shouldn't have to guess what version the plug is. I'm harsh but these 4 things should be unacceptable on a new modern laptop and I hope Asus and all the other companies get this with future laptops.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Harsh but true, I'm sorry to hear that you are having performance issues with this machine. All ASUS products undergo intensive quality control, testing and inspections. What you've experienced was not intentional or representative of our brand. Regarding your keyboard concern, if you haven't already please visit the link below to update your BIOS and chipset drivers. I also recommend installing any available Windows updates. I will also forward your product design feedback to the Product team for review. If you have any general or technical questions, please email me at and include case #N2104017715 for reference. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
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