Missing Norton Ghost key11/4/2012 2:04:27 PM

Pros: It looks very pretty, been sitting on my desk till I have time to install. The time is now, come to find I don't think I have a Norton Ghost key!

Cons: SSD Technical support is open during exactly when I'm working as a Mechanic and unable to be in-front of my computer at home. Calling them, writing down a key, then calling back the next day to talk to someone else to explain a situation sounds like a waste of my time.

Overall Review: I hope someone at SSD Technical support is contactable through email to help resolve this, the contact section on the Samsung website doesn't list SSD as a product. Live chat workers can only tell me to call the 1-800 number.

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I made it into a roll up keyboard8/14/2012 8:05:14 PM

Pros: None

Cons: I got so fedup with keys not working and having to punch the keyboard to get it to work that I just folded it into a roll up keyboard and chucked it across the room. Shipping it back would have cost more than buying it did. I liked how thin it was, I hated having to press keys 10 times to get a character or modifier keys not working or some numbers not working. Trying to type a capital T was an affair as the shift key would not work when T was pressed but would work when Y or R was pressed. Either shift key! Same story for the control keys, sometimes one worked sometimes neither worked. 5 and 6 were dead. Delete was dead.

Overall Review: Selling overwhelmingly defective products sucks, I think when a product gets glaringly negative reviews Newegg should just offer a credit for the item price to everyone unhappy with it and pass it on to the supplier of that item.

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Update7/29/2012 10:23:46 AM

Pros: It looks nice

Cons: Now the five, six, and one keys have stopped working as well as the left shift key. No matter how hard I press them or how many times they're not coming back around.

Overall Review: Pass on this. If shipping it back wasn't more than it cost to buy I'd send it back. Too bad because I LOVE how the keys feel, the shorter stroke and slim profile are much easier on my hands and wrists than my old keyboard.

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E key did not work at first7/22/2012 1:27:01 PM

Pros: It feels solid, nice to type on, quieter than my old mechanical keyboard, solid keys with little wiggle, very thin, fairly comfortable, very inexpensive on daily deal sale. Had to get a USB keyboard because PS/2 ports are fading out and I had no USB keyboards at all.

Cons: At first the E key did not work. Then it suddenly began working. We'll see how long this keyboard lasts,

Overall Review: The box it came in was HUGE with gratuitous packing. Seemed a little wasteful for just a little keyboard.

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Drivers for 64bit?12/8/2010 8:22:07 PM

Pros: Can't tell you yet, cannot get to work.

Cons: Is there ANY support for 64bit OS? I've been trying with win7 64bit here for about an hour with driver files on the disk, from their website, from realtek directly, all to no avail. it will NOT work at all. Glad I got these on the $10 shellshocker deal and didn't pay full price. Not worth the return shipping to send back...maybe they'll work with the girlfriends mac?

Overall Review: I've jumped through every driver hoop I can think of here with these and tried both dongles. Both can be seen by device manager and windows, both are recognized as USB Wifi devices, so its not faulty hardware I don't think. Windows can't automatically find the driver, which is fine since its a newer chip. I've even tried to specify where the driver is and Windows tells me there's nothing there for this device. I'm really annoyed, I wanted to use these to revive a couple old notebook PC's, so I figured I'd just try on an OLD one with XP 32bit...also a no-go in the driver realm, but I didn't try too long with that.

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Still going...10/23/2010 4:31:23 PM

Pros: Bought this 1/6/2008 and its still going in the computer I built for someone...despite never being cleaned and being in a very dusty/dirty environment and nearly 24x7 use.

Cons: A little light on the wattage, but works fine for the system its in.

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Lackluster1/9/2010 12:37:20 PM

Pros: Cheap, mounts with screws rather than push clips, larger surface area than stock 45nm coolers.

Cons: Bottom of heatsink is not flat, I can feel machining ridges. Heatsink base where it contacts the heat spreader is rather small, it will cover the core of the CPU but only covers maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the heat spreader. 3 wire fan header, I knew this going in but still a con.

Overall Review: I'm not sure if I'm going to use it. If I do I feel that I'll have to lap the base smooth to ensure good contact.

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Bought 2 more!4/11/2009 7:27:24 AM

Pros: AWESOME! they fly in a raid0 setup, even a pure software raid0 like from win xp pro. SiSoftware Sandra Benchmark Results Drive Index : 172.78MB/s Random Access Time : 6ms Detailed Benchmark Results Buffered Read : 424.69MB/s Sequential Read : 220.33MB/s Random Read : 98.03MB/s Buffered Write : 332.05MB/s Sequential Write : 208.28MB/s Random Write : 133.17MB/s Random Access Time : 6ms These drives are nearly silent as well, no coffee grinder seeking noise, only audible when i put my ear within 2 inches of the drive laying out on a desktop. they run cool as well, 40C in open air and 30C when in a case with a fan blowing past them.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: one drive runs consistently 3C hotter than the other and this concerns me slightly but i think it's ok.

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Good value!3/29/2009 8:50:49 AM

Pros: 32MB cache, ample processing onboard, fast burst speeds (230MB/s), very fast sustained reads (90MB/sec). those are VERY impressive numbers for a 7200RPM drive. A single one of these performs nearly identical to my RAID0 array of 2 6Y120 Maxtors (7200, 8mb, sata1) on NVRAID with a 680i chipset. They also run cool with just modest airflow, I'm seeing HDD temps of 30C with a 120MM fan blowing across the drive as cooling, no special hdd coolers.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I'm buying a pair of these for RAID0 to boot from and retiring the Maxtor 6Y120's to the HTPC. I may even get ANOTHER pair to replace the other array of 6L300S0's (maxtors) which i keep my games/movies/media on. 640GB is larger than the array currently is, so i could do a nicely redundant RAID1 array.

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Excellent Case!3/4/2009 6:09:09 PM

Pros: Great Case, have had one for just over a year now. the CPU duct works PERFECT to allow the stock Intel cooler draw in cooler air from outside of the case while the filter does an adequate job of removing most fur/hair from air entering without reducing airflow. Fan placement throughout the case is well laid out with places to put fans to blow over the hard drive rack. the large and nearly silent rear fan moves enough air through the case, however it would be nice to see a better grill over it, maybe a finer perforation to allow more airflow? The hard drive bays are great and allow very easy access to the drives, but be ware that a 90 degree SATA cable will make your life alot easier when connecting to drives! A regular straight cable may not bend enough to get past the case side cover. The tool-less feature is nice, the drives snap into place very firmly and do not move around at all, however its a good idea to secure the optical drive with a - continue below

Cons: Only one real problem thus far, the plastic with the tool-less snap rails for the 3.5" drive have become brittle with heat/time. This may be accelerated as this PC resides in a pretty warm room (80-90F!), however when removing the front case cover to replace a bad DVD burner one of the rails for the 3.5" drive was broken, the bent part that one would squeeze broke at some point and fell out with the removal of the front panel, the other side feels as if its about to break as well. Not an issue really, as the front cover will retain the drive from pulling out, just a note to anyone who keeps cases for a long period of time. I wonder if I could trim a 5.25 metal rail to fit the 3.5" drive?

Overall Review: However it is a good idea to secure the optical drive with a screw on either side to prevent vibration when the drive spins up a disc. Overall this is the best bang-for-the-buck case I've ever bought! I tend to hang onto cases for decades and this one seems like its a survivor for the most part (as long as I don't loose all those tool-less rails!)

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Great if it fits4/26/2008 8:03:51 PM

Pros: So this is a good heatsink for the price. It keeps things nice and cool under load, even better when the bottom is lapped! Lapping dropped temps by 3-5C under idle and under load.

Cons: If you have an Abit socket 775 board WITH the 'Silent OTES' you'll find that you have 2 glaring problems when installing this heatsink. 1. it hits the northbridge heatsink fins, but you can trim things to make it fit better 2. theres almost no room to secure the rear hold downs between the heatsink and PWM heatsink fins. 3. like everyone else says, those little rubber fan holders are a real pain. one of mine broke. i found that chamfering the holes in the fan just a little makes them go in ALOT easier. Wear gloves when installing, the copper pwm fins are like little sushi knives and will cut your knuckles very well. the other 'con' is that while the bottom is flat, its FAR from smooth.

Overall Review: its great for the price, but some trimming and lapping may be needed to get the most from it.

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Good Ram1/14/2008 5:45:59 AM

Pros: Ram is stable at higher than rated speed with spec timings and feels cool to the touch at 886.

Cons: no heat spreader

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